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February 28 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - First Aussie farm was set up at Farm Cove, (what an original name!) by a bloke who was tired of watching the waves at Port Jackson, Henry Dodd.

1790 - Hospital assistant John Irving became the first convict to be emancipated....and, ye, he did thus go merrily upon the fields of flowers skipping in his joy, showering gay maidens and elderly widows with posies and his wildest dreams, he did.

1799 - With settlers ignoring the previous warning on grog, Governor Hunter was forced to stamp his feet yet again and issue another order prohibiting the distillation of spirits. Party pooper.

1814 - The settlement at Norfolk Island was abandoned due to the surrounds clashing with the decor and costing a packet to redecorate and run.

1825 - Governor Brisbane didn't like the Feng Shui of Redcliffe so he dragged the Moreton Bay settlement over to the current-day site of Brisvegas.

1835 - Mickey Mickey was Hanged at Sydney for the rape of Margaret Hanswall at Watagan.

1851 - The Anti-Transportation League got its own letterhead and secret handshake after grouping together anti-transportation groups from Tassie and Victoria.

1852 - In a contrary move the Governor of South Australia, only weeks after reducing the numbers of the police, was proposing for a Special Constabulary of men to over-see the "preservation of peace and protection of property".

1855 - William Ryan was Hanged at Darlinghurst for the murder of his wife Catherine near the corner of Hay and Castlereagh Sts.

1868 -  A parcel of cheques was found under log in Ben Lomond, presumed to have been left there by the Bushranger Thunderbolt.

1874 - Poor old Arthur Orton, butcher from Wagga Wagga, was sentenced to gaol for daring to attempt to claim to be Sir Roger Tichborne.
Was he or wasn't he?
He wasn't...was he?

1881 - The Hay Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Junee - Narrandera and then from Junee North Junction - Junee West Junction.

1890 – The steamship RMS Quetta sank off Cape York Peninsula, killing 133.

1890 - Yowie ? Bunyip? Bad dose of home brew? You be the judge -
The Argus published a list of names of very credible witnesses who stated they eyeballed a 30 foot tall monster wandering about the wilds near Euroa. The Melbourne Zoo organised a group of over 40 blokes who went forth, armed to the teeth with a net, but, alas, only enormous tracks were found to tease the unsuccessful hunters.

1905 - The Hawera and Normanby Star was rightfully indignant when sharing the disgusting treatment of Maori shearers on Aussie shores.

1905 -  The railway line from Strathmerton (Vic) to Tocumwal (NSW) opened.

1914 - AE1 and AE2, Australia's first submarines, were commissioned into service.

1932 - The City Circle Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Wynyard - Central.

1932 - The North Shore Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Waverton - Wynyard.

1939 - Const Nicholas Smith, NSW Police died whilst on duty.

1939 - Const Alistair Osgood, NSW Police, died whilst on duty.

1947 -The usual suspects were up to their mischief when the Eureka to Buninyong railway line (aka The Bunny Hop Line) was closed forever.

1950 - A cyclone crossed over Gladstone to Hervey Bay. Floods down to Brisbane.

1959 - The Victorian Railways St Kilda to Elwood Electric Street Railway (aka tram) was no more when, yet again, those who couldn't create destroyed what had been built by those who came before them.

1959 - Six O'Clock Rock, the rock music show, debuted on ABC TV. The show terrified parents and teenagers, who didn't know they were teenagers, rejoiced.

1966 - Joern Utzon resigned as architect of the Sydney Opera House, following a bitter struggle with the new Public Works Minister, Davis Hughes, over fees, costs and design changes. Hughes (a Liberal) was determined to reign in escalating costs, and to put his own stamp on the project, which had been commissioned by the previous Labor government. A major controversy erupted, with many sections of the community calling for his reappointment, but Utzon was not reinstated and left the country soon after. He disowns the final design and did not return to Australia until 1998.

1967 - The South Australian Premier, Frank Walsh, introduced legislation to establish the Natural Gas Pipelines Authority for the conveyance of gas from the gas field at Moomba in the far north of the state to Adelaide. This had come about because not only the Gas Company converted to the use of natural gas, but the Electricity Trust also wished to use this fuel for its production of electricity at the Torrens Island power station.

