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March 27 On This Day in Australian History

1789 - 6 of the 7 marines found nicking food stuffs from the food stores were done a nasty mischief and sent into the great beyond ‘at 9 o’clock [they] was Executed between the 2 store houses….There was hardly a marine Present but Shed tears officers and men’.
The circumstances of their crime was thieving on a grand scale over an extended period; ‘100 gallons liquor – old rum and Rio rum – 16 lb butter, a bag of bread, 8 lb leaf tobacco and 500 hundred weight of flour’.
The marines’ used counterfeit keys. Nothing held in the ‘public stores’, including smallpox dried scab-matter part of the fleet’s medical supplies, had been secure for quite some time.
 Quelle surprise that so many First Nations people had been killed off by smallpox.

Those marines hanged for food theft were -
James Baker
James Brown
Richard Lukes
Thomas Jones
Luke Haynes
Richard Askew

1790 - Governor Phillip reduced the daily ration from approximately 1400 calories to less than one thousand (1,000).
Semi-starvation sustained over such a long period ( since 1788) had so weakened the prisoners they could hardly stand let alone work effectively. Phillip ordered work begin at sunrise as usual but cease at 1pm. Instead of  weekly food distribution, rations were now to be doled out each day between 1pm and 3pm.

1797 - The first animal pound - which didn't include male elephants or panda porn - was opened at Sydney Cove to mainly house stray pigs (no, not the 2 legged AFL variety, either).

1804 - Wade no more, my good madam! A stone bridge across the Tank Stream had the final stone superglued into place.

1804 - The new settlement at Newcastle, comprising convicts and a military guard, rocked up at the Hunter River in three ships, the Lady Nelson, the Resource and the James.

1820 - The very first Russian Orthodox Easter service was celebrated in The Fair Isle of Oz on the ship Vostok which "was decorated with lanterns and festoons. The crew appeared on deck in full parade uniform and the ship’s chaplain, a Fr Dionysius, commenced the Paschal services of the Orthodox Church. Easter was greeted in traditional Russian style. After Divine Services a lavish meal was prepared, with Easter kulich bread and painted eggs. Official guests were invited from the colony to join the ship’s company and the merriment continued all day."

1833 - Start advertising for housing developers as Goulburn was gazetted as a town.

1837 - Saw the first flogging...off of the first land allotment under Preliminary Land Orders in South Oz. The Govt stated there had to be £35 000 of land flogged off before anyone could even think about starting a settlement, so these "preliminary land orders"  entitled the buyer to one town acre and one section of country land. The holders of these preliminary orders could take first choice of the land when it had been surveyed and trot off to the Resident Commissioner in the Land Office, to receive their title deeds or "land grants".
See? Simples!

1838 - Eyre may or may not have discovered Lake Hindmarsh in South Australia.
Or maybe Lake Hindmarsh discovered Eyre.
You be the judge!

1848 - And Kangaroo Point on the Brisbane River played host to an horrific murder on this day, that of Robert Cox; his body had been butchered and his bits distributed all over the shop.
Turns out they hanged the wrong bloke (surprise!) cos Patrick Mayne, a wealthy businessman and butcher by trade (thought that would've given it away)  confessed on his deathbed 23 years later.
His children, having been shunned all their lives, later donated the land on which the University of Queensland now struts.

1851 - Brilliant and prolific Aussie author Rosa Praed was found in the petunia patch today. Rosa found fame, fortune and her way out of the closet after her marriage and move to England.

1869 - The schooner Gulnare arrived in Darwin with stores and reinforcements for George Woodruffe Goyder, Surveyor-General of South Australia, for his job to survey and establish a settlement
and to survey 320 acre blocks for the Land Order holders and any future settlers.

1900 - Today Archibald Meston, Special Commissioner of Police and Southern Aboriginal Protector (QLD) wrote to the home secretary saying how he'd removed two Woppaburra women (each with a child) from Keppel Island to Fraser Island due to being taken advantage of by white men on boating parties from the mainland.

1912 - Australia introduced compulsory enrolment and, in 1924, compulsory voting.

1914 – Eighteen people died in the shipwreck of the steamship Saint Paul at Cape Moreton, Queensland.

1915 - Early closing of hotel bars in South Oz -  A referendum was held to determine the closing hours of liquor bars. This was done partly in response to restrictions placed on the sale of liquor in Britain, France and Russia as an austerity measure during the war. In this instance the concerted efforts of some churchmen and the temperance groups won the day, and the 6 p.m. closing time won the majority of votes.

