Saturday, March 10, 2018

March 10 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - French ships left Botany Bay never to be seen again (wrecked in Vanuatu with all lives lost).

1794 - The Flogging Parson aka Rev Samuel Marsden rocked up in Port Jackson aka Sydney.

1801 - Lieutenant James Grant and the Lady Nelson arrived at Jervis Bay, with Ensign Barrallier and botanist George Caley on board. The latter took the opportunity to explore the foreshores and meet the local Aborigines.

1804 - John Brannan, Convict who participated in the Castle Hill Rebellion. Hanged at Sydney.

1804 - Timothy Hogan , Convict who participated in the Castle Hill Rebellion. Hanged at Sydney.

1805 - Report of the return of Meehan and Kent to Sydney aboard the Ann.

1834 - William Ward  was Hanged at Launceston for burglary.

1834 - Samuel Newman was Hanged at Launceston for burglary.

1834 - Thomas Dawson was Hanged at Launceston for burglary.

1836 - The Tolpuddle Martyrs were all granted pardons. News of them reaches Sydney in June.

1840 - John (or James) Hunt ("The Doctor")  Hanged at Sydney for murder of Dan McCarthy at Regentville.

1852 - Today saw the sad demise of a little Wotjobaluk boy, William Wimmera, who had been taken from near Antwerp, Victoria, following the killing of his mother by the local station owner, to the UK by a reverend to be educated but quickly contracted and succumbed to TB.

1866 - Long Poy was Hanged at Castlemaine for the murder of Ah Yong at Emu Flat.

1874 - Explorer Ernest Giles stumbled over the Petermann Range in south west Northern Territory.

1877 - A shearing machine invented by Robert Savage was first demonstrated at Walgett, NSW.
On a sheep, of course.

1877 - Residents of Cloncurry, in Qld, were no longer villagers, they were city folk with the declaration of Cloncurry as a city site.

1882 - The Camden Railway Branch Line (NSW) was opened all the way to Camden.

1884 - Another ugly bit of history- Pacific Islanders were forbidden, by an outrageously racist law, to obtain any work other than that of a plantation hand. This law was a result of a riot that broke out at the Mackay Racecourse after Pacific Islanders were refused service at a bar where whites were drinking.

1902 - The Inverell Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened allllll the way to Inverell.

1908 - Douglas Mawson, Edgeworth David and Ernest Shackleton were tired of playing "I Spy" so they climbed Mount Erebus in Antarctica.

1913 - The Ayrfield Colliery Railway Branch Line (NSW) was opened all the way to Ayrfield No 3 Colliery.

1918 - An extremely intense, severe tropical cyclone crossed the North Queensland Coast near Innisfail where almost every building in the town was flattened.  Winds of 240-288 km/hour battered the area.  Over 305 mm (12 inches) of rain fell on that Sunday, with the eye passing close to the Hull River at about 10 pm.  Many trees were uprooted and strewn on the ground, broken or bent right over and those remaining were stripped of leaves.

1919 - The Victoria Railways opened an extension of the tram service  from Sandringham to Black Rock.

1931 - Tired of waiting for the govt to actually do something constructive and wanting to lend a helping hand, the first Apex Club was born in Geelong.

1938 - An infantile paralysis (poliomyelitis) epidemic claims its 1,983rd victim.

1942  - Department of Defence cables the High Commissioner in London as to whether war gases can be supplied.

1946 – An Australian National Airways (ANA) DC3 aircraft crashed near Hobart, killing 25.

1949 - Lake George in Canberra felt the earth move when an earthquake shook its booty at 5.3 on the Richter Scale.

1949 - The town of Nightcliff, NT, was gazetted.

1949 - A Queensland Airlines Lockheed Lodestar crashed at Coolangatta, Qld, killing 21 people.

1959 - Obviously looking into their crystal balls and listening to Peter Costello's decree to spawn more offspring have more children, the Aussie population officially reached 10 million odds, bods and sods.

1965 - The first National Service birthday-draw was held.

1971 - Billy McMahon put on the crown to become Australia's 20th Queen PM.

1974 - Prince Philip officially opened Darwin Community College.

1986 - Carrick Hill, a grand estate at Springfield, bequeathed to the people of South Australia by Sir Edward Hayward who died in 1983, was opened to the public for the first time on this day.

1997 - Alcan South Pacific Pty Ltd entered into a detailed Heads of Agreement with the Aboriginal community in Weipa, Cape York, Queensland, for a proposed bauxite mining and shipping operation from Alspac’s existing mining lease at Ely, north of Weipa.

2006 - The Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services said the potentially fatal virus, Murray Valley encephalitis, had been found in chickens in the Darwin region.

2007 - A nine-year-old girl died from a brown snake bite in northern New South Wales.

2008 - A group of young Aborigines attending a Royal Lifesaving Society course asked for a formal apology after being asked to leave an Alice Springs backpacker hostel allegedly because of the colour of their skin.

2009 - A coronial inquest into the death in custody of an Aboriginal elder heard the air conditioning in the back of the prison van he was travelling in was broken.

2010 - Two NT Police constables told an inquest they were embarrassed by the way they treated a man who later died in custody.

2011 - A major supermarket chain said its stores throughout Western Australia were still dealing with the fall out from a flooded rail line in South Australia.

2012 - Residents in the Perth suburb of Gosnells were being told to leave their homes or get ready to defend them as fire crews worked to contain a blaze in a wildlife reserve.

2013 - Australia's netball team was pursuing a pay rise after no increases in six years.

2014 - Australia's last police tailor,  Paull Houston, had moved to new job.

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