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February 10 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - Five convict couples got hitched by Rev Johnson, including William Bryant to Mary Broad while the colony was a grand 15 days old on the corner of Bligh and Hunter Streets in Sydney.

1801 - Governor King, using the grey matter between his ears, introduced the ticket-of-leave system which allowed convicts to *gasp* work for wages and (horrors) choose their own master !!!

1828 - The Cape Grim Massacre.
The Cape Grim massacre occurred where a group of Aboriginal Tasmanians gathering food at a beach in the north-west of Tasmania were ambushed and shot by four Van Diemen's Land Company workers, with bodies of the victims then thrown from a 60-metre cliff. Thirty men were killed in the attack, as a  part of an escalating spiral of violence which included the abduction and rape of Aboriginal women in the area.

1842 - The Moreton Bay district, what was once a penal colony, was open to all free settlers according to Gov Gipps. 
Pfft, who'd live where convicts had been?!

1849 - The Australian Agricultural Company was all a'quiver with excitement when they imported 12 rams from the best flocks in Saxony on the 'Thomas Henry'.

1852 - The Supreme Court of Victoria was open for business today and hasn't stopped working since.

1859 - The Victorian Royal Commission on the best methods for removing the sludge from the goldfields presented its report to Parliament. 
Good Lord, did they even try to use Windex ?

1859 - Lashings of lamingtons were consumed and loud, raucous toasts were proclaimed to celebrate the opening of the railway line from Melbourne to Sunbury (Vic).

1861 - Lieutenant Rudolph Morisset led a Native Police squad which shot dead 6-8 Aboriginals including old men at Manumba, QLD.

1862 - Paddy Crick, the Wild Man of Sydney, was sprung into life in the corn field. Paddy was a hard drinking newspaper owner, solicitor and politician.

1876 - Trooper 3/C Henry WILKINSON died whilst on duty as a NT police officer.

1879 - Having a bit of a blank spot on their dance cards, the Kelly Gang held up the Bank of NSW at Jerilderie. Proving it was up here for thinking and down there for dancing, the Gang had cut the telegraph wires and locked up the 2 constables before waltzing into the bank in police uniforms and do-se-do-ing out again with 2,000 pounds.
Whilst at a lose end, Ned penned his infamous Jerilderie Letter.

1881 - The steamer ship Ridge Park was steaming her way from Adelaide to Sydney with a cargo of brandy, wine and flour when she was wrecked on Beware Reef near Cape Conran. The crew landed safely and most of her cargo was salvaged.

1882 - A group of butchers got together and had a natter, the result being Tassie's first trotting race meet. We won't ask what happened to the losing nags...

1898 - Dame Judith Anderson was found in a Bunyip's nest and went on to become a much celebrated actress, appearing a wide variety of theatre and screen gems, which may or may not include her role in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, depending on your card-carrying trekkie fanclub views. 

1904 - John Farrow, award winning Aussie film director, husband to Maureen O'Sullivan and father to Mia Farrow, was dropped off by the stork.

1911 - Today was not a good day for the ship Speculant, a three-masted iron barquentine which was sailing merrily en route from Portland to Melbourne in ballast when she was driven ashore by a strong south-westerly gale at  Cape Patten. Heavy seas broke over the ship and she was dumped on jagged rocks and her bottom smashed in. The crew managed to fasten a line to a large rock a few yards from the ship and from here they climbed across to a second rock, before dragging themselves ashore. The vessel was gradually battered to pieces by the heavy seas. 

1911 - Crops and buildings were damaged at Port Douglas by cyclone winds.

1912 - Thomas Reibey, former Tassie Premier, popped out for a Tosca permanently.

1912 - The Leichardt Rowing Club threw a marvellous regatta, so much frivolity & jocularity was had that they  used the services of the police launch and an umpire's launch and refreshments included 10 gals. beer and 15 gals. ginger beer.
*Hic* !

1914 - Corio stuck its nose in the air and opened Geelong Grammar School.