1917 - Twas a Tuesday when The Prime Minister (Mr. Billy Hughes) had a rousing reception when he opened the Win the War campaign at Bendigo.

1917 - The Victoria Powers Wot Were really let their hair down in opening the railway line from Neerim South to Nayook.

1917 - Those young lads who joined the 1st Light Railway Operating Company,  2nd Section, (Australian Railway Troops' were sponsored by the Victorian Railways) in WW1 had farewelled dear old Melbourne town in February and were sailing to England when they were torpedoed by a sub and their ship sunk on this day at the entrance to the English Channel.
They went on to arrive at Devonport, England on April 25.

1930 - Brisbane and Sydney were joined by Holy Matrimony....err,  standard-gauge rail link.

1939 - The Wirraway, the first Aussie-built military aircraft, was test flown in Melbourne for the first time.

1943 -  RAAF No.84 Squadron moved from Richmond to Cairns.

1944 - The 2/2nd Australian Pioneer Battalion arrived in Townsville from south by troop trains, and left the same day for the Atherton Tablelands.

1944 - The Aussie Govt launched the first Victory Loan, one of 12 major Govt loans offered to the public, with the goal of raising £150 million for the War Effort.

1946 - RAAF No.20 Catalina Squadron disbanded.

1952 - The Federal Cabinet shook off a little of it's xenophobia by sending off a telegram to the Australian Mission in Tokyo announcing it would approve the admission to Oz of some Japanese wives of Aussie servicemen and ex-servicemen, providing they jumped through medical hoops (no inherited sanity allowed, we had more than enough) and underwent stringent investigation ( enough reds under beds of our own) before setting foot on our shores.

1954 - The Victoria Powers Wot Were really stuffed up bigly when they closed the railway line from Nayook to Noojee.

1981 - Oooooooooo Bust out the bubbly! The ABC got a prezzie...a brand-spanking-new news helicopter.

1983 - PM Malcolm Fraser resigned as leader of the Liberal Party...but fear not! He went on to dazzle the masses without his trousers afterwards.

1985 - The "Gays in Victorian History & Gay History of Victoria" project was initiated as a response to a request from the Museum of Victoria that the Australian Gay Archives might be interested in contributing to the "Story of Victoria" Exhibition that the Museum was planning as part of Victoria's 150th Birthday Celebrations.

1985 - The first ever Stinky rotten egg Unleaded petrol was on tap at a Chatswood service station in Sydney.

1986 - The federal Minister for Health, Dr Neal Blewett launched AIDS and the New Puritanism by Dennis Altman.

1986 - The cowardly Russell Street Bombing took place today in Melbourne,killed was 21 year old Constable Angela Taylor with 21 others injured .

1991 - Gays and Lesbians of University of Technology Sydney (GLUTS) held its first meeting.

1992 - Lang Hancock, who was pretty much larger than life while he was alive, was enshrined in Aussie folklore after his death today due to the biatchin' and scratchin' that went on over his estate and will between his widow and daughter.

1995 - Gay and Lesbian Assault Survivors created a forum to share information and support.

1999 - The Carr NSW Labor Party was re-elected. Clover Moore was the re-elected member for Bligh, defeating the ALP’s Vic Smith, gay Liberal candidate Peter Fussell and lesbian Green’s candidate Emelia Holdaway.

2001 - Company B Belvoir commenced a sold- out season of the Laramie Project, a new play about Matthew Shepard who was beaten and left to die in Laramie, Wyoming in 1998.

2001 - Feminist Eva Cox, addressed the first lesbian health forum, Stir It Up put on by ACON and the Lesbian Health Interagency Network.

2004 - Independent Bligh MP, Clover Moore iwa elected the Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney.

2006 - WorkChoices
The final element in the restructuring of industrial relations initiated by the Workplace Relations and Other Legislation Amendment Act 1997 was introduced – the WorkChoices policy. This restructuring had also replaced the former Commonwealth Employment Service with a competitive market of private employment service businesses.

2009 - Const Morgan James Hill, NSW Police, died whilst on duty.

2013  - Australia’s longest road bridge, spanning the Macleay River and surrounding floodplains in New South Wales, was opened to traffic.

2015 - An opinion poll conducted by ANU found that 82 per cent support for removing race discrimination from the constitution.

2017 -  The Archives' Nick Henderson hosted the panel following a screening of Wind & Sky
Productions' 'Out of the closets' (2016) as part of Melbourne Queer Film Festival. The panel included
filmmaker Lucinda Horrocks, and three of the gay liberation figures who featured in the documentary,
Dennis Altman AM, Peter McEwan and Jude Munro AO.

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