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February 24 On This Day in Australian History

1802 - Flinders and his crew fell over Port Lincoln, on the southern end of what later became known as the Eyre Peninsula.

1815 - Rev. Samuel Marsden left NZ for Port Jackson in Oz bringing with him chiefs Te Morenga and Te Pehi.

1817 - The sadly named Barron Field, who masqueraded as a Supreme Court Judge when not penning prose, rocked up to Sydney.

1820 - Governor Macquarie shot off an email but failing to find an NBN connection he scratched out a letter to Earl Bathurst regarding the surveyors Oxley and Meehan at Illawarra.

1828 - Alexander Stewart popped in to Illawarra as a convict, where he was assigned to Edward Corrigan.

1830 - John Oxley was Hanged at Hobart for the murder of Susan Corfield.

1838 -  The 9th Governor of NSW Guv Gipps trotted into office.

1842 - A Native Police Force was established at Narre Warren with 25 Aborigines trained and under the command of Henry Dana, who moved the force to the banks of Meri Creek the following month.

1842 - Muston's Creek Massacre took place; when six big brave white men rode up on horseback and opened fire killing 4 Indigenous women (1 who was pregnant) and a child, with a 5th severely wounded woman dying later.

1859 - Cruising for some sightseeing the paddle steamer Gemini popped up the Darling River to Brewarrina.

1860 -  William Meuct was a convict who was a little less than lavish with his praise towards his prison guard at Geelong Gaol on this day; silly Meuct was charged with being insolent and was given 24 hours in solitary confinement on bread and water.

1875 – The SS Gothenburg struck Old Reef off Ayr, Queensland and sank with the loss of 102 lives.

1876 -  A deputation of Coranderrk Aborigines led by (William) Beruk Barak travelled to Melbourne to call on the Colonial Secretary to request Superintendant Green's reinstatement.
They were unsuccessful.

1888 - Louisville, Kentucky, became the first government in US to adopt Australian ballot (i.e. secret ballot on standard voting forms).

1896 - Victoria was all out for 43 vs South Australia, Jones 6-15, Jarvis 4-27,
It's a cricket thing.

1905 - Fanny Cochrane Smith, a Tasmanian Aborigine famous for the recordings of her language and songs, died on this day.

1908 - A confused and troubled soul going by the name of Benjamin Harvey did a bunk from the Ararat Asylum, Victoria, dressed only in his shirt.
Whilst on the run Harvey called at a farm where he asked if he might sharpen some knives on the grindstone. Harvey explained that he had escaped from the Ballarat Gaol, where he had nearly killed a warder by kicking him. He also told them he knew that the police were pursuing him, but that he did not intend to be caught alive and would need his three butchers’ knives.
Fear not!
The intrepid Victoria Police recaptured the bloke 3 days later.

1911 - Prime Minister Andrew Fisher joined attempts to end the strike at the Sunshine Harvester Works. He met first with HV McKay, owner of the Sunshine Harvester Works, to hear the employers’ position and propose a conference bringing employers and union together to negotiate a resolution. McKay took Fisher’s suggestion to the other employers, who agreed to thank Fisher for his efforts but saw no use in a conference. They also refused to consider the union’s core demand, that they employ only unionised labour.

1921 - (take a deep breath and repeat after me) Col. The Right Hon. George Edward John Mowbray, Earl of Stradbroke, K.C.M.G, C.B, C.V.O, C.B.E, Aide-de-Camp to His Majesty The King was sworn in as Governor of Victoria (exhale).

1925 - A human skull was found merrily bobbing about on the water at Cremorne Point, Sydney (NSW). There were obvious signs of violence on the skull, which had been in the water over a fortnight. Above the right eye socket there was a fracture four inches-long extending across the bridge of the nose to an inch below the left temple, evidently the result of a violent blow. Lower down on the face there was another jagged gap in the nasal bone.

1929 -  Lynch Cooper, the son of prominent Aboriginal rights campaigner William Cooper, became the first Aboriginal sprinter to win the World's Sprint Championship.

1934 - The first Aussie-designed Ford ute was sold on this day.
Australia's first Ford ute, the Model 40, was designed by a 22-year-old South Australian-born designer named Lew Bandt, after Ford received a letter from a farmer's wife in Gippsland,
"Why don't you build people like us a vehicle to go to church in on Sunday, and which can carry our pigs to market on Monday?" the farmer asked.

1954 - QEII beamed down from the mothership to Parliament House in Canberra for a spot of tea and scones.

1954 - The 37 kms long railway line from Ben Nevis to Navarre (Vic) was rudely kicked to the kerb and shut.

1961 - The NT police force got some serious arse-kicking material when 3 women started their police training today.

1973 - Proving that they do have more culture than what's found in a pot of yoghurt Perth played host to The Rolling Stones when they played at the Western Australia Cricket Ground (WACA).

1978 - QEII sailed into Sydney Harbour for the first time (the ship not Her Maj).

1982 - We were all the more lucky to have been blessed with the determined super-awesome gal born on this day who wore many capes in the guise of journalist, comedian, feminist and disability advocate, the mighty, the fabulous, the fierce Stella Young.

1984 - The first heart transplant was swapped and tied with a bow at St Vincent’s hospital in Sydney where a 39-year-old shearer from Armidale NSW was the recipient of the first successful heart transplant in Australia under the eagle eye of the late great Dr Vincent Chang.

1989 - The Australian Film Institute (AFI) in association with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) presented a three week festival of gay films.

1989 - The 222 campaign to encourage intravenous drug users to sterilise their needles with bleach was launched by the Australian National Council on AIDS.

1989 - NSW Health Minister, Peter Collins announced $1 million funding for St Vincents Hospital to help it meet increasing demands for AIDS in-patient and outpatient services.

1990 - Mardi Gras Fair Day was held in Bi-Centennial Park, Glebe.

1995 - Cyclone Bobby did a number on the Westralian town of Onslow, dumping over 400mm of cloud juice on the town. Raindrops keep falling on my head....

1996 - Word of Mouth IV performance night was held at Sydney Park, St Peters.

2000 - In East Timor Australian peacekeepers handed control of the region over to a UN force.

2005 - Australian PM John Howard dismissed as "alarmist" a warning by his government's chief economic adviser that the US was heading for a financial crash that could ravage the global economy.

2010 - Australia resumed free-trade talks with China after a 14-month gap, sweeping aside a brief plunge in ties to focus on a booming partnership tipped to deliver decades of growth.

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