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February 22 On This Day in Australian History

1701 - Roebuck, the Royal Navy vessel on which William Dampier sailed to and explored the coast of New Holland including the Abrolhos islands and Shark Bay, was leaking and falling apart when she slowly and quiety sank in six metres of water at Ascension island in the Atlantic.

1791 - James Ruse was a clever little dicky-bird and proved he could sustain himself with the first land grant at Rose Hill on the bush block he dubbed Experiment Farm.

1796 -  Hawkesbury settlers agreed they will assemble for mutual protection when Aboriginal people were seen near their farms.
‘It has been intimated to the governor, that two white men had been frequently seen with the natives … and
were supposed to direct and assist in those acts of hostility by which the settlers had lately suffered,’ writes Collins.
The two renegades, Wilson and Knight have shown the Darug that English muskets, once discharged, are useless until reloaded. This, says Collins, ‘effectually removed that terror of our fire-arms with which it had been our constant endeavour to inspire them’.

1805 - James Lovell was Hanged for forging and uttering (NSW).

1838 - William Moore was publicly hanged in High St Maitland for the murder of his master John Hoskyns.

1855 - There was order in the court for the trial of the 13 miners who lead the Eureka Stockade and who were charged with High Tea, High Tide and High Treason.

1867 - Royal Commission into the best means of clearing the Murray River presented its final report to Parliament.
Hmph, 5 mins in the country and they've soiled the mighty Murray already.

1874 - A number of Aboriginal men descended from the hill behind the Barrow Creek Telegraph Station and fatally speared the Station Master and a linesman.
The Kaytetye say the attack was in response to the theft of their land and the exploitation of the women by the new settlers. Reprisal was swift and severe and many innocent Aboriginal people were killed in the months following the event.

1879 - The Aussie artist, author and sculptor who scandalised society, Norman Lindsay, was found in a Bunyip nest.

1889 - Southern Cross was an iron steamship who was impaled amidships by an uncharted rock right in the middle of the fairway off Rocky Cape, north-west Tasmania, about half a mile offshore. Crew and passengers were saved with assistance from SS Herbert. It was hoped she may be saved with the rising tide, but it was not to be. Some gear was salvaged but all passenger luggage was lost.

1901 - Leading Aussie film pioneer Ken Hall was bumped into the world. Producing many films for both Aussie and overseas studios he gave us many Aussie classics that are still watched today.

1910 - The black hole in the ground, the Wonthaggi Coal Mine, trundled its first train-load of coal to the masses.

1928 - Bert Hinkler dropped in for a spot of tea and scones in Darwin after his 15 day solo flight from UK. He became the nation's golden haired lad for awhile there with everything stamped with his face and name selling like dirty magazines & tinea cream to footballers.

1932 - Melbourne's *ahem* preferred radio station 3AW officially debuted today.

1932 - The ship Northern Firth struck rocks off  Brush Island, NSW, with a hole torn in her side resulting in the engine room quickly filling with water putting the engines out of commission and leaving her at the mercy of a strong north-easterly which drove her on to a reef about ten metres off shore. Locals were quickly on the scene and some of the cargo of shoes, clothing and spirits was pillaged before officials arrived to place a guard over the wreck.

1936 - Former Vic Premier John Allan copied Charles Sladen- exit stage left.

1936 - William Cooper sent a missive to the Minister of the Interior with an outline of the constitution of the Australian Aborigines  League.
Dear Sir,
I am forwarding herewith a copy of the constitution of our League, setting out, in a summarised form, what the darkman conceives should be the programme for the raising of the race from its present deplorable condition. We trust that your Government will take steps to improve our lot along the lines indicated. Nothing less than the elevation of the race to equality with the white race is entirely satisfactory to the dark folk but everything done to help on the way is deeply appreciated.

We are delighted to see the increasing interest evidenced in our race a desire which extends to the administration. It does appear that that there is, on ebery hand, a willingness to mitigate the conditions applying rather than to regard them as the permanent condition.

