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February 26 On This Day in Australian History

1606 - Willem Jansz became the first recorded European to step foot on Australia’s shores at the Pennefather River, near where the Queensland town of Weipa now stands, on the western shore of Cape York Peninsula.
Encountering hostility from the indigenous people, Jansz lost ten of his crew during visits to the shore. He was uncomplimentary of the land, finding it swampy, but still charted 320 kilometres of the shore before returning to the Netherlands. However, he was of the opinion that his landing point was part of New Guinea, and Dutch maps reflected this error for many years.

1804 - Good old souse Bobby Knopwood aka Rev Robert Knopwood did spaketh forth in Tassie's first church service on the current-day site of the Tasmanian Museum.

1811 - James Hutchinson was Hanged at Sydney for stealing from the shop of Thomas Abbott. Hutchinson was originally condemned to death in June 1810 for burglary however he escaped from custody, upon being recaptured his sentence was reduced to hard labour. In February 1811 he was convicted along with James Ratty of stealing from commercial premises and both were hanged together.

1811 - James Ratty was Hanged at Sydney for stealing cloth, muslin etc. from the shop of Thomas Abbott.

1825 - Samuel Fielding wasHanged at Hobart for sheep-stealing.

1825 - James Chamberlain was Hanged at Hobart for sheep-stealing .

1825 - Stephen Lear was Hanged at Hobart for burglary at the Surveyor-General's.

1825 - Henry Fry was Hanged at Hobart for burglary at the Surveyor-General's.

1830 - Oh how simply spiffing, what-oh! 
The first serious game of cricket was held in Hyde Park where the Colonial Civilians soundly defeated the 57th regiment.

1830 - John Killeen was Hanged for sheep stealing. 

1830 - Samuel Jones was Hanged at Hobart for sheep stealing.

1830  - Joseph Fogg was Hanged at Hobart for an unnatural crime.

1830 - Thomas Goodwin was Hanged at Hobart for cutting the throat of Ann Hamilton with intent to kill.

1831 - Thomas Bartie wasa lucky little chap when he was granted 2560 acres of land at Hinton in the Parish of Butterwick and Seaham. 
The grant was known as Rosebank

1837 - An original voyage of the damned was a ticket on the migrant ship Lady McNaghten, which arrived in Port Jackson today with 134 deaths on board her decks during and after the not-so-delightful-sea-jaunt.

1838  - he Fitzroy River in Westralia was just lying around waiting for someone to discover it when Commander John Wickham on HMS Beagle doffed his hat and obliged.

1840 - Seeing as Or-stray-lia had so much land to fill up 56 French-Canadian and a couple of Irish rebels from the Lower Canadian Rebellion won a free sea cruise on HMS Buffalo to be interred near current-day Concord, NSW thus blessing the colony with names like Exile Bay, Canada Bay and French Bay.

1848 - A £25 reward was offered by Govt. for apprehension of aboriginal native 'Darley' for the rape of a female residing at a station belonging to the Australian Agricultural Company.

1856 - James Galloway convinced a meeting of employers and employees to begin implementing the 8 hour day. A public holiday was declared and floats were prepared to represent the various trades, and was celebrated until the last procession in 1951.

1866 - Governor Darling was recalled.
Ahhh, yes, well I remember the dear, sweet little numbers he wore when out promenading upon the grassed lawns of the Colonial Parliament House, the dashing hand-tooled shoes that matched his hair ribbons so well and the delicious little draw-string bags he wore at his waist....oh.
*ahem* He was recalled back to Britain.
Though his ensemble for the voyage was simply darling...

1872 - The brig 'Maria' sank off the coast of Queensland, Australia, with the loss of 21 by drowning and 14 by Indigenous Australians.

1882 - With a 182 metre long platform and a clock tower without a clock, Albury railway station was finally completed (no clock?). It had hit hip pockets for £24,000 (but still no clock?) and in June 1883 the station hosted a massive gala party to celebrate the linking of Melbourne and Sydney by rail...but without a time piece handy.

