Friday, March 16, 2018

March 16 On This Day in Australian History

National Close the Gap Day
An annual event to raise awareness of the health experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Evidence indicates that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a life expectancy approximately 10 years less than other Australians. The day aims to promote health equality within a generation.

1774 - Cat lovers, unite and celebrate with some fermented catnip!
Or purchase a Catshead apple tree from Rippon Lea to mark the occasion!
Matthew Flinders, explorer, navigator, author and faithful servant to his cat Trim, was pupped on this day in Lincolnshire.

1787 - The (rabble was rousing) First Fleet was gathering at Mother Bank off the Isle of Wight.

1791 - The first bush blocks land grants were made to free men ie those without either type of ball and chain.

1826 - saw the establishment of the Australian Subscription Library, which morphed into  the Sydney Free Public Library which in turn became the State Library of NSW.
Go and celebrate at a library today!
Or at least return those overdue books.

1836 - Down in Tassie a wooden tramway was completed where convicts hauled the trucks between Port Arthur and Norfolk Bay.
Lucky buggers, think of the stunning views they could have enjoyed!

1839 - William Hamilton a Presbyterian Minister appointed by the Presbytery of NSW wrote,
" The Aboriginal natives are not very numerous yet a few are found everywhere. I believe they have very much decreased since the settlers with their convict servants came among them and they are likely to decrease, not that they are now frequently killed by the whites in these parts which have been for some years settled but because they have few children or at least few that are seen growing up."

1841 - Edward Davis, who was not the Messiah but just another naughty bushranger handing out his booty to the poor, was "hanged by the neck until he was dead". Yep, that'll do it!

1914 – Fourteen people died in a train accident at Exeter, New South Wales.

1928 - The Stony Crossing Railway Line was opened for its whole 63 kms from Murrabit (Vic) to Stony Crossing (NSW).

1932 - The first flashing light signal for road traffic crossing railway tracks was installed at Mentone in Moorabin Road.

1940 - Girls, steady yourselves!
Jockey Y fronts went on sale in NZ stores.

1949 -  A patronising paternalistic pat on the head to Aboriginals who'd served in the armed forces and allow them to FINALLY have the right to vote in their own country.

1949 - The 'esteemed' ASIO was established.
Ho, hum.

1961 - Monash University went into business of knocking knowledge into craniums when it opened its doors.

1963 - The 1963 petition was preceded by correspondence that recorded the community's concern for their land. Narritjin Maymuru, Wandjuk Marika, Mawalan Marika, Jurriny and Munggarawuy Yunupingu wrote to Superintendent Rev. Wells collectively stating that all balanda were 'to keep out of Melville Bay, Cape Arnhem, Caledon Bay and Bremer Island' and that 'Notices will be placed at all those places proclaiming the areas as belonging to Aboriginal people'

1982 - 600 – 800 demonstrated against the Unsworth Bill outside Parliament House.

1982 - The Homosexual Law Reform Coalition NSW holds a public meeting at Paddington Town Hall to protest against the failure of law reform.

1983 - Constable Bourke, Victoria Police, died whilst on duty.

1984 - The Quarantine Station at Sydney Harbour was closed as an operational maritime quarantine facility.

1988 - Constable Zucchetti, NSW Police, died whilst on duty.

1988 - Constable Burns , NSW Police, died whilst on duty.

1999 - The Leichhardt Women’s Community Health Centre hosted Getting Pregnant, Lesbian Style.

1999 - was officially launched on this day.
And a bloody good site it is, too.
You Kiwis should be damn proud of it.

2000 - Bill Gray, a.k.a. Land Turnip, a fixture at almost all of Sydney’s drag community fund raisers, died from a heart attack, aged 36.

2005 - Abolition of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission
 Parliament passed the ATSIC Amendment Bill, repealing provisions of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 1989 (Commonwealth) and thereby abolishing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission and its structures from 30 June 2005

2008 - Today was the 14th straight day for Adelaide residents to sizzle like a sausage in temps over 35 degrees.

2008 - HMAS Sydney and German cruiser Kormoran were finally found off the West Oz coast.

2011 - Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation released the video FMG’s Great Native Title Swindle showing Fortescue Metals Group head Andrew Forrest addressing a remote Pilbara community meeting. The video showed how powerless and unsupported Aboriginal people are when negotiating with a multibillion-dollar corporation. The video caused big waves in the media.

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