Though our previous approach to you was not entirely successful, we do feel, and are glad to say it, that we did consider you were anxious to help us and for that we thank you.

We will later take an opportunity of requesting you to meet us again when we will move for further ameliorative effort.

With best wishes,
I remain,
Your obedient servant,
W Cooper Hon.Sec.
William Cooper

1951 - The Argus published an interview with Mary Clarke of Framlingham, Vic, under the title;
'Leave us a tiny corner native plea'
"The white people never thought of paying US rent for the whole country that they took from our ancestors. Leave us this tiny corner where our homes are. Why should we pay rent for it at all? We regard that little bit of land as ours still. "

1958 - Australian swimmer Jon Konrads set 6 world records in 2 days.

1962 - The Late Great Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was born.

1965 - The Royal Mint was opened for business by Phil The Greek aka HRH Prince Phillip, keeping the workers out of mischief and off the streets the following year by churning out 1,500,000,000 to replace the Imperial coins with the new fandangled decimal currency.

1965 - Newspapers around the country announced that the Freedom Ride bus driver had walked out for fear of violence to both himself and the bus after a violent mob of 500 people at Moree pelted the students and the bus with eggs and fruit, several of the students were spat on and punched, many of them were thrown to the ground.
Police had to escort the bus 30 miles out of town.
This was in response to the students blocking the Moree Baths after they'd been refused admittance with 9 Aboriginal children.
10 of the students had also been bodily thrown from the entrance of the pools.
Four men were charged and faced court, the Mayor agreed to rescind a 1955 council regulation that banned Aboriginal people from the pools.

1967 - Cyclone Barbara left wind damage at Coolangatta. Crossed at Lismore, NSW.

1971 - Oh, My!
They were gettin' all fancy-pants and bungin' on the dog by having a hip n happenin' Cafeteria Car on "The Overland" railway service.

1976 - Cyclone Beth left over 200 homes damaged when it passed the Maryborough / Bundaberg area. Significant wave peaks recorded at 10 meters.

1984 - Barry Cecchini presented Luna Park for Adults at Luna Park.

1984 - Legislatin was passed with the prunes ...

".... that part of Condah land shown shaded and hatched on the plan in Part A of Schedule 1 was originally Aboriginal land and was on 22 February 1984 acquired under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 of Victoria and is deemed to be temporarily reserved under that Act as an area of historic and archaeological interest;...."

1985 - Cyclone Pierre hit Shoalwater Bay. Minor flooding.

1986 - 10,000 take part in and 60,000 watch the annual Gay Mardi Gras Parade which commenced at Art Gallery Road, and proceeded via Oxford Street and Flinders Street to the Showgrounds, where a dance party was held at the Manufacturer’s Hall.
Poster designer was David McDiarmid.

1986 - The AIDS Council of New South Wales' entered their first-ever Mardi Gras Parade float , with the motto  'Get Bold About Safer Sex'.
ACON has participated in the parade ever since,

1987 - The 1987 Australian Film Institute and Sydney Gay Mardi Gras (SGMG) Gay Film Festival was held at the Chauvel Cinema, Paddington.

1988 - The Gay Mardi Gras Festival Art Exhibition, opened at the Roslyn Oxley Gallery.

1997 - X Lines, an association of gay and lesbian Telstra staff raised over $1100 for the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation during the annual Shop Yourself Stupid.

1997 - The Sydney Morning Herald wrote  “Heroin is permeating the community” and that there were “no local services available for mental health, drug-abuse, alcohol counselling or pregnancy” in the Aboriginal community.

1998 - The third national conference of the Australian Bisexual Network was held at the PRIDE Centre.

1998 - An exhibition of photos of the first Mardi Gras and associated protests, was held at the Pitt Centre and then at the Raw Nerve Gallery in Erskineville.

2004 - New Mardi Gras Fair Day attracted 75,000 people to Victoria Park, Camperdown.

2011 - An earthquake killed 181 people and caused substantial damage to Christchurch, New Zealand's second largest city. The country's second major earthquake in 6 months was followed by further severe aftershocks 4 months later.

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