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March 12 On This Day in Australian History

1773 - Tobias Furneaux, second in command on Cook's second jaunt to the Pacific, was so impressed with Adventure Bay in Tassie that he parked his boat there for 5 days where he explored the bright lights and big city had the rigging overhauled, and wood and water collected .

1827 - William Leddington was Hanged at Sydney for piracy on the brig Wellington at Norfolk Island.

1827 - James Smith was Hanged at Sydney for piracy on the brig Wellington at Norfolk Island.

1827 - John Edwards was Hanged at Sydney for piracy on the brig Wellington at Norfolk Island.

1827 -Richard Johnson  wasHanged at Sydney for piracy on the brig Wellington at Norfolk Island.

1827 - Edward Coulthurst wasHanged at Sydney for piracy on the brig Wellington at Norfolk Island.

1842 - First issue of Launceston Examiner.

1853 - William Wright was Hanged outside Adelaide Gaol for a murder committed at East Wellington.

1868 - We know what Henry James O'Farrell was up to on this day as he so thoughtfully made his mark in history for future historians by attempting to assassinate the 2nd male pup of Queen Vicky, Prince Alfred, as he swanned about a picnic at Clontarf in Sydney.
The prince fully recovered from the shooting but, alas, the deemed insane O'Farrell failed to recover from the hangman's noose.

1877 - The Main South Railway Line (NSW) was opened in all its glory.

1883 - Murrumgunarriman, known as Twopenny, who was a member of the famous Aboriginal Cricket Team of 1868, passed away.

1885 - Const 1/C John Mitchell, NSW Police,  was shot by an escaping prisoner.

1903 - Constable John Hamley, WA Police, drowned at Roebourne.

1904 - Australia's first car race was held near current-day Sandown Park, Victoria, with Harley Tarrant rocketing across the line to the chequered flag in a twin cylinder car he built himself with the top engine pulling power of 8hp.

1906 - John Kelly (King) brother of Ned Kelly, regimental number 880, became a probationary constable in the WA Police Force.

1913 - Canberra was christened before it was actually built, with Mrs. Governor- General Lady Denman unveiling the foundation stones and the secretly-held moniker for our nations capital.

1916 - A Model T Ford left Glenelg, with five adults, three children and a pile of luggage, bound for Birdsville. The driver was Joseph Kelly, an employee of Ford agents Duncan and Fraser, who undertook to drive the owner, Jack Gaffney, licensee of the Birdsville hotel, and his family, in the new vehicle up the notorious Birdsville track.
After 1200 tortuous kilometres, they reached Birdsville.
The only problem with the car was one puncture.

1921- Edith Cowan was our first chickybabe elected to an Oz Parliament on this day in Westralia.

1923 - Frank Matamin alias Rosland was hanged at Fremantle Prison for the murder of Zareen at Nullagine.

1936 - Westralia made voting compulsory in state elections so they equally share the blame around for whoever gets in.

1953 - 40 intermarried couples - that is, Aussie servicemen who married Japanese gals whilst stationed in Japan - departed from Kure, Japan on this day.
Sadly, some chose not to travel to Oz for various reasons and 52 children were left behind by Australian fathers.

1955 - Constable Richard Mills, WA Police, murdered at Nyabing.

1957 - The inaugural meeting of the The Society for Growing Australian Plants was held in the Horticultural Hall, Victoria Street, Melbourne, on this day at 8 p.m.

1960 - The first Adelaide Festival of Arts was opened by the Governor- General, Viscount Dunrossil, from the Sound Shell in Elder Park, on this day.

1961 - Swan Hill wasn't a sleepy hollow on the banks of the Murray River any longer - it was proclaimed a Town!

1967 - Even though the trustees of the Myer Music Bowl stated they wouldn't sanction the 1967 Moomba Pop Concert  it went ahead anyway with The Seekers headlining before a record-making 200,000 audience.

1968 - The Federal government paid a reported $50,000 compensation to Captain John Robertson, who was commanding HMAS Melbourne at the time of the Voyager disaster.

1980 – James Miller was sentenced to life in prison for committing the Truro murders.

1991 - The President of the Court of Appeal of NSW, Justice Michael Kirby, raised the issue of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act covering HIV-AIDS in the first Tim Wilson Memorial Lecture.

2006 - The Country Fire Authority (CFA) said a large fire burning out of control in over 2,000 hectares of bush near Ballarat in Victoria's west was proving difficult to contain.

2007 - The Gunbalanya Council in the Top End community of oenpelli was asking charities and the public to donate much-needed kitchen items and clothing to flood-affected residents.

2008 - The New South Wales Government said it was looking at a Melbourne scheme which allows train commuters to travel free early in the morning, but the Opposition said it would not work.

2009 - A major oil slick from a damaged cargo ship spread from Moreton Island, off Brisbane, to the Sunshine Coast.

2010 - China's refusal to allow  HIV-positive Australian author,  Robert Dessaix, to enter the country led to calls for the Beijing Government to change the law.

2011 - The Department of Immigration said about 150 men broke out of a Christmas Island detention centre.

2012 - Gay rights activists slammed an anti-gay marriage ad by Katter's Australian Party for the Queensland election.

2013 - The centenary of Canberra was marked with an official ceremony on the lawns of Parliament House.

2014 - Warren Mundine from the Prime Minister's Indigenous Advisory council discussed Rosie Anne Fulton's case and other cases of indigenous people being held in prison without being tried because they were deemed unfit to plead.

2015 - Renowned Australian pianist David Helfgott was asked to choose soothing classical music as part of an innovative research project to help reduce stress levels in children with autism.

2016 - Suicide survivor Ingrid Cumming told her story in the hope of raising awareness and tackling the high rate of suicide in remote Aboriginal communities.

2017 - New Zealand cartoonist Murray Ball, who created long-running comic strip Footrot Flats, died aged 78 after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer's disease.

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