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March 26 On This Day in Australian History

1768 - Lieutenant James Cook RN, at the behest of Britain’s Royal Society, left Plymouth aboard the barque Endeavour for Tahiti to observe the transit of Venus.
The Admiralty supplied Endeavour paying captain and crew so once Cook’s obligation to the Royal Society was satisfied he was free to open his ‘secret instructions’ and search for; ‘the British Admiralty’s shadowy Great South Land’.

1789 - Of the 7 soldiers charged with stealing from the stores on the previous day Marine Joseph Hunt, who it is thought instigated the plot, ratted. He turned ‘king’s evidence’ and escaped death. His six companions were ‘found guilty …death was a foregone conclusion.’
‘About half-past 2 o’clock they all Received Sentenced to Death and the gallows was erected before the Sentence was Cast upon them’.

1795 - Bennelong's mate, Bing-y-wan-ne, had a really rough day at the Brickfields when a Burramuttagal man from Parramatta Yeranibe Goruey clubbed him to death when he found Bing-y-wan-ne with his wife, Mawberry.

1802 - Having run out of people he could brown nose name things and places after, Matthew Flinders named Investigator Strait after...(drum roll)...his ship.

1803 - John Brown was Hanged for feloniously entering the house of Thomas Neal of Richmond Hill.

1803 - James Connors was Hanged for feloniously entering the house of Thomas Neal of Richmond Hill

1812 - The Lady Nelson with Captain Overhand and Surveyor Evans shot through from Sydney for Jervis Bay to carry out a land survey.

1834 - Joseph Deane – Bushranger. Hanged at Hobart.

1834 - Henry Rutland – Bushranger. Hanged at Hobart.

1834 - Samuel (a 'man of colour') – Hanged at Hobart for attempted murder at Port Arthur.

1838 - Joseph Wyatt was a former convict who'd made good and it was pretty obvious when he threw open the doors of the Royal Victoria Theatre in Sydney.

 1838 -  George Grey discovers evidence to suggest other Europeans had explored Australia's northwest hinterland prior to white settlement ; he discovered numerous Aboriginal cave paintings near the head of the Glenelg River. Some of the figures depicted seemed to be wearing long garments, with helmets or hats. Another cave held an unusual painting of a non-Aboriginal man's figure, over 3m long, wearing a flowing reddish gown. Theories suggest that these paintings were early depictions of Portuguese or Spanish mariners or priests who may have visited the area long before any European settlement on the western coast.

1839 - Aboriginal Protector George Robinson penned a letter to the Colonial Secretary on this day describing how,
 "...Melbourne was visited by a very large body of Aboriginal natives who were invited by the resident tribes to attend a conference".

1856 - The first inter-colonial cricket match was hosted at the MCG between NSW (Cockroaches) and Victoria (Gum Suckers) over two days with the Cockroaches winning by 3 wickets.
No, they are state nicknames, like Banana Benders for Qlders, not the team mascots!

1857 - John Giles Price, Inspector General of Penal Establishments in Victoria had a really bad day; so bad, in fact, that he never recovered from it.
While investigating complaints lodged by convicts, who'd been dragged ashore from the prison hulk Success, working at Gellibrand Point at Williamstown Price was battered severely with rocks, stones, dirt, fists and a shovel and died the following day.
While 15 convicts were tried for his murder,  7 were hanged.

1863 - Henry Manns, Bushranger. Hanged at Darlinghurst for his part in the highway robbery of the gold escort at Eugowra Rocks. An associate of the Ben Hall Gang.

1866 - Barcroft Boake, a stockman who was a wonderful poet greatly admired by Banjo Paterson, Henry Lawson and countless other peers, was born.

1879 - After lying on the side of the railway for four years the bridge over the River Murray at Edward's Crossing, known these days as Murray Bridge, got tickled into shape and was officially opened for both rail and road traffic today.

1885 - The Blayney - Demondrille Railway Line (NSW) opened from Young - Demondrille.

1900 - William Robert Jones was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for murdering eight-year-old Rita Jones at Broadford.

