Friday, February 9, 2018

February 9 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - The drumming out of a soldier - who was caught probably not playing chess in the female convicts' tents - had the pleasure (?!) of having the first piece of named music played in Oz ; aptly twas The Rogues' March.

1788 - Guv Phillip was sworn in as Chief Cook & Bottle-Washer of the Fair Isle of Oz aka Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief.

1816 - Patrick Dawson was Hanged for the robbery and murder of Edward Pugh at his home in Richmond, NSW. His body was dissected and anatomised.

1816 - Philip McGee was Hanged for the robbery and murder of Edward Pugh at his home in Richmond, NSW. His body was dissected and anatomised.

1816 - Henry Laycock was Hanged for the robbery and murder of Edward Pugh at his home in Richmond, NSW. His body was dissected and anatomised.

1830 - Charles Sturt, being one of those blokes who always had to know where things came from and I'm sure he pulled his mothers alarm clock apart just to see how its innards went together, went for a wander and found the source of the Murray River.

1835 - Edward McManus was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of sly-grog providore Alice Cooper (Bunton) at Emu Plains.

1841 - Port Albert woke up today to find Angus McMillan trekking about its region.

1884 - Arthur Stace - Mr Eternity- an Aussie graffiti eccentric, was hatched.

1889 - The leader of the Eureka Stockade, Peter Lalor, gave up eating and drinking aged 62.

1903 - Former Victorian Premier Charles Duffy did a bunk off this mortal coil.

1910 - Peter Robustelli was Hanged at Fremantle Prison for the murder of Giovanni Forsatti in a lane between Bayley and Woodward streets, Coolgardie.

1922 - Carsten Heinrich Petersen, Ballarat identity was killed at the age of eighty-five years when crossing Sturt Street opposite the Base Hospital. On the other side of the street were three brick shops which he owned. Under the terms of his will he left £400 to the Ballarat City Council for the erection of a drinking fountain in that block in Sturt Street as well as a marble statue.

1923 - Stanley Bruce assumed the position...err,office as 12th Aussie PM.

1926 - A tropical cyclone recurved east of Townsville. Flooded the Herbert and Tully rivers with severe damage to banana crops.

1927 - A tropical cyclone crossed the coast just to the north of Cairns. Many buildings were unroofed or damaged and some 16 totally destroyed. There was considerable damage to the hotel and houses at Malanda. The sea wall at Cairns was broken in several places. 
The cyclone then turned into a disastrous rain depression. Unprecedented floods occurred in North Coast Rivers. Halifax, Ingham, Innissfail and Tully were partly submerged. 
There were many drownings - 23 at Ingham, 15 at Cardwell and 1 at Townsville. 
2,500 cattle and 1,500 horses drowned at Ingham. 
Losses to crops stock and property in the Herbert reached 300,000 pounds (1927). 
Rail damage with washaways and many bridges carried away. Also flooding in south of state, with Surat
under water and a drowning fatality at Toowoomba. Seven persons were also drowned near Miles
and crops in West Moreton were badly damaged. A large dam at Koorboora was wrecked. A total of 47
people lost their lives.

1937 – Cairns was hit by a tropical cyclone.

1937 - Twas an important day in Kingoonya (Crow Eater Country) as it was the day the hotel was licensed to open. 

1967 - Famed vaudevillian Will Mahoney dropped off the perch in Melbourne aged 73. Mahoney and his wife, actress Evie Hayes, came to Australia in the 1930s to perform on the Tivoli circuit after successes in London and New York. In the 1970s, Evie Hayes becomes one of the resident judges on TV's long-running Young Talent Time, hosted by former pop idol Johnny Young.

1970 - Const 1/C Warren Sargent died as a result of a motor vehicle accident whilst on patrol.

1975 - Attorney General Lionel Murphy resigned to become a judge of the High Court of Australia.

1979 - Things were more than a bit crook when Associated Securities Limited, Australia's fourth-largest finance company, was placed into receivership. In a statement to the stock exchange, ASL directors stated that the results for the six months to 31 December had shown a loss of $2.5 million, plus an extraordinary loss of $1 million from foreign exchange movements.

1986 - The Anglican Church of Oz ordained its first batch of female deacons in a ceremony at St. Pauls Cathedral in Melbourne....and the sky didn't fall in, either!

1988 - As Don Mclean warbled "they would not listen ,they're not listening still, perhaps they never will".Clyde Cameron, having a crystal ball or 3 ,warned the Labor Party against becoming a tool for rich businessmen.

1992 - Much wet stuff fell upon the place known as Perth (original name Boorloo) in the ballpark of 120.6 millimetres.

2006 -  Australian senators voted to remove an effective ban on abortion drug RU-486.

2006 - An Australian inquiry into alleged kickbacks paid to Iraq under the UN oil-for-food program claimed its first scalp with the resignation of Andrew Lindberg, the chief executive of wheat exporter AWB.

2009 -  In Australia police declared incinerated towns crime scenes, and PM Rudd spoke of "mass murder" after investigators said arsonists may have set some of the country's worst wildfires in history. The official death toll from the wildfires was later downgraded to 173 from a previous count of 210.

2013 -  The Australian Government announced a new resettlement deal with New Zealand, whereby 150 places from New Zealand’s overall resettlement quota of 750 would be allocated to refugees who sought asylum in Australia. The refugees may be resettled directly from Australia or from offshore processing centres in Nauru and Manus Island. The government announced that the deal would commence in 2014.

2015 - Aboriginal people commenced a sit-in in Canberra at Parliament House to confront politicians about the state of Aboriginal affairs around the country. They demanded that the Commonwealth of Australia begin negotiations towards decolonisation with the goal of healing from the “devastation wreaked upon Aboriginal Nations and Peoples” by violations of human rights.

2017 - Perth (Boorloo) was sprinkled with a drop or two of 114.4 millimetres of rain.


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