Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March 14 On This Day in Australian History

1805 -  Bennelong and Nanbarry each spear the Cow Pastures (Camden) leader Cogy in a revenge battle on the road between Prospect and Parramatta. For three weeks, Cogy walked about with a spear shaft sticking out of his body.

1831 - Surprise! No, really... Surprise, the first paddle steamer knocked together by the chippies in Sydney, was launched.

1836 - Charlie Darwin took his bat and ball and left our shores when HMS Beagle set sail for the horizon.

1863 - The grand town of Goulburn went from lovely provincial village to lovely but oldest provincial city today when a wand was waved above it (via Royal Letters Patent creating the Anglican See).

1869 - The 3rd Maori War ended when Titokowaru was defeated.

1883 -  Today was to be a gala day for the people of Aldgate as the official opening of the first section of the railway line to Nairne was to take place.

1888 - Queen's College, of Melbourne University, was officially opened with 18 students.

1894 - Columbian tightrope walker Juan Caicedo made his first appearance in Adelaide fresh from his triumphs in Melbourne and Sydney

1899 - The first narrow gauge railway line openedwas from  Wangaratta-Whitfield (Vic).

1905 - The Odontological Society of Queensland was such a wilde and crazy bunch of bods that they officially formed  The Odontological Society of Queensland on this day.
 The objectives of the Society were to be the promotion of good fellowship and the advancement of the dental profession generally.
With much flossing in between times.

1908 - From flood prone Pinkenba Police Station Constable James Reville wrote on this day;
“I made a mounted patrol (on police horse ‘Bismark’) throughout the division to ascertain if any of the residents were in danger from the flood waters or needed assistance. Although Pinkenba, the Serpentine Country and portion of Eagle Farm presented the appearance of a huge lake, the residents were not in any actual danger as owing to the flat level nature of the country, the water broke over the Pinkenba flats into the Brisbane River and over the Myrtle Town flats into the bay when it had reached an average height of 20 inches in Pinkenba township …”

1912 - Geelong was dragged into the arcky-sparky age when electric trams began whizzing about her streets.

1919 - The Register (a South Oz fish wrapper by any other name) carried an article regaling readers about the Aboriginal peoples of the North with a great many claims by a Protector of Aborigines who planned to turn these tales into a healthy bank account via book sales.

1932 - A completely frivolous piece of garden equipment was unveiled by the Mayor of Sydney in Hyde Park when the Archibald Fountain, donated by The Bulletin founder J.F Archibald) was allowed to spray water anywhere it chose.

1935 - Kwok Chun Hang may not be a name known is every household like Grant Hackett, Thorpedo, Dawn Fraser, Gian Rooney, Madam Butterfly, Klim, etc, but the Chinese swimmer captured the minds of many Aussies during his brief 1935 swimming tour around the country; due to increasing Chinese and cultural commitments he was forced to abandon a greatly anticipated tour of NZ that should have culminated on this day.

1941 - Having a propensity for sending young boys overseas to be killed and injured for the fights old men start, the same old men realised they needed to care for the broken young men on their return so thus the Heidelberg Military Hospital(re-branded Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital in 1947), like so many other things in wartime, was born in a sea of blood and bandages.

1942 - 1942 Horn Island in the Torres Strait featured as a bomb target of the Japanese, just one of 9 times the island was hit with air raids.

1946 -  Disposal of No. 1 Central Reserve chemical warfare stocks by burning completed.

1956 - Scenting blood on the wounded public the Federal Govt upped the taxes on everything that sat still beer, spirits, cars, petrol, cigarettes and company tax.

1956 - Exciting the commuters no end was the electrification of the first electric passenger train between Melbourne and Traralgon.(Vic).

1968 - The Australian Army admitted to reports that one of its officers tortured a Vietnamese woman suspected of being a spy.

1982 - International Vanities (Caps) was heavily damaged by a fire that broke out in the top floor dressing room.

2000 - The Administrative Decisions Tribunal heard a claim by Richard Heystraten, a former chef at the Positive Living Centre, that he was refused treatment for a severed finger by the Surry Hills Medical Centre on 24/2/99, because of his HIV+ status. His case is dismissed on 19/3/00.

2013 - The Northern Territory Country Liberal Party elected Gamilaroi man Adam Giles as Chief Minister. He was the first Aboriginal person to head an Australian government.

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