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March 2 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - Governor Phillip went for a casual stroll and did some naval gazing explored Broken Bay.

1829 - Daniel Brown was Hanged at Hobart for murder of a fellow-convict named Stopford at Macquarie Harbour.

1829 - John Salmon was Hanged at Hobart for murder of a fellow-convict named Stopford at Macquarie Harbour.

1839 - Joseph Redman was a greedy bugger when he applied to marry Frances Ann Nevin . The application was knocked back as the greedy bugger was already married with 7 children.

1840 - Patrick Leslie was a leader amongst men...or a drover amongst pastoralists when he drove the first mob of sheep overland from NSW to Moreton Bay.

1840 - The first competitive Agricultural Exhibition was held at Fordham's Hotel in Grenfell Street, Adelaide.

1850 - Mystery was the ships name but there was no mystery as to her fate; she struck a rock when the wind changed whilst sheltering under Swan Island, Tas. and her crew abandoned ship. During the following day the lighthouse keepers assisted the crew to salvage the cargo and much of the gear and fittings, before the Mystery broke up in a gale.

1851 - Excitingly the very first census of Victoria revealed that man had been successfully doing the horizontal limbo with the population hitting 77,345.
I have an idea how they were spending their free time....

1857 - Chu-Ah-Luk was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Ah Pat Campbell's Creek.

1860 - Stuart departed Chambers Creek on the first of his expeditions to cross from the south to the northern coast.

1860 - The Hall of Commerce was a large iron building in Watt St, Newcastle until it caught alight on this day and was consumed by the flames within an hour.

1863 - Const. Thomas Cavanagh (NSW) died whilst on duty.

1865 - The Jardine Expedition north from Carpentaria Downs to establish a settlement at Cape York named Somerset completed its 1,600-mile journey  after five months of peril and hardship, travelling over difficult country, and several clashes with the "blacks" [sic] without loss of human life. Twenty-one horses, the mule, and many of the cattle were lost.

1866 - Surprise by name and surprise by nature; the ship Surprise left the Gippsland Lakes for Melbourne on this day and was not seen again.

1884 - Pizarro was sailing from Barrow, England to Cooktown, Queensland with railway material; she passed Gabo Island, Victoria on this day and was never seen again.

1889 - Long Jimmy alias Jimmy Long, a Malay, was Hanged at Fremantle Prison for the murder of Claude Kerr on board a pearling lugger 'Dawn' at Cossack.

1891 - A group of (agitating busybodie)s colonial representatives had a knees up in Sydney to form the rules of the Aussie constitution. They tagged Sir Henry Parkes as the president.

1904 - The second parliament opened and closed with the same Prime Minister, but there were four changes of government and three different Prime Ministers between the 1903 and 1906 federal elections. This was the most unstable of Australia's 40 parliaments.

1916 - Sgt 1/C William Bowen (NSW) died whilst on duty.

1919 - The Main South Railway line (NSW) was opened.

1929 - More than slightly displeased with the reduction in their hard won wages, NSW coal miners staged a strike that lasted all through winter (brrrr) until June the following year.

1933 - The coastline of NSW felt the effects of a tsunami that had originated in Japan.

1942 - Sianta was sank after being torpedoed and shelled by a Japanese submarine 250 nautical miles west of North West Cape, WA. Forty of her crew of sixty-one survived.

1946 - A cyclone generated weather that caused damage to Cairns to Townsville some loss of life.

1949 - A major cyclone hit Gladstone, doing extensive damage to the town.

1955 - Const. McManus (WA) was killed whilst on duty.

1956 - John  (King) Kelly, half-brother to Ned, former WA policeman, WW1 ANZAC, and circus stunt rider died in Buenos Aires.

1959 - Standing around leaning on shovels wasn't allowed as work officially began on the Sydney Opera House, although the old tram shed at Bennelong Point had gone the way of the Dodo the year before.

1967 - Prime Minister Holt introduced legislation for a referendum to be held on May 27, 1967.

1971 - Radio station 8HA Alice Springs began broadcasting music.

1971 - Leadbeater's Possum was proclaimed the official animal emblem of Victoria, Australia.

1972 - The last RAAF flight out of Vietnam.

1972 - The first Australian Falcon, the Ford XA, was introduced.

1973 - Boyne was a work boat that was rammed and sunk by the dredge Sir Thomas Hiley at the mouth of the Brisbane River, with one life lost.

1986 - QEII put pen to paper and signed on the dotted line to cut some (but not all, of course) apron strings constitutional ties between Australia and Britain.

1987 - The first Aria Awards was held in Sydney but was not televised so therefore did not put anyone off their stroke.

1992 - The Gwabegar Railway Line (NSW) was closed.

1992 - Open Learning University began playing with peoples minds when it started broadcasting on the ABC TV.

1994 – A parcel bomb exploded at the Adelaide office of the National Crime Authority, killing Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Brown and injuring lawyer Peter Wallis.
Dominic Perre was charged but released due to lack of evidence.

1995 - Gay and Lesbian Teachers and Students split as two Executive Committees seek to take control of the Association.

1996 - John Howard became PM of Oz and put everyone right off the very thought of procreation.

1996 - The Oh So Fabulous Mardi Gras glittered its way through Sydney.

1998 - Channel 10 TV won its timeslot with a broadcast of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.

1999 - Dominic Davies, co-author of The Sexual Politics of Disability, presented a lecture on disability and sexuality.

2002 - The theme of the spectacular Mardi Gras on this day was Happy Mardi Gras!

2004 - And not a can of baked beans in sight...Cyclone Monty shared its lovin' with 210 kmph winds in Westralia.

2005 - A competition for the design of the National Police Memorial in Canberra was launched today.

2009 - In southern Australia rescuers used jet skis, backhoes and human muscle to save dozens of whales and dolphins stranded on Naracoopa Beach on Tasmania state's King Island. Rescuers refloated 54 whales and five bottlenose dolphins. A total of 194 pilot whales and seven dolphins became stranded the previous evening.

2010 - Today was Queensland's wettest day on record, with an area average of 32mm.

2010 - In Australia Seth Enslow, an American motorcycle stuntman twice, broke the world record for the longest distance jumped on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, sailing through the air near Australia's Sydney Harbor to shatter the previous 10-year-old record. Bubba Blackwell set the previous record with a 157 foot (47.85 meters) jump in Las Vegas in 1999.

2012 - Multicultural Affairs became a Ministerial portfolio, with Senator Kate Lundy being promoted to the position of Minister for Multicultural Affairs.

2012 - Sen Const David James Rixon (NSW)  died whilst on duty.
Posthumously awarded Commissioner's Valour Award.

2013 - Mardi Gras once again prettified the streets of Sydney with the theme of Generations of Love.

2016 - Pukumani poles, which tell a traditional Tiwi story about the creation of rituals to help the dead enter the spirit world, were restored and placed at the new Australian Centre for Indigenous Knowledges and Education.

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