1902 -  The Federation Drought had the populace on its knees already so they were given a public holiday to pray for rain while they were down there. Their calls were placed in a queue and answered as soon as an operator was available, which was June 9.

1903 - The Royal Commission report on handling grain *yawn* was...just...soooooo enthralling *yawn* ...that *yawn* hmmmm....*yawn*...put Victorian Parliament *yawn* .....*yawn* to ....sleeeeeeeepzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

1907 - The Neath Colliery Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Neath - Neath Colliery.

1914 - Douglas Mawson and the crew of the Aurora received a hero’s welcome on their return to Adelaide after their 2 year Australasian Antarctic Expedition.

1942 - A float plane from a Japanese sub made a reconnaissance joy flight over Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay.

1963 - Miss Jane started looking in the mirror and hallucinating seeing people who were at home in their lounge rooms. No, it wasn't a bad dose of rocket fuel but the beginnings of Romper Room....see me walk so straight and tall, I won't let my basket fall....
Code Purple to Miss Jane's room....

1965 - Talbot Duckmanton followed in the conga line behind Sir Charles Moses as chairman of The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC).

1968 -  Lionel Rose (1949-2011) outpointed Fighting Harada in Tokyo and became a national sports hero and an icon for Australia's indigenous community. Hundreds of thousands lined Melbourne's streets to welcome him home after his title triumph. He lost the world bantamweight title to Mexican Ruben Olivares in a fifth-round knockout in August 1969.

1973 - Prime Minister Gough Whitlam announced the establishment of diplomatic relations with Hanoi, but retained recognition of South Vietnam's Government.

1974 - The original inhabitant of Oz, Mungo Man, gave up his boney passport as evidence when the thigh bone connected to the hip bone at Lake Mungo, NSW.

1976 -  A group of beady-eyed divers from the Society for Underwater Historical Research located the remains of the Loch Vennacher off Kangaroo Island, 71 years after she went down with the loss of all.hands.

1983 - The Sydney Vice Squad led by Detective-Inspector Ernie Shepard raided the new Club 80 again. 11 men were charged with ‘scandalous conduct’.

1983 - The Oh So Fabulous Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras flounced its stuff to the theme of Our Lives/Our Selves.

1985 - A cultural festival of performance, exhibitions, forums, film and sports was held in conjunction with the Gay Mardi Gras.

1985 - Dwarf tossing raised its ugly head in a popular Surfer's Paradise nightclub as a jockey-throwing contest was ditched when no jockeys fronted up for the pleasure of being bodily bowled.

1986 - Soft Targets, a play about AIDS was held at the Stables Theatre, Nimrod Street, Kings Cross.

1991 - The LGBTI Outrage magazine was advertised on Australian commercial television.

1994 - Looking Good, the first Aboriginal gay and lesbian visual arts exhibition was held at Boomalli Aboriginal Artists’ Co-op.

1994 - Oz Lotto was launched.

1997 - The High Court announced it would allow Nick Toonen and Rodney Croome action against the Tasmanian government to proceed, paving the way for Tasmania’s anti-gay legislation to be found to be invalid.

2000 - Shop Yourself Stupid this year was extended to Broadway Shopping Centre and the Queen Victoria Building.

2005 - Retail Therapy, formerly Shop Yourself Stupid was pared back after the cancellation of its tie-in partner, the East Sydney Festival.

2006 -  In Australia Joseph Terrence Thomas (32), a former taxi driver known as "Jihad Jack" and alleged by prosecutors to be an agent for Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network, was convicted of receiving funds from the group but acquitted on more serious terrorism charges.

2009 - The Australian government announced a multi-million dollar investment in research on reducing gas emissions from farm animals as part of the fight against global warming.

2010 - Australia warned Japan that "diplomacy comes to an end this year" on whaling, after presenting a bold plan to phase out the controversial hunts in the Southern Ocean.

 2014 - Today marked 100 years since Australian geologist, Dr Douglas Mawson, returned from his two year Australasian Antarctic Expedition.

2015 - Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s famous bike became a part of Australian history, due to the bike being
donated by the Prime Minister to the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.

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