1919 - The Broken Hill Railway Line (NSW) was flung open with gay abandon from Condobolin - Trida.

1919 - The Mount Hope Railway Branch line (NSW) was also opened from Matakana - Mount Hope.

1941 - Three sailors from the minesweeper HMAS Lismore drowned in Jervis Bay.
They were returning to the ship in one of the ship’s boats that was swamped in heavy seas. Those who lost their lives were ERA Edward Dunn, AB John Irving, and AB Tom Lee.

1943 - A Japanese submarine torpedoed and sank the Liberty ship Starr King 250 kilometres west off Port Macquarie. The crew abandoned her when she settled by the stern; an attempt was made to tow her in by the destroyer HMAS Warramunga, but she sank the following day.No lives lost.

1944 - The very talented, and gorgeous bit of eye candy, former Mr Liza Minnelli Peter Allen was pupped today. 

 1947 - A tropical cyclone crossed at Broadsound causing damage to infrastructure and some lives were lost.

1948 - Extensive structural damage and widespread flooding when a cyclone passed north of Cooktown.

1954 - The QEII and her consort Prince Phil did what they do best with a shovel and planted plane trees in Macquarie Place to mark the beginning of the Remembrance Driveway between Canberra and Sydney.

1961 - Clyde Belmont, a member of the Wodonga West RFB, was killed whilst battling a bushfire in the Wodonga area.

1964 – HMAS Voyager collided with HMAS Melbourne and sank south-east of Jervis Bay, killing 82.

1965 - The now late,great Billy Thorpe's version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow hit the number one spot on the Aussie music charts.

1965 - The Rolling Stones returned to Australia for a press conference and 2 more shows at the Palais Theatre, Melbourne.

1968 - Const.Robert John Bishop, Australian Federal Police, died whilst on duty in Canberra.

1973 - The first legal Aussie casino,Wrest Point, opened its doors and the wallets of millions on this day in Hobart.

1981 - The brilliant bowler Dennis Lillie became the best Test bowler when he notched up 249 wickets. Howzat!

1981 - Townsville International Airport - the one in Qld not the Power Puff Girls cartoon version- opened for business today.

1981 - Cyclone Eddie crossed at Princess Charlotte Bay.

1988 - Sadly, 35 kms of glorious railway track ceased to earn its upkeep with the closure of the Merriwa Branch line (NSW) from Sandy Hollow - Merriwa.

1991 -South Oz Premier Bannom announced that the State Bank of South Australia (SBSA) had to be rescued by the taxpayers to the sum of $970 million. This subsequently increased to a total indemnity of $3.1 billion. In six years of 'optimistic' lending the SBSA managers effectively undid the 150-year history of conservative public banking in South Australia.

1993 - Wonderful eye surgeon Professor Fred Hollows left us behind on his journey ever upwards.

2008 - Barbara Lemon, a researcher at the University of Melbourne, presented a radio documentary on women philanthropists which aired on Hindsight (ABC Radio National) on this day.
‘A Great Form of Love: Women Philanthropists in Australian History’ profiles eight generous Australian women, spanning 150 years: Anne Fraser Bon, Dr Una Porter, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Barbara Blackman, Jill Reichstein, Eve Mahlab, Toni Joel and Trisha Broadbridge.

2009 - Premier John Brumby and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the establishment of the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority (VBRRA) to be headed by Victoria Police Chief Commissioner, Christine Nixon. The VBRRA examined the fatal bushfires which raged throughout Victoria.

2011 -  Australian PM Julia Gillard introduced contentious legislation for a one-off tax to help pay for devastating floods which killed 35 people and swamped thousands of homes.

2016 - The National Archives of Australia and the Australian Historical Association (AHA) have awarded two new scholarships to support postgraduate archival research into unexplored aspects of Australia's history.
The winners of the twice-yearly joint scholarships for 2015-16 were PhD candidates Catherine Horne from the Australian National University (ANU) and Fallon Mody from the University of Melbourne.

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