Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 25 On This Day in Australian History

1802 - Boston Bay in South Oz was desperately in need of a name so Matthew Flinders obliged when he tip toed around its edges.

1817 - There were now 20 children at the Native School.
‘I have been much delighted with having them read and spell — They read with so much boldness and attention as supprised [sic] me’, wrote the Methodist missionary, the Reverend Samuel Leigh.

1825 - Crikey they were stretching their necks in job lots in Hobart!

1825 - Henry McConnell – Hanged at Hobart for robbery.
1825 - Jeremiah Ryan – Hanged at Hobart for murder and robbery.
1825 - Charles Ryder – Hanged at Hobart for murder and robbery.
1825 - James Bryant – Hanged at Hobart for murder and robbery.
1825 - Black Jack (or Jack Roberts) – Hanged at Hobart for the murder of Patrick McCarthy.
1825 - John Logan – Hanged at Hobart for attempting to shoot Mr Shoobridge.
1825 - Musquito – Hanged at Hobart for a murder at Grindstone Bay.
1825 - Peter Thackery – Hanged at Hobart for bushranging and robbery.

1841 - Bunbury was coming up in the world and became the next housing boom area when it was surveyed as a town site.

1841 - In a sign that the youth of the age had nought to better themselves with Eddie John Eyre, a mere whipper-snapper at 25 yrs, strolled 1,000 miles from Adelaide to Albany in WA.

1842 - The bodies of 3 Indigenous women and 1 small child were found in the Portland area while another woman was wounded but found to be alive.
Witnesses stated they were fired upon at close range by a group of 8 white settlers.

1848 - Ludwig Leichardt and his party set off for a progressive dinner from the Darling Downs to cross Oz from east to west but they never made it for the starter soup.

1864 - The Banana Benders had developed a love for the iron horse aka railroad when they began work on their first track from Ipswich to Toowoomba.

1884 - The Taranaki Herald told all who'd listen how the Wairarapa and the Adelaide were racing...which all ended in tears, of course.
Brisbane was flooded, again, with 4 Chinamen drowned in Lawnsville.
And the former Inspector of Govt Schools apparently dropped off the perch.
School stress was knocking them off back then.

1890 - The Colonist was proclaiming that some chappie with a knighthood was babbling about the 'character of the territory of Western Australia'.
All I know is - let 'em secede if they want and replace 'em with a couple of Kiwi AFL teams.

1890 - Author Robert Louis Stevenson was enjoying his stay in Sydney soooo much he parked his posterior in the foyer of the Union Club and penned Father Damien, An Open Letter To The Reverend Dr Hyde of Honolulu.

1899 - A narrow escape for a lady who, in the darkness, slipped and fell from the platform of Burnley train station onto the tracks.
The 10 o'clock express train from Hawthorn was approaching but fortunately for the female visitor from New Zealand a local solicitor grabbed and dragged her up onto the platform just as the train rushed past.

1902 - Harry Breaker Morant was executed by firing squad in South Africa for following orders.

1935 - QANTAS started its international flights with a 'umble airmail flight to Singapore.

1942 - The first batch of cotton was spun at ACTIL's new mill at Woodville. This was the result of rather unusual circumstances. An English company, The Calico Printers Association, planned to build a mill in Java, but as the Japanese were advancing south rapidly the ship carrying the machinery diverted to Australia and berthed at Outer Harbour. Premier Tom Playford took advantage of the situation and offered land on which to establish a mill here.

1943 - Land HeadQuarters Gas School (Army), Bonegilla, Victoria commenced training with “live” gas materials.

1954 - QEII beamed down from the mothership to Melbourne and opened the second session of the 39th parliament between public waving engagements and (being loaded up with rich spoils from the colonials) given gifts from Australia.

1955 - After a spot of rain the Hunter River burst its banks and shared 1.5 metres of the wet stuff with the town of Maitland, washing away 100 homes.

1960 - Australia signed an agreement to allow the United States to establish satellite tracking stations. These were located in the Australian Capital Territory at Orroral Creek, Honeysuckle Creek and Tidbinbilla.

1961 - Oh the fools!
Sydney's last tram bolted home from Rankwick after tootling about the tracks for more than 100 years.

1964 - The Royal Commission into the Voyager disaster opened.

1964 - Sydney's Lyceum Theatre was destroyed by fire.

1974 - Contract was awarded for the construction of Casuarina Hospital Main Block to John Holland.

1976 - During the Royal Commission into Human Relationships (1974 – 1977)
CAMP NSW  made submissions and oral evidence from Mike Clohesy, Robyn Kennedy and Dennis Altman.

1977 - The NSW State Government held a Victimless Crimes Seminar.

1983 - Phyllis Diller appeared at Patchs.

1984 - The 7th Gay Mardi Gras was held and its theme was We’ll Dance If We Want To.
 It was launched by the Reverend Troy Perry and over 40 floats took part. 9,000 people dance and party until after 10am the next day.
For the first time, police co-operated fully with the Mardi Gras Committee by closing the parade route to traffic.

1985 - The Sydney Morning Herald published a front page article AIDS victims watch as the parade goes by, by Jackie Archer. The SMH admited the article contained very few facts and retracted it two days later.

1988 - The Commonwealth Bank did a woopsie by doubling all debits and credits; the manager made the famous comment that,
"The effects of software errors are only limited to the imagination..."

1995 - The third annual Bobby Goldsmith Foundation Shop Yourself Stupid event was extended to King Street Newtown.

1996 - Over 100 people attended Convert That Anger rally at Taylor Square over increased street violence against lesbians and gay men.

2000 - 66 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross, was announced as a legal injecting space.

2001 - Our Don Bradman finished his final innings in Adelaide aged 92.

2003 - Sisters were finally doin' it for themselves in Vic Parliament with Hon. Judy Maddigan MP becoming the first female Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and Hon. Monica Gould MLC the first female President of the Legislative Assembly.

2004 - Cheap in price and other things, the airline Jetstar was flung into the skies.

2005 – Parts of the Sydney suburb of Macquarie Fields erupted into rioting following the death of a 19-year-old in a police car chase.

2006 - Storms in Melbourne caused flash flooding and minor damage to homes.

2008 - Western Australia (WA) Coroner Alistair Hope released his 212 page report into the deaths of 22 Aboriginal people from alcohol or cannabis-related abuse in the northern Kimberley region since 2000.

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