Sunday, February 11, 2018

February 11 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - Having had a rough sleep the night before, the first court was convened at Sydney Cove.
Presiding was Judge Advocate Collins with 3 Naval Officers & 3 Marine Officers as members. A convict was sentenced to 200 lashes for hitting a marine with an adze. Another to 50 lashes for stealing some wood (later remitted ). A third convict who stole some bread was put in irons and marooned for 1 week ( on bread & water) on a small island in the harbour, Pinchgut.

1797 - That big pond of water between Victoria and Tassie was tripped over and named Bass Strait.

1799 - Left scratching their heads and asking "why?" the gaol at Sydney was *gasp* deliberately burnt down.

1822 - Macquarie introduced Bungaree to Governor Brisbane at Georges Head.
‘I gave him an old Suit of General’s uniforms to dress him out as Chief’,writes Macquarie.
Governor Brisbane promised Bungaree and his people a new boat and fishing net.

1823 - George Brown was granted 500 acres at Illawarra.

1830 - Michael Best was Hanged at Hobart for murdering Richard Garner

1830 - After an epic journey which began on the Murrumbidgee River in November 1829, Charles Sturt and a small party, consisting of his deputy George McLeay, two soldiers and four convicts, reached the Southern Ocean.

1833 - Patrick Brady was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of Daniel Stewart at Webb's Creek, Windsor.

1833 - John Walsh was  Hanged at Sydney for the murder of Henry Kenyon at Bathurst.

1833 - James Dwyer was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of Henry Dawkins at Bathurst.

1840 - Charlie Bennet (Charles to his familiars) was not feeling the serenity when he was admitted to the Newcastle gaol, then sentenced to the Maitland Stockade iron gang for 12 months for absconding.

1847 - Having a REALLY rough night's sleep the Governor of Westralia, Andrew Clarke popped his clogs.

1849 - The first of several groups of German immigrants stepped ashore at Melbourne.

1851 - The first intercolonial cricket match between Tassie and Vic was a huge sell-out although security had to remove several louts for throwing horse shoes for good luck.

1856 - Books for the peasants ?! Extraordinary!
The Melbourne Public Library opened its doors.

1861 - Burke and Wills plonked their bums down at the Gulf of Carpentaria .

1867 - The three masted barque Zanoni sailed from Port Wakefield for London,  loaded with 15 tons of bark and 4025 bags of wheat. The weather was fine during the morning, but early in the afternoon a sudden squall from the westward 'came down with terrific violence; in fact a perfect cyclone' as it was later reported. The ship was struck so suddenly that she was thrown on her beam ends and turned over; she sank within five minutes. Fortunately the entire crew were able to scramble on to the keel and then swim to the lifeboat which, miraculously, had floated free and was a little distance away.

1893 - A small cyclone crossed near Bustard Heads which caused further flooding in Brisbane.

1900 - King Billy was a ketch that was named after William Lanne, the supposedly last "pure-blood"  male Tasmanian aboriginal., left Port Arthur for Hobart on this day;  whilst taking water the ship rolled on her beam ends and sank in fifty fathoms. Cap. Madden and his two crew escaped in the dinghy and landed near Cape Raoul, from where they walked to Nubeena.

1906 - Const 1/C John Wallace was killed when he was shot by an offender, (NSW).

1909 - Melbourne became home to the Eastern Suburbs Technical College, which is better known these days as Swinburne Institute of Technology.

1912 - The Cessnock Railway Branch line (NSW) opened from Bellbird Junction - Aberdare Extended Colliery.

1925 - The Deepdene to East Kew railway line (Vic) was re-opened for goods trains.

1931 - The No. 2 Wireless Patrol Car, which was travelling north in New Street, Brighton (Vic), collided with another motor car at the intersection with Bay Street on this day. Constable Roberts received a fractured skull in the accident, and died at 10.30 p.m. on 14th February, 1931.

1933 - The Clown Prince of Country Music, Chad Morgan, was pupped today, giving us such classics as The Sheik of Scrubby Creek, The Fatal Wedding and many more comedy songs that have yet to be re-released.

1937 - A bloke had his foot nibbled on by a shark when he was swimming ashore after his boat capsized at Kempsey, NSW.

1937 - Him wot threw Canberra together, Walter Burley Griffin, gave up eating and drinking.

1945 - HMAS Nizam was an Aussie destroyer ;  when about eleven nautical miles off Cape Leeuwin she was badly damaged when struck by a freak squall and giant waves while steaming at more than 20 knots. Lifeboats and davits were swept away, gun platforms were bent, the electrical system was destroyed, very little of the ship escaped damage and it was a miracle that she was not lost. Ten seamen were washed overboard and were never found.

1961 - Every man and his dog put bums on seats at the MCG marking a daily attendance record of 90,800 bods eyeballing the 2nd day of the Aust Vs West Indies Test match.

1968 - Const.Colin Cusack was murdered whilst on duty at Albany, WA.

1972 - Cyclone Daisy hit Fraser Island resulting in over 200 homes damaged at Pialba and other areas. Severe flooding to the Gold Coast where a peak swell height was recorded at 8.3 metres.

1974 - Aussie TV came of age when the TV series The Box premiered on the idiot box in the corner.

1980 - The Casuarina Library at Darwin was opened by the Hon Nicholas Donda MLA.

1984 - A bloke had his hand nibbled on by a shark whilst he was spearfishing at Derwent Island, QLD.

1986 – Joan Child became the first woman to hold the post of Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives.

1999 - Cyclone Rona made landfall near the mouth of the Daintree River where there was considerable vegetation damage. The maximum wind gusts reached 85 knots and the peak wave height recorded was 6.3 metres. Cost of crop and infrastructure damage estimated at $150 million.

2004 - Cyclone Fritz crossed the coast at Cape Melville. Flash flooding occurred around the Innisfail/South Johnstone area with 74mm of rainfall in one hour. 309mm was recorded over 24 hours.

2005 – Maria Korp was found comatose in the boot of her car in Melbourne, her life support was later switched off leading to some debate over euthanasia.

2008 - The Liberal Party and The Nationals formed a coalition in Victoria, led by Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu and Nationals Leader Peter Ryan.

2010 - In Australia a shadowy group of cyber-activists succeeded in jamming key Australian government websites for a second consecutive day and warned they could shut down the sites for months in protest over controversial plans to filter the Internet. Codenamed "Operation: Titstorm", the hacking campaign involved hundreds of people from around the world and used a technique called Distributed Denial of Service to jam web traffic.

2015 - The Attorney General tabled the final report of Australian Human Rights Commission’s national inquiry into children in immigration detention. The report, The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014, was provided to the Attorney-General on 11 November 2014. The report made sixteen recommendations, including the release into the Australian community as soon as possible of all children and their families detained in onshore detention facilities and on Nauru; an amendment of the Migration Act to limit the detention of children and their parents to a strictly limited period of time necessary to conduct health, identity and security checks; the closure of all detention facilities on Christmas Island and the appointment of an independent guardian to all unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in Australia.

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