Monday, February 5, 2018

February 5 On This Day in Australian History

1803 - Poor old George Bass, Explorer Extraordinaire.
He sailed off into the sunset from Port Jackson on board the ship Venus never to rejoin his knitting club down the local pub ever again.

1827 - George Worrall (Fisher's Ghost Murder) was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of Frederick Fisher at Campbelltown.

1836 - Charlie Darwin steered his manfully powered vehicle, the triple masted HMS Beagle, up the Derwent River to Hobart Town for a good old stickybeak.

1851 - Edward Hargraves left his missus minding the store when he went on a walk, met some chaps who'd discovered gold and he promptly took credit for it when he announced the find, starting the first Aussie gold rush. Isn't that your missus calling,Ed ?

1863 - Mackay was proudly declared a "port of entry and clearance".

1868 - The topsail schooner, Terrara sprang a leak and sank quickly about 20 kilometres north off Port Stephens, NSW.

1869 - Richard Oates and John Deason were about to give up that prospecting malarky and bake a cake for afternoon tea when 69.92kgs of pure gold aka the Welcome Stranger nugget stubbed itself on their boots at Moliagul.

1869 - Having trouble catching any fish with the bait he'd dug up in Sydney, G.W.Goyder popped into Port Darwin to survey the area for the town Palmerston, now known as Darwin.

1877 - The Sydney Morning Herald was having a slow news day so it filled a page with Australia's first weather chart. Probably as accurate as todays...darts thrown at a board blindfolded!

1879 - Something foreign and completely unknown to the Victorian Govt of recent years is the opening of a railway line; the Murtoa to Horsham line, a whole smidgeon under 30 kms, became an operational part of the rail network.

1882 - New rooms at the Sunday School at 87-89 Halifax Street , Adelaide, were opened. The rooms were added on to the three year old building owned by Stow Church to cope with the increased attendance. By 1890 477 children were taught religious instruction by 23 teachers.

1893 - Melbournians rejoice! Today the town was connected to a sewerage system! Which still doesn't explain those floaties in Spring St...

1893 - The schooner, Foam, was wrecked on Myrmidon Reef as she was returning Kanakas to the Solomon Islands. The ninety-eight persons on board just had time to make a raft by lowering the top-masts and spars over the side and cutting away all the bulwarks and deckhouses.

1896 - The Jumbunna to Outtrim rail line opened, 4 kms of slick passenger and mixed goods service.

1896 - Henry Lawson's mother-dearest, Louisa, received the patent for a mail bag fastener today that, although freely used by the Post Office, was never acknowledged as hers nor was she showered in the dosh she was owed.

1905 - A four masted barque,named Mayfield, was lost in a gale off Swan Island, north-eastern tip of Tasmania, having sailed from Geelong on the 2 Feb with a crew of twenty-eight and 30,000 bags of wheat for Queenstown, Ireland. Three days out, she encountered a gale; the decks were washed by huge waves and the crew had to lash themselves to the rigging. Next day, some of the crew reached the Tasmanian mainland in the port boat, but failed in an attempt to return to the wreck in a whaleboat belonging to the lighthouse. A second attempt later in the day was successful, and this time took off the mate and eight hands, leaving the captain and six others still in the rigging. The steamer Koonookarra hove in sight on 9 February and rescued the remaining men.

1921 - Back in the day when the Victorian State Govt actually gave a fat rat's clacker about the general populace having electricity they began work on the Yallourn Power Station site.

1925 - The Semaphore District Traders’ Association was established.

1931 - The steamer Tyalgum, which was seemingly accident-prone *ahem* hit the Prymont bridge when it closed unexpectedly on her, smashing her funnel but causing no injury to the hoomans. 

1932 – Nine people died in bushfires in Gippsland, Victoria.

1938 - Crook your pinkie and roll a plum about in your mouth...The British Empire Games began in Sydney, these days known as The Commonwealth Games.

1941 - Andrew "Banjo" Paterson gave up eating and drinking on this day. 

1946 - In London's The Daily Mail newspaper they advocated atomic testing in Australia. Yeah, thanks wanna come clean up your mess now?

1947 - Australia's first cloud-seeding experiment resulting in artificially produced rain was carried out at Bathurst, New South Wales.
The Australian experiment was undertaken by scientists from the CSIRO's Division of Radiophysics. Dry ice was used in the initial experiment, but later experiments used silver iodide more effectively. In the early 1950s the CSIRO team, now known as the Division of Cloud Physics, pioneered the highly successful silver iodide seeding technique.

1949 - Const Allen Patch was killed in a motor-cycle accident whilst on patrol.

1960 - Little Boy Lost was a TV movie based on 4 year old Steven Walls who went missing in the Aussie bush near Armidale in NSW. Over 5,000 police and citizens searched relentlessly, finding his cold and scared but very much alive 4 days later.

1964 - Yet another death blow to the Victorian rail network when The Powers That Be closed almost 90 kms of track with the ceasation of the Kerang to Stony Crossing line, which had cost £241,876.

1971 - The locally made TV series Barrier Reef began airing on the 0-Ten network.

1973 - The Mike Walsh Show began screening on Melbourne idiot boxes.

1985 – Australia canceled its involvement in US-led MX missile tests.

1988 - The Mackay Entertainment Centre was officially opened by QLD Governor Sir Walter Campbell.

1995 - The Tocumwal Branch Railway line (NSW) was opened from Tocumwal Bridge - Tocumwal.

2002 - It was reported that the remains of a Tasmanian tiger had been found on the Eyre Peninsula when scientists uncovered two teeth from a Thylacine in a sink hole near Coffin Bay in South Australia.

2003 - Cyclone Beni caused floods from Rockhampton to the Gold Coast causing $10M worth of damage to public infrastructure. Waves were recorded to 8.5metres.

2008 -  On this day it was announced that Mitsubishi Australia would stop production at the end of March. 

2011 -  Torrential rains and flash floods trapped scores of people in homes and cars following a massive cyclone, piling on more misery after weeks of record inundations.

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