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March 25 On This Day in Australian History

1789 - *gasp* 7 marines were charged with robbery from the food's not like they were on tiny rations and starving, now is it?!

1802 - The infamous NSW Corps was reduced in number and power to that of a Peace Establishment on this day.

1803 - Timothy Mulch was Hanged for feloniously entering the house of Thomas Neal of Richmond Hill.

1812 - Surveyor George William Evans took Young Bundle on the Lady Nelson to Jervis Bay. They walked to the Shoalhaven River and returned north through the bush, crossing the entrance to Lake Illawarra and passed through Kangaroo Valley.

1826 - On this day the Sydney Gazette & NSW Advertiser reported that ;
"His sable majesty, Bungaree, attended at the Police Office last week, by order of the Superintendent, and received instructions to warn his own immediate liegis, as well as the chiefs of other tribes, that rioting, drunkenness, and disturbing the quiet of the streets at night, would invariably be followed by the punishment of the tread-mill, or, confinement with hard labour. Bungaree bowed politely, promised to use every exertion to carry the orders of their Worships into effect, and retired."

1838 - Bobby Hoddle played 'Eeny Meeny Miny Mo' with a map and picked the site for Geelong.

1863 - Having nothing better to do with his time, John Jardine set up camp - and a settlement - on the tip of Cape York Peninsula dubbed Somerset...which was nothing like the original Somerset back in the Old Dart.

1874 - Queen Nellie Hamilton, a Ngunawal woman,  had her horse stolen whilst she was working as a cleaner at a pub in Ginninderra (NSW) and, although it was then on-sold, she succeeded in taking the man to court for return of the horse on this day.

Remember this gorgeous abode I posted back in 2009 as being for sale?
Alas, it is no more; the large block attracted the lesser-liked beast The Developer who crammed as many units upon the sod as one could.

1877 - The Australian Immigrants Friend, Caroline Chisholm (who will never be confused with any Aussie pollie) shuffled off this mortal coil in London.

 1878 - The City of Churches aka Adelaide reopened the new and improved model of the Theatre Royal
 in Hindley Street. The Adelaide Observer described the re-built and much larger Theatre Royal, costing £20 000, noting its saucer shaped ceiling and blue dome with gold stars. The dress circle had seats of white and gold with red plush, and in fact the whole theatre was far more luxurious than the one it replaced.
Fear not!
That luxury was not allowed to continue as, owing to age, cheap owners and an abundance of architectural arseholes the Theatre Royal was demolished to make way for a fecking car park.

1879 - The NSW Mungindi Railway Line was opened from Werris Creek to Breeza.

 1892 - Having changed the name from the "Hummer" to the "Worker" in September of that year those in charge of the "Worker" (The Australian Workers Union newspaper) decided to move house from Wagga Wagga to Sydney.

1894 - Finally the Perth choo-choo's had somewhere to stop when the Perth railway station was finished.

1900 – The SS Glenelg was wrecked off the Victorian coast, resulting in 31 deaths.

1904 -  Mary Frew was appointed Superintendent of the Reserve for Aborigines in South Brisbane.

1913 - Harry Butler was dropped off by the Bunyip in The Wild today.

1917 - Today in 1917 was to have been the day Daylight Savings was officially kicked to the kerb...until the following year when the Commonwealth dragged it kicking and screaming out of the cupboard for yet another year (due to WW1) then crammed it back in behind the really badly knitted cardigans from Aunty Gertrude until WW2 raised its ugly head.

Another beauty gone the way of the multi-unit apartment thingie that's as high as an elephant's eye - or possibly higher, we have yet to officially measure that distance.

1926 - On this day the Newcastle Morning Herald & Miners Advocate published a letter from William Thorpe who was beseeching all to appreciate the Aboriginal flakework found throughout the Newcastle region, and asked people to consider a museum exhibition to retain and protect this stonework.

1934 - Kitchen whiz and first home grown Aussie celebrity chef Bernard King was hatched today. 

1935 – An unnamed cyclone struck the northwest coast of Western Australia, killing 140 people.

1936 - Taswegians were able to retire their carrier pigeons at long last when the Apple Isle was connected to the rest of the nation by telephone.

1948 - The Macquarie Island ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition) Station was opened and has been merrily trotting along ever since.

1948 - A Yass Tribune-Courier editorial on this day stated that “Incredible as it may seem, a new location for the Aborigine’s Reserve in Yass has been selected without the discussion of the Municipal Council.”
It went on to say, “In short, the new location is surrounded by ideal residential building sites… Where is the residential part of the town to extend if the Aborigines’ Reserve is dumped right at the back door of the few remaining building sites in south Yass?”
The town was successful in that the relocation plans were halted; Hollywood continued as an Aboriginal reserve until 1955.

1954 - Our good Queen Lilibet aka Queen Liz Mark II, was in the midst of a tremendous whirlwind tour of The Fair Isle of Oz; today saw her in Port Lincoln (South Oz), then Renmark (South Oz) then off to Mildura (Vic).
The poor girl probably needed a cuppa tea, a Bex and a good lie down after all of that!

1965 - Victoria was prettified by Their Royal Highnesses, Henry, The Duke of Gloucester and Alice, Duchess of Gloucester following by a State Reception.

1966 - Today saw Our Good QEII aka HRH Queen Elizabeth II opening Flinders University in South Oz, along with her Mama.

1968 - A second royal commission into the Voyager disaster found that the commander of HMAS Voyager, Capt. Duncan Stevens, was too ill to command at the time of the accident. Full blame was  placed on the executive staff of the Voyager, although the commission conceded that the full story could never be known since all the bridge officers, including Stevens, died in the accident. The second report controversially overturned the findings of the first, which laid partial blame with the captain and crew of the Melbourne.

1987 - ACON extended its AIDS education policies and programmes into the general community.

1987 - The bean counters in power in Victoria closed the Williamstown to Williamstown Pier railway line.

1993 - GLRL transgender activist, Norrie-May Welby was expelled at a management committee meeting for twice publically criticising the Lobby.

1995 - Finally! 
We could all stop pushing the locos to Cranbourne when the Dandenong to Cranbourne railway line was electrified.

1999 - Virginia Bell was sworn in as a Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW.

2000 - After many years of lobbying for their own council, members of the Mapoon community elected 5 councillors to constitute an autonomous Mapoon Aboriginal Council under the Community Services (Aborigines) Act 1984.  After its establishment, the Mapoon Aboriginal Council became one of the trustees of the Mapoon Land Trust.

2010 - The Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service hosted a Family History Information Day in Albury. Joanne Taylor, Bringing Them Home Counsellor - Stolen Generations Support, organised the event to assist members of the local Aboriginal community in identifying services available for Indigenous family history research.

2015 -  Migration Amendment (Protection and Other Measures) bill passed Parliament. The new Amendment creates grounds to refuse a protection visa application when an applicant refuses or fails to establish their identity, nationality or citizenship; defines the risk threshold for assessing Australia’s non-refoulement obligations under certain treaties; and amends the framework in relation to unauthorised maritime arrivals and transitory persons who can make a valid application for a visa.

2017 - It was announced that two Aboriginal community leaders put in a bid to take over one of Sydney's most prestigious harbourside national parks at Watsons Bay, with the idea of turning it into an "all-encompassing indigenous experience".

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