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February 3 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - The very good chappie Rev Richard Johnson waxed lyrical in the first church service in that God forsaken colony at the ends of the blasted earth, surrounded by the damned I tell you!

1792 - At the Field of Mars, on the North Shore, near the Entrance of the Creek leading to Parramatta
the following blokes were plonked on patches of dirt to farm -
James Manning - Settled
John Carver - Settled
Alexander McDonald - Settled
Thomas Swinerton - Settled
Thomas Tining - Settled
Thomas Cotterel - Settled
Isaac Archer - Settled
John Colethread - Settled

1806 - The whaling ship, George, was wrecked at Twofold Bay.

1830 - On this day in history George Augustus Robinson set out on a promenade with a couple of Aborigines to act as cultural ambassadors for him to con the Tassie First Peoples that being shifted and "civilised" by a mob of weird white fellas was the thing to do....

1830 - Hugh Campbell, Soldier of the 63rd Regiment, was hanged at Hobart for the murder of Jonathan Brett.

1832 - Carrying provisions to settlers, John Chipper and Reuben Beecham, a boy, were driving a cart over Greenmount (WA) when they were attacked by blacks. The boy was killed almost instantly, but Chipper, though wounded in one arm and having a spear sticking in his side, escaped by jumping over the rock that now bears his name,  on top of a steep hill and running seven miles to safety....

1853 - Frank McCallum was not having a good day.
He was otherwise known as Captain Melville and the judge informed him he was to be a guest of His Majesty's Prison in Geelong for the next 32 yrs.

1865 - Sen Const John Ward was shot, and killed,  by bushranger Sam Poo.

1866 - The Brits were finally able to use Aussie sovereigns as dosh instead of piffing them at stray convicts.

1879 - The French naval ship Victorieuse, rocked up to Sydney Harbour, to show off...err, exhibit the new-fangled electric light for the first time in Australia.

1881 - Sending out its ever-extending tentacles Sydney enveloped Albury in its railway network when the Main South Railway line was opened from Gerogery - Albury.

1883 - Berengaria was an Iron steamer, that on this day ran ashore west of Barwon Heads, Victoria. Police were stationed on the beach to protect her cargo of wine, spirits, beer and general merchandise dumped into the sea, but more than 3,000 people eventually arrived on the scene and were soon in control.  Large quantities of beer and spirits were stolen and buried in the sandhills while others broke open tins of preserved meat and fish.  Buckets, jugs, bottles and pig tubs were filled with liquor and soon dozens of men, youths and boys were reeling over the beach. The steamer was freed two days later and towed to Melbourne. 

1883 - The Main North Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Uralla - Armidale.

1885 - Roseworthy Agricultural College, the first Ag college in Australia, was opened in that "back water"  South Oz. Muscly, sweaty crow eaters....niiiiiice.

1889 - Albert Victor was an iron steamer that was trading between Port Albert, Toora and Foster, Gippsland,  when it was destroyed by fire at Bentley’s Harbour. The crew, awakened by the noise and heat of the fire, jumped overboard and swam ashore to Snake Island where their signals were seen by SS Maitland, which took them on to Port Albert.

1893 - Archimedes was a wooden schooner, a mere slip of a ship at164 tons. 
WAS being the operative word.
Today she was wrecked near Townsville.

1894 - The Aussie Worker's Union was formed by....Aussie Workers!

1900 -  On this day JFG Foxton, WE Parry-Okeden and WE Roth were appointed trustees of a number of Aboriginal reserves in QLD  including the Kelsey reserve at Bowen.

1921 - The Oenone was a Sloop-rigged yacht that was wrecked when it was washed ashore on the River Derwent, Tasmania.

1929 - The Darling to East Malvern railway line (Vic)  opened with electric train services.

1930 - Esme was a Launch (that's a water-going vessel to you and me) that was destroyed by fire in Queensland.

1931 - The effects of a tsunami , that originated in NZ, were felt along the NSW coastline.

1943 - Conference held with representatives of both the Australian and American services to discuss proposed chemical weapons plan.

1954 - The QE II beamed down from the mothership in Or-stray-lia for her first visit and the first visit by a reigning monarch...only because they had to accumulate their frequent flyer points before they could drop in.

1960 - The first National Conference of Australian Churches was held in Melbourne.

1964 -  The first double-decker carriages began trial runs on the Sydney suburban rail network

1967 - Ronald Ryan became the last man hanged in Oz.

1974 - A major riot erupted at Bathurst Gaol in central NSW, involving almost all of its 350 inmates. Three of the four main buildings were destroyed in a six-hour rampage and ten prisoners were shot while attempting to set the guard tower on fire. Conditions at the infamous maximum security prison, long reputed to be the most brutal in the state, were the principal cause of the riot.

1984 - Double dissolution
Malcolm Fraser announced a double dissolution of parliament. The same day Bob Hawke was elected leader of the Labor Party after Bill Hayden resigned.

1988 - The cat was set amongst the pigeons when a prominent historian pointed out that the famous "Man From Snowy River" was probably in fact an Aboriginal chap named Toby, as it was highly likely Paterson based his now-famous poem on an article by C. W. Neville-Rolfe

1989 - The findings of the Muirhead Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody were released.

1994 - Sergeant Grant Frederick McPhie (Vic) died in a motor vehicle accident whilst in pursuit of a motor cyclist.

2004 - That great train, The Ghan, arrived in Darwin on it's very first journey from Adelaide.

2008 -  Australian PM Kevin Rudd announced a summit of 1,000 ordinary citizens to address long-term challenges facing the nation, saying the best ideas could influence government policy. He also scolded the country's opposition for haggling over the exact content of a planned apology to Australia's Aborigines, saying its meaning will be quite clear.

2009 - In Australia PM Kevin Rudd announced a $27 billion stimulus package. Australia’s Parliament passed the bill on Feb 13.

2011 - Australia's biggest cyclone in a century shattered entire towns after pummeling the coast and churning across the country. One man asphyxiated while sheltering inside during the massive cyclone and become the storm's first fatality.

2012 - Major flooding hit parts of Australia's east, stranding thousands of residents, prompting a military airlift and leaving some communities only accessible by helicopter.

2014 - The Australian Human Rights Commission announced that it would conduct an inquiry into children in immigration detention, to investigate the ways in which life in closed immigration detention facilities affects the health, wellbeing and development of children. The inquiry coincided with the ten-year anniversary of the Commission’s landmark report, A Last Resort? At the time of the announcement, more than 1,000 children were detained in closed facilities.

2016 - The High Court of Australia dismissed a challenge to the legality of the offshore processing regime. The government’s legal victory rested on a retrospective amendment to the Migration Act.

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