Monday, March 19, 2018

March 19 On This Day in Australian History

1790 - HMS (His Majesty's Ship) Sirius was popping over to Norfolk Island with a bite to eat when it had a nasty mischief on a reef and went belly up.

1803 - Laurence Dempsey was Hanged for feloniously entering the house of Thomas Neal of Richmond Hill.

1836 - Marvellous, wonderful and simply splendid David Scott Mitchell was pupped today. Mitchell spent most of his life and a small fortune collecting Australiana, which he donated to the NSW State Library on his death. Old Four Hours was the nickname the hansom cab drivers gave him due to his habit of spending 4 hours every Monday searching through second hand book shops.

1839 - Land prices plummeted and the locals upped sticks and decamped... settlement began at Port Lincoln.

1839 - Honey bees were landed upon Kiwi soil for the first time.

1840 - Thomas Whitton was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of John Hawker and arson at Oak Park, Crookwell. Whitton had earlier murdered John Kennedy Hume, brother of the explorer Hamilton Hume.

1849 - George Waters Ward was Hanged at Maitland for the murder of Richard Connolly (or King) at Muswellbrook.

1852 - Adelaide was rolling in it after the first gold escort rocked into town from the Mount Alexander goldfields with over 5,000 oz of the glittery stuff.

1856 - The very first secret ballot in the whole wide world happened in Victoria because the pollies had Secret Mens Business to deal with.

1856 - The Victorian Railways Department was created as part of and by the Victorian Government...and no, they weren't crocheting sardine cans with shoe-horns, why do you ask?

1858 - The Newcastle Branch Railway Line (NSW) was thrown open for the shunting business of train travel.

1858 - Edward Cardana (alias John Nelson alias Michael Ferrara) was Hanged for the murder of John Armstrong at Long Gully.

1866 - At the ripe old age of 20 years John Dunn danced his way into the great wide beyond at the end of a rope for taking up bushranging with Ben Hall as a career move.

1866 - James Jones was Hanged at Ballarat for the murder of Dr Julius Saenger, committed at Scarsdale.

1894 - Ernest Knox was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Isaac Crawcour whilst in the act of burglary at Williamstown.

1904 - The inaugural Henley-on-Yarra boating race was held in Melbourne, what-oh, to be won by the august Ballarat team.

1907 - At Bonnievale in Westralia miner Modesto Vareschetti was trapped in a flooded mine for 9 days. He was eventually rescued by Frank Hughes who had repeatedly brought him food in a diving suit.

1913 - The recently departed original singing cowboy Smokey Dawson was born today. A friend of Ned Kelly's family and a resident of St Vincent's Boys' Home in Sth Melbourne, Herbert Henry (nee Brown) Dawson lived a remarkable life.

1923 - The North Coast Railway Line (NSW) was available for all steamy locomotives to begin trundling along its tracks.

1932 - Big Jack Lang finally got his own way and officially opened the Coat Hanger aka Sydney Harbour Bridge after Francis de Groot had cantered over it on his trusty charger and slashed the fancy red ribbon with his handy-dandy sword.

1951 - Parliament dissolved 
The Governor-General granted a double dissolution of both houses of parliament. He held that the Senate’s action in referring the Commonwealth Bank Bill to committee was a ‘failure to pass’ the Bill. This was only the second double dissolution of the parliament, the first being in 1914.

1964 - The Meringur to Morkalla Railway line (Vic) closed and for which I am STILL not speaking to that fool!

1969 -  Some newbie Sydney band called Sherbet debuted at the New 2UW Spectacular at Brookvale Oval.

1976 - The Aboriginal Embassy was re-established by the National Aboriginal Consultative Committee (NACC) in the home of retired army colonel, Mr John Moloney, 26 Mugga Way, Red Hill, ACT, to protest Coalition Government cutbacks to Aboriginal organisations and the threat to abolish the National Aboriginal Consultative Committee (NACC).

1979 - Crawford Productions began filming on the short-lived aircraft soapie Skyways. Starring former helicopter pilot from Skippy Tony Bonner with Tina Bursil, Gaynor Martin( now Mrs Glen Wheatley), a rather young Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, Skyways failed in takeoff.

1979 - Melbourne: The Full Bench of the Arbitration Commission grants maternity leave for all women in private industry in a test case by the ACTU

1985 - The ABC’s Four Corners program screened a full hour report on AIDS.

1988 - Openly gay, former Young Labor President, Paul O’Grady was elected to the Legislative Council.

2013 - As part of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival (MQFF) and its 35th anniversary celebrations, the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives  pulled the slide projector out from under the bed and invited some of its special friends to share some of their most precious queer historical pics at  MQFF Festival Lounge (Beer Deluxe), Federation Square, Melbourne.

2015 - Thousands of people rallied in cities and towns around Australia protesting against the planned closure of around 150 remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.

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