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February 27 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - Today was really not the best one for 17 yr old Thomas Barrett (profession - convict); he'd been sprung in the act of nicking stuff - presumably food - from the colony food store.
So, to make certain they deterred any other starving human from doing the same thing again, Thomas Barrett became the first bloke hung in The Land of Oz.

1818 - William Wallis was Hanged at Sydney for robbery in the house of John Harris.

1818 - Edward Haley was Hanged at Sydney for stealing a horse, cart and other sundries near Parramatta.

1818 - Samuel Pollock wasHanged at Sydney for stealing a horse, cart and other sundries near Parramatta.

1818 - James Fitzpatrick was Hanged at Sydney for burglary in the house of John Brown at Portland Head.

1819 - The schooner Young Lachlan was "borrowed" by some convicts from the Derwent who took it for a joy ride and "somehow, unbeknownst to them, officer" ended up in Java.

1830 - Freo's first fish and chip wrapping was published, The Fremantle Journal and General Advertiser, a manuscript newspaper written by hand.

1832 - Charles Smithwick was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of George Miller at Razorback.

1863 - Crow Eaters rejoice! The South Oz parliament opened for business.

1910 - A tram accident at Lake Wendouree saw two electric tram cars (as opposed to those running on coal) have a bingle at a crossing loop, leaving the trams more than a little battered but only one passenger wildly shaken.

1912 - Following a strike on the Brisvegas Tramways, which involved much name-calling, rough n tumble, fisticuffs and a mashed hat, the Arbitration Commission granted the rights to the Union to wear their badge at work. This was only a small win for the Union as the Company refused to accept back any of the employees who were involved in the strike. The men who were involved in the strike were only re-employed in 1924 after the Tramway System was taken over by the Government.

1925 - The Wallerawang Colliery Branch Railway Line (NSW) opened from Wallerawang Colliery Junction - Wallerawang North Junction and from Wallerawang North Junction - Weighbridge Loop.

1927 - The Empire Theatre in Sydney flung open its doors and made a grand entrance with the first production being the musical Sunny, debuting the ever wonderful late great Queenie Ashton.

1927 - The first Police (wage) Award was registered in Western Australia.

1928 - Bert Hinkler completed a solo flight from England to his home town of Bundaberg Qld, where he taxied the plane down the main street to his mum's house without a hint of road rage in sight.

1938 - Mrs Jess Sams (nee Millard) of Ulladulla overtook the field of Australian anglers with a 330lb striped marlin, which remained unbeaten and secured her the principal trophy for the heaviest gamefish. Mrs Sams received an avalanche of attention and publicity with her capture, particularly for her triumph in what was, at the time, an almost exclusively male sport. The fish was also an Australian record which still stands today, on 60kg line class.

1946 - The Defence Committee agreed that all chemical ammunition held by the Army should be disposed of.

1958 - Bust out the stockings and gloves, Mavis, Queen Elizabeth II frocked up to Melbourne and attended a State Reception at the Exhibition Buildings.

1965 - The Seekers' hit song about a love-struck sheep "I'll Never Find Another (Ewe) You" hit the number 1 spot in the UK and was the very first million record selling single for any Aussie group...or sheep station.

1972 - The Women's Electoral Lobby was launched in Melbourne

1974 - Gough Whitlam appointed Sir John Kerr as G-G - whoops!!!

1982 - 8000 people and 31 floats took part in Mardi Gras led by the HLRC – theme: On Our Way to Freedom. Robert French launched the Parade which began at Town Hall Square and proceeded to the Showgrounds via George, Liverpool, Oxford and Flinders Streets and Anzac Parade.

1988 - The annual SGMG Parade was held along Art Gallery Road, Oxford and Flinders Streets with around 120,000 spectators and 60 floats and costumed groups. 10,000 later partied on at the Manufacturer’s Pavilion until 9am Sunday.

1992 - Carole Ruthchild, co-convenor of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (GLRL), Derek Williams, co-convenor of Gay and Lesbian Teachers and Students (GaLTaS) met with Virginia Chadwick, School Education Minister and two high school students who were forced to leave their school after anti-homosexual threats and verbal attacks.

1993 - Sydney’s 16th Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade captured a record crowd of 500,000 who watched 118 entries in a 2 hour, 2 ½ km parade.
The Party at the Showgrounds raises $800,000.

1997 - The Gang-gang cockatoo was adopted as the faunal emblem of the Australian Capital Territory.

1998 - In Canberra Federal Court Justice Moore found the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission had erred in its interpretation of the Public Service Act’s definition of spouse on 17 June 1996, by including same sex couples. The application of Roger Miller to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for spouse allowances for his partner was rejected.

1998 - 20 people protested against the actions of the city’s Strand Arcade management which demanded the shop Loot, remove gay and lesbian material from display.

1999 - The 22nd Mardi Gras Parade and Party were held with 6,000 participants led by a double sided effigy of Bob Carr and Kerry Chikarovski and are cheered on by 600,000 spectators.

1999 - The SGLMG Satellite dance party at Home Nightclub was organised as an alternative to the main Mardi Gras party.

1999 - The Rainbow Party, backed by Dawn O’Donnell, was held at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern, with profits going to the Luncheon Club.
The Luncheon Club, with its off-shoot the Larder (providing an opportunity for people with HIV to take home basic food supplies) banded together a group of dedicated volunteers and supporters to provide twice-weekly lunches for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, offering them an opportunity for great food in a welcoming and social atmosphere.

2000 - The 2000 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Film Festival proved to be a success with 29 sell out sessions and 23,000 tickets sold.

 2000 - Cyclone Steve passed the coast at the northern beaches of Cairns causing structural damage and flooding. Wind gusts up to 85 knots were recorded and the peak wave measurement was 5 metres at Cairns Wave Recording Station. Prominent buildings were unroofed. Mareeba reached a record flood level of 12.4 metres and evacuations were conducted.

2000 - The Metropolitan Community Church held a service at the Heffron Hall to bless the Mardi Gras.

2001 - Cyclone Abigail crossed north-west of Cairns at Ellis Beach before entering the Gulf and reforming before crossing the coast again near the Queensland / Northern Territory border. Some damage was sustained on Mornington Island where the wave surge was 1.3 metres and the Maximum wind gust was 64 knots. Both Cairns and Green Island had considerable winds to 50 knots.

2001 - The Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial Project and South Sydney Council held a dedication ceremony for the new Green Park monument.

2010 -  Australia thousands of people in lavish costumes and various states of undress danced and partied their way through Sydney's streets, in the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.

2011 - Australian racehorse trainer Les Samba was gunned down at Middle Park, south of the Melbourn CBD, after reportedly leaving Crown Metropol Hotel.

2011 - Peeps got to shoot through like a Bondi Tram once more with with a chance to travel on the Sydney Tramway Museum's restored trams during a festival.

2012 - PM Julia Gillard defeated Kevin Rudd, her former foreign minister, 71 votes to 31 in a ballot of Labor Party lawmakers, ending Rudd's attempt to recapture the job Gillard took from him in an internal party coup in 2010.

2013 - “100 VOICES” An oral history project on behalf of Sydney's Pride History Group was launched at Paddington Town Hall.

2015 - The Launceston Tramway Museum held a fundraising event with night rides on restored trams.

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