 1904 - The Aboriginal Girls Home in South Brisbane was proclaimed a reserve for the benefits of the Aboriginal inhabitants of the state.

1909 - Chap who performed with gay abandon upon stage and screen and who was outed at Graham Kennedy's funeral, Chips Rafferty, was pupped.

1926 - The Barnes (NSW)  to Balranald Railway Line (Vic) was opened.

1927 - The Duke and Duchess, sans corgis, who later became King George VI and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mum, arrived on their rollerskates in Sydney on a visit to all Aussie states.

1934 - The Flying Doctor Service announced that it will expand from Queensland into Western Australia.

1945 - Alexander Rossi, a pharmacist who you've probably never heard of, was finally released from orders controlling his movements which included being held behind barbed wire in the Loveday Internment Camp, then the Aliens Construction Corps, then as a medical orderly in Alice Springs and reporting to police every month.
His crime?
 "He expressed pro-Axis views and associated with Italians."
Although he'd come to Oz as a child he was refused naturalisation as he was under 21, and, in turn, was refused enlistment in any Australian forces as he wasn't naturalised, and was under constant surveillance after trying to enlist.

1947 - The Banana Benders got all classical when the Queensland Symphony Orchestra made its debut performance.

1956 - The "Intercapital Daylight" commenced running from Melbourne - Albury.

1962 - Golden haired radio personality John Laws took his golden tonsils to the hospital as he was paralysed down his right side from polio.

1966 - The Bible Garden, at Palm Beach,  was officially opened at a ceremony performed by the Hon Mr Justice Richardson.

1974 - Ruth Dobson was appointed as Australia's envoy to Denmark, becoming Australia's first woman ambassador.

1977 - Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II unveiled plaques at the Civic Centre to commemorate those that lost their lives in Cyclone Tracy.

1979 - Canelands Shoppingtown, Mackay, was officially opened by QLD Deputy Premier Dr. Llew Edwards.

1982 Aussie PM Malcolm Fraser fell off (the twig) a bench in the Treasury Gardens in Melbourne. Never mind Malcolm -Life wasn't meant to be easy.

1984 - Today we all rejoiced for we had the $100 note in circulation.
It's rumoured to have Douglas Mawson on it...let me know if you ever sight one.

1985 - The President of the Victorian AIDS Council, Phil Carswell, warned of the possibility of antibody apartheid developing in the gay community, where “negatives” would shun “positives” if widespread testing is encouraged and enacted. He recommended that instead of testing, all gay men should assume they are positive and practise safe sex

1986 - The Bombala Railway Line in NSW was closed.

1987 - The State Government dismissed the Sydney City Council.

1988 - The first Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was held, previously it was titled Gay Mardi Gras.

1988 - The Rock Hudson radio show on 2RSR-FM ceased after 18 months on air.

1992 - Bruce Brown and Tony Carden had charges against them for causing malicious damage (anti-racist graffiti) outside Campaign’s offices, dismissed.

1995 - The Toronto Railway Branch Line (NSW) was closed.

1996 - A bronze statue to Captain Matthew Flinders' cat , Trim, was unveiled at the New South Wales State Library

1998 - The Sisters of Charity Health Service adopted an integration plan, handing over the Sacred Heart Hospice to St Vincents Hospital.

2001 - Obviously holding a grudge at being separated at birth for so long, the Cockroach (NSW) and Gum Sucker (Vic) State Cabinets held a joint meeting in Albury to not only observe the 150th anniversary of Victoria being cleft from the loving bosom of NSW but to weld the Albury and Wodonga Councils together.

2006 The long jump was over, the cycling was done, and the Pippy Longstocking Hurdling Your Grandmother While Crocheting A Duvet Race was complete when the 2006 Commonwealth Games finished in Melbourne with Oz winning a total of 84 gold, 69 silver and 68 bronze medals.

2015 - The Senate resolved to establish the Select Committee on the Recent Allegations relating to Conditions and Circumstances at the Regional Processing Centre in Nauru to inquire into and report on the responsibilities of the Commonwealth Government in connection with the management and operation of the Regional Processing Centre in Nauru.

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