Sunday, March 11, 2018

March 11 On This Day in Australian History

1813 - The first cattle fair was held, no doubt starring someone's mother in law, at Parramatta NSW.

1843 - Scratching about in the dirt during a brief 5 min break, tin was discovered near Beechworth in Victoria.

1845 - The first Maori War took place, with British troops sent from Australia over to NZ's North Island to suppress an uprising by the Maori's against European settlers breaches of the Waitangi Treaty.

1848 - The Savings Bank of South Australia opened its doors in rented premises in Gawler Place on this day.

1857 - William Twigham (or Twiggem, alias Lexton) was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Sergeant Bernard McNally at the Cathcart Diggings, near Ararat.

1862 - John Seaver was Hanged at Adelaide Gaol for the murder of Richard Pettinger at Adelaide.

1871 - WA's first ever railway which tottled from Busselton to Yonganup was opened by a private timber company (it was dobbin-powered until August of that year).

1871 - The Overland Telegraph Party, having grown tired of square dancing their way across the desert, tripped over a spot now known as Alice Springs.

1873 - Samuel Wright was Hanged at Castlemaine for the attempted murder of a man Named Hagan (or Hogan) at Dead Horse Flat, near Eaglehawk.

1892 - Nasty piece of work Frederick Deeming was arrested at Southern Cross - the Westralian town, not the Melbourne train station - for murder most foul. Google the creature as his deeds are not fit for decent folk.

1914 - Joseph Belbin was Hanged at Campbell Street Gaol for the murder of Margaret Ledwell at Deloraine.

1940 - Coalminers spat the dummy and went on strike for higher wages and shorter working hours; as it was during a war this brewed not a little resentment and ill-will. The strike wasn't sorted out until May.

1942 - Everyone over the age of 16 excitingly got to be registered and to carry ID cards.

1957 - The Aleutian Islands sent forth a tsunami that was felt along the coastline of NSW.

1961 - Monash Uni, in Melbourne and named after soldier and engineer Sir John Monash, was officially opened with a red ribbon, scissors and a bottle of champers flung against its side by Vic Premier Sir Henry Bolte.

1969 - Division 4, a cop drama set in Melbourne, arrested the viewing audience when it debuted on the idiot box today.

1972 - The Womens’s Right March in Sydney, with support from the Sydney Gay Liberation.

1980 - A Summer Offensive event, a forum Gays in our schools was held at Federation House. The booklet Young, Gay and Proud was discussed.

1983 - Bob Hawke tried on the crown as the 23rd Prime Minister of Oz.

1984 - Premier Wran and Police Minister Anderson announced the setting up of the Community Relations Bureau, including a Police-Gay Liaison Unit.

1984 - Almost 3,000 attended the International Women’s Day March from the Town Hall to Hyde Park.

1994 - The Chullora - Sefton Goods Railway Line (NSW) was closed.

1996 - John Howard tried on the crown also as 25th Prime Minister of Oz.

2001 - Needing somewhere to store the relics that were once former PM's of Oz, the National Museum of Australia opened its doors for business.

2011 - NSW and Tasmania experienced the effects of a tsunami that began in Japan from the massive 8.9 earthquake  ; 56cm wave at Norfolk Island, 35cm wave at Port Kembla NSW, and a 23cm wave at Spring Bay TAS. Unusual currents noted at Port Kembla and Sydney Harbour. Several swimmers washed into a lagoon at Merimbula NSW.

2015 - Traditional owners in WA to launch class action over deregistration of sacred sites.

2015 -Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister who aspires to be known for his contribution to indigenous affairs has been criticised for suggesting that Indigenous people who live on remote homelands are making a lifestyle choice. He said “it is not the job of the taxpayer to subsidise lifestyle choices”.

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