Monday, January 15, 2018

Post-Midsumma Carnival 2018 Wash-up

There was fun, fun fun.
The weather was perfect, the crowds were many in their multitude, the atmosphere was giggly and humourous, there was much jocularity abounding amidst the rainbowed folks.
I managed to catch up with a couple of gorgeous souls I used to work with at JOY 94.9 FM, and (dare I say it had been at least 14 years) they had NOT aged a soup├žon.
I managed to party (on the inside) for about 2 hours before my bitch of a back decided that the midnight witching hour was upon us and I was going to turn back into a composted pumpkin should I stay any longer.
The Hubster agreed we should exit stage left asap and on our way to the train thingie we found a pub where a glass of the lager drink made my world a whole lot more bearable ( for the Hubster, too) and I gently snored our way home.
I said GENTLY snored.....we were NOT asked to leave the Charabanc nor did the conductor prod me with her swagger stick after frightening small children.


  1. Great that you had such good fun. You know we didn't even know it was on until we saw the tv news that evening. We were a good long way away at the time. I should hand in my gay card.

  2. LOL
    It has seemed to be low-key re the advertising this year.
    Pride March in 2 weeks!
    Be there!

  3. I am so glad you had fun. And smiling at the composted pumpkin images. I have been there too often.

  4. Good to know you got a giggle, EC ;)

  5. Jayne, depends on work whether we go to Pride March. I did no realise the other person in the photos was hubby.