Thursday, February 15, 2018

February 15 On This Day In Australian History

1795 - HMS Reliance and HMS Supply set sail from Portmouth for Sydney. On board were Capt John Hunter to take up his appointment as Governor of NSW, Master's Mate Matthew Flinders, Surgeon George Bass, with his boat, Tom Thumb, and  Bennelong.

1796 - John "Black" Caesar, the first bushranger and escaped convict, was shot by a settler at Liberty Plains (Strathfield).

1802 - Twenty crew of the brig Lady Nelson, the first ship to enter Port Phillip Bay, met five Boon wurrung men on the beach near Arthurs Seat. They exchanged greetings and danced, but that afternoon violence erupted and contacts ceased.

1804 - David Collins and his party for a 3 course sit down bang up meal, arrived at the Derwent River in Tassie after a sailing jaunt from Port Phillip.

1823 - Keeping more than his hair under his hat, surveyor James McBrien found that glittery gold stuff at Fish Creek but wasn't made public.

1836 - Robert Duffy was Hanged at Sydney for the stabbing murder of his wife Mary Duffy in Phillip St.

1837 - Andrew Gillies wasHanged at Sydney for the murder of James Kelly near Yass.

1840 - Strzelecki went for a wander after a heavy lunch and climbed a hill he then dubbed Mount Kosciusko.

1841 - Edward John Eyre, with John Baxter and three Aborigines, did a bunk from Fowlers Bay, SA, in an attempt to cross the Nullarbor Plain to King George Sound, WA.

1855 - The Iron Age ( a ship in this case, not how old your author feels) was tripping the light vesper fantastics from Liverpool to Portland with a general cargo when she was blown ashore near Cape Banks, SA. Running before the wind she ploughed across a reef and remained intact long enough to enable the crew to reach safety. Divers who visit the wrecksite have recovered bricks from her cargo and a few fittings.

1860 - Keen to keep the yoof off their skateboards, a volunteer militia corps was cobbled together in Qld.

1872 - Charcoal was Hanged for the murder of Samuel Wells Lazenby at Port Walcott.

1872 - Tommy was Hanged for the murder of Samuel Wells Lazenby at Port Walcott.

1873 - The colonies agreed to a Border Customs Treaty.

1876 - The railway line from Ararat to Scallan's Hill (1.6kms east of Stawell) opened.

1884 - The railway line from Branxholme to Henty, a hearty 37.5kms, was opened.

1907 - Queensland allowed Italian migrants to replace (kidnapped) Kanaka labour (called slaves in any other language) on sugar plantations.

1930 - One poor bugger had a shit of a day when he was taken by a shark whilst he was diving off the Middle Brighton Pier and treading water.

1933 - A Torres Strait Islander was lucky to reach hospital after 2 days of travel after having been attacked by a shark whilst diving for Trochus  at Barrow Point, 161 kms north of Cooktown.

1937 – An explosion killed 13 men at the State Coal Mine in Wonthaggi, Victoria.

1942 – Fifteen thousand Australians were taken as prisoners of war at the fall of Singapore.

1944 - The transfer of chemical weapons stocks to Clarence was completed.

1947 - A referendum in Australia opted to keep 6.00pm closing of hotels rather than the proposed 10pm closing.

1953 - A spearfisherman was lucky to sustain only abrasions when a Wobbegong shark attacked him in a cave near Shell Harbour, NSW.

1954 - The QEII had an empty spot in her diary after a heavy shop till you drop session so she popped over to Canberra and opened Federal Parliament.

1956 - A 23 day long wharf strike ended.

1965 - The Freedom Riders protested outside the Walgett RSL Club  because they had been told the club was not permitting entry for Indigenous ex-servicemen. They held signs that read: "Good enough for Tobruk - why not Walgett RSL?" and protested a womenswear store forbidding Indigenous women from trying on dresses.
Their presence was felt by the community and attempts were made to run the bus off the road as they left Walgett.

1974 - The National Aboriginal Consultative Committee called for the Minster for Aboriginal Affairs, Senator Cavanagh, to be replaced. The dispute began when the NACC changed its name and requested more powers only to be met with threats of having their allowances stopped.

1981 - Cyclone Cliff crossed over Fraser Island to Bundaberg, resulting in flooding to the Gold Coast.

1982 - Finally!
The through working of C class diesel locos began between Melbourne and Adelaide ; Prior to this Victoria Rrailway locos had to be detached from their trains at the state borders.

1987 - Today saw the extension of electrical trains from Pakenham to Warragul (Vic).

1987 - The last section of highway between Adelaide and Darwin was sealed.

1995 - The annual Bougainvillea Festival of Darwin changed its name to The Festival of Darwin.

2003 - Tens of thousands of people gathered in downtown Sydney and around Australia to protest possible war with Iraq and their country's involvement.

2007 - The Australian government said it was negotiating with the US on a plan to build a military satellite communications facility in Perth. Defense Minister Brendan Nelson said the two nations had negotiated for two years to build a number of ground-based communications systems around Australia.

2008 - Representatives for Australian Aborigines confirmed plans to launch the first compensation lawsuits since a landmark government apology earlier this week for past abuses.

2012 -  In Australia some 3,500 workers from mining giant BHP Billiton's Queensland coal mines began a seven-day strike in what unions said was one of the nation's largest industrial stoppages in a decade.

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