1969 - Victoria introduced provisional ("P-plate") licences for novice drivers.

1970 - Left-wing journalist Wilfred Burchett was allowed temporary entry back into Australia after a 15-year government ban, that stemmed from his support of the Communist Party. Burchett described allegations that he brainwashed Australian POWs during the Korean War as "silly and untrue".

1971 - The first edition of The Sunday Australian appeared.

1972 - Time magazine reviewed Denis Altman’s book, Homosexual Oppression and Liberation.

1973 - Legislation was passed with the breakfast prunes to lower the voting age in Federal elections from 21 down to 18.

1975 - Darwin Reconstruction Commission was established by the Darwin Reconstruction Act.

1975 - The ABC officially launched colour TV broadcasting in Australia with a five-minute special, Aunty Jack Introduces Colour, which ran from 11:58pm to 12.03am on 1 March.

1977 - The first Aussie open range zoo, Western Plains Zoo near Dubbo, was opened, although it was missing the monkeys and organ grinders as they were busy in Canberra.

1980 - After a swift, sadly short 5 weeks on air, the brand new Channel 10 made the decision to cease life support to its new soapie Arcade over something called "piss poor ratings".

1981 - In Newcastle The 1981 Australian Mr Leather Contest was launched at the Criterion Hotel.
“Dallas” won Mr Leather Newcastle.

1982 - Two men are detained by police in the Bottoms Up Bar of the Rex Hotel as intoxicated persons. Note: In October 1982 the NSW Ombudsman found they were unlawfully detained.

1985 - A gay pre-premier fund raising night of La Cage aux folles was organised by the Knights of the Chameleons Co-ordinator, Donnie Smith.

1985 - The AFI and the Gay Mardi Gras presented the Gay Film Festival at the Chauvel Cinema, Paddington.

1986 - The recently appointed NSW Minister for Health, Barry Unsworth, visited St Vincents Hospital AIDS unit.

1987 - A SGMG art exhibition was held at the Hogarth Galleries in Paddington.

1988 - The first NASCAR held outside of America was held at the Thunderdome at Calder park in Victoria, Australia.

1988 - The SGMG and the Australian Film Institute (AFI) held the Mardi Gras Film Festival at the Chauvel Cinema.

1993 - Victorian road rules finally caught up with the rest of the nation when cars turning left at intersections had right of way over those turning right...riveting, I know...zzzzzzzzzzz.

1997 - In Canberra Prime Minister John Howard hosted a forum on youth suicide. Gay and Lesbian Teachers and Students Association (GaLTaS) and Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) spoke at the forum.

1998 - Sydney's 1998 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (theme 20 years of (R)Evolution  saw the biggest show of bear solidarity in Australia s more than 4 times the previous bear numbers turned out.

1998 - Const Peter Forsyth, NSW Police, was stabbed whilst effecting an arrest (posthumously awarded the Commissioner's Valour Award).

1998 - A crowd of 700,000 lined the parade route of the 1998 Mardi Gras Parade. It was led by 220 people who participated in the first Mardi Gras.

1999 - Flinders Island was recognised as a genocide site when it was handed over to the Indigenous People.

2000 - The British electrical power transmission company, National Grid International, was chosen as preferred bidder to construct the Basslink electricity cable from Tasmania to Victoria across Bass Strait.

2001 - OutFM returned for one month’s transmission from Feb 1 until Feb 28.

2004 - The annual Bobby Goldsmith Foundation’s Shop Yourself Stupid was held in Oxford Street.

2004 - Central City Film Studios flung open their doors for business in Docklands, Melbourne.

2004 - The Practical Guide to Mental Hygiene art exhibition by Shaun Weston and Suzanne Boccalatte opened at Gallery Barry Keldoulis.

2007 - The greatly talented singer songwriter Oz rocker Billy Thorpe passed away.

2009 -  Melbourne Victory won the championship of the A-League 2008–09 season, defeating Adelaide United 1–0 in the Grand Final at Telstra Dome.

2010 - The effects of  a tsunami were felt along the hemlines of NSW, QLD and Tassie with 50cm wave at Norfolk Island, 42cm wave at Gold Coast QLD, 29cm wave at Port Kembla NSW, and a 28cm wave at Southport TAS.

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