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March 3 On This Day in Australian History

1772 - French explorer, Capt. Marion du Fresne of the Mascarin and Marquis de Castries, sights Van Diemen’s Land where a party goes ashore, one Aborigine is shot and killed, others wounded.

1799 - Torrential rains broke the drought with the Hawkesbury River busting its banks and flooding the grain stores.
Typical; either feast or famine with the water in Oz!

1816 - Not liking the cut of their jib, aborigines killed off 4 white settlers near the Nepean River, NSW.

1818 - Hamilton Hume and James Meehan set out to find an overland route from Sydney to Jervis Bay.

1827 - Having something to say and determined to be heard G.T Howe started publishing the Tasmanian newspaper in Hobart.

1828 - Several deaths from whooping cough occurred for the first time in Sydney including the death of Gov Ralph Darling's son.

1837 Rejecting syphilitic John Batman and the names Batmania and Bearbrass (goodness knows why?!) the powers that were curried favour when The City of Melbourne was named after William Lamb, British Prime Minister and second Viscount Melbourne.
Sidenote-Melbourne in Florida, USA was named in a competition by a former Melbournian after Melbourne, Australia.

1840 - The first race at Flemington was off and racing.

1840 - The first sale of wool by auction in Australia was held in South Australia on this day.

1842 - On the corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Street (the site of the then Melbourne Cattle Market in fact but better known as The Queen Vic Market) the fledgling The Agricultural and Pastoral Society of Australia Felix held its first show.....which was deemed a failure due to the lack of resources in such a young colony and another event was not held until 6 years later when farmers ran amok with ploughing races on the banks of the Moonee Ponds Creek.

1854 - Australia's first telegraph line was opened.

1869 - William Lanne, supposedly the last Tasmanian Aboriginal male, died on this day.His death sparked a scramble for his remains and his body was mutilated in the morgue prior to burial.

1876 - Dockworkers in sunny Qld were granted an 8 hour work day so they could spend more time (fishing, surfing and playing beach cricket) with the family.

1885 - A contingent from NSW to fight in the Sudan departed from Sydney.

1891 - Ah Chi alias Li Ki Hong, Chinese, murdered Ah Gin, Chinese, at Daliak, York.

1891 - "One people, One destiny" was adopted as the slogan for the call for federation by the National Australasian Convention in Sydney.

1897 - A liquor licence was granted to the Renmark Hotel and it became the first community owned hotel in the Commonwealth and was administered by a trust.

1911 - Feeling like a change of pace, Palmerston became known as Darwin.

1933 - A major national cancer conference warned that people should stay out of the sun or wear some kind of protection if they had to be out in it.

1934 - Bondi Surf Club opened a new Clubhouse opened in style.

1942 - A Japanese destroyer shelled Direction Island in the Cocos group of islands.

1942 - Broome, in Westralia, was bombed by Japanese aircraft , which resulted in many of the women and children being evacuated from the town, then the Japanese went on to bomb Wyndham.

1942 - A DC-3 took off from Java transporting civilians being evacuated and a box of diamonds. This DC-3 arrived over Australia during the Japanese air raid on Broom where it was hit by gunfire and the port engine was set on fire. During the attack two of the passengersdied from bullet wounds. The damaged DC-3 force landed intact on the beach at the north side of Carnot Bay, roughly 60 miles north of Broom.

1943 - A Soviet embassy was established in Canberra and an Australian diplomat was posted to Moscow.

1945 - HMS Illustrious became the first ship to use the newly completed Captain Cook Graving Dock at Garden Island Naval Base, Sydney, NSW.

1946 - Eight died in flooding across north Queensland.

1949 - Aboriginal People gained the right to vote in Commonwealth elections...but only if their state/territory laws allowed it or if they were returned servicemen.
To be seen to be doing a great deal when there's bugger all being delivered at all.

1949 - Harold Blair, Aboriginal activist and marvellously talented tenor, announced his engagement to Dorothy Eden. They met at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music where both were taking singing lessons.

1950 - Qantas Empire Airways commenced a Sydney - Tokyo commercial air service.

1954 - Australia claimed the Australian Antarctic Territory via a 2 shilling blue stamp based on a photo taken on this date.

1966 - Gough Whitlam narrowly survived an attempt by the executive to expel him from the Labor Party after he criticised the Federal Executive over its opposition to government funding for church schools.

1967 - Liza Minnelli got hitched to Aussie singer Peter Allen.

1969 - 103 years of Morse Code on Victorian Railways came to an end with the final Morse Code transmission from Mildura to Melbourne on this day.
Message was probably something like "milk and two sugars stop and a couple of bikkies please stop ohhh some of that home made midera tea cake would go down a treat stop a foot rub would be nice, too stop I don't suppose your mother made scones again did she? stop jam and whipped cream would be delish stop hello? hello? HELLO????".

1971 - In Darwin the T&G Building on Smith Street was officially opened by the Hon H.C. Chaney CBE AFC.

1976 - Senior Const. Kevin John Laube, Victoria Police, died whilst on duty.

1978 - Former Governor-General Sir John Robert Kerr resigned from his new appointment as Australia's ambassador to UNESCO in Paris on the day he was supposed to have taken up the post. The resignation followed an outburst of public disapproval over the appointment.

1983 - The Socialist Homosexual Conference Planning Collective was first listed at Surrey Hills, NSW.

1983 - The Commonwealth Minister for Home Affairs and the Environment announced payments to twenty scuba divers for recognition of the help they provided towards protection of Australian maritime heritage.

1990 - The Bombala Railway Line (NSW) was closed.

1990 - Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby organised a march to protest against the rise of anti-gay violence

1997 - The Holiday Inn opened on The Esplanade in Darwin.

2001 - The Sydney Mardi Gras was dancing through the streets to the theme of Out There, Everywhere.
 The lead float was titled Behind the Pink Picket Fence and was intended to send a strong political message about gay and lesbian parents and their children.

2006 - The NSW Supreme Court approved an out-of-court settlement offer made by the Immigration Department to the family of Shayan Badraie, a five-year-old boy who was detained for one year in Woomera and six months in Villawood between 2000 and 2002, resulting in severe psychological trauma. A $400,000 compensation payout was made for the psychological harm he suffered.

2007 - Sydney's Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras was shimmering in style, the theme was Objects of Love.

2008 - A new study by the National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinic Research estimated that HIV infection rates could rise 73 percent in Victoria and 20 percent in Queensland by 2015 if current trends continued. Rates in New South Wales were predicted to decline.

2010 - ACON calls on the Government to introduce rapid testing for HIV following disturbing survey results from a study in Queensland which showed that there are still a proportion of men who remain unaware that they have contracted the virus.

2012 - Mardi Gras in Sydney was adored near and far to the theme of Infinite Love.

2012 - Thousands of Australians were ordered to evacuate their homes in Sydney's northwest and elsewhere in New South Wales state as heavy rainfall flooded rivers and waterways.

2014 - The United Nations' highest court banned Australia from making any use of documents it seized from a lawyer working for East Timor in an arbitration case over a multibillion-dollar oil and gas deal between the two nations.

2015 - Ghillar Michael Anderson, leader of the Euahlayi people and ambassador of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, wrote an open letter to the United Nations in which he stateed that the proposed closures of remote communities were to open up the land for mining.

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