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March 30 On This Day in Australian History

1772 - Bonjour! The Fair Isle of Oz was annexed by France by Monsieur Louis de Saint Alouarn. At Baie de Prise de Possession ("Bay of Taking Possession"; later Turtle Bay), Dirk Hartog Island on 30 March 1772, Officer Jean Mengaud de la Hage became the first European to formally claim possession of Western Australia, on behalf of King Louis XV whilst St Aloüarn himself remained aboard the ship.

Ainsi, cher lecteur, nous devrions par des droites parler français, mai oui ?!

1791 - William and Mary Bryant, while on the run in the guv's boat they'd pinched, went ashore at current-day Newcastle and discovered coal. But, being on the run, they couldn't really shout their discovery to the hill tops.

1791 - Convict James Ruse was given the first land grant in the colony of New South Wales.

1804 - Charles Menzies (known to his mates as Chuckle-head Charlie...or maybe not) made his grand entrance on the Hunter River to re-establish some small settlement named Newcastle.

1809 - HMS Porpoise anchored in Sullivans Cove on the Derwent at Hobart. Governor David Collins boarded Popoise to welcome Governor Bligh. Mary, who suffered severe sea-sickness left the ship for more comfortable quarters in Government House, while Bligh elected to stay with his ship.

1816 - Tired of looking at the retro wattle and daub artistic architecture around the joint, Governor Macquarie appointed Francis Greenaway as the Government's official civil architect.

1827 - Earl Bathurst was an obsessed avid hoarder collector of stuff so he founded the oldest "publick" museum in Oz in 1827, the Australian Museum.

1850 - Dear, favoured British author Chas Dickens was a keen-as-mustard fan of Caroline Chisholm who assisted immigrants once their tootsies landed upon the shores of the Fair Isle of Oz so he published a pile of letters on this day in 1850 in which Brit emmigrants had scribed to support ballsy Caroline's commonsense organisation.

1856 - Residents of East Maitland, NSW were finally able to hang up their broomsticks as the railway line to Newcastle was opened for business.

1857 - The Main North Railway Line (NSW) was flung open with gay abandon from Islington Junction to Victoria Street, and from Islington Junction to Civic.

1870 - Harry Redford (aka Captain Starlight) and 4 mates nicked 1,000 head of cattle and overlanded them 2,400 kms from Qld to South Oz opening up the Strzelecki Track.

1871 - One of the famed Aboriginal cricketers who toured England, Johnny Cuzens, died but the Melbourne Cricket Club was too pissy and refused to contribute the 6 pounds needed for his burial.

1874 - The very first mention of the name of Gembrook was published in The Argus in relation to a government auction offering land for sale in the parish of Gembrook approximately 7 miles north of Pakenham.

1899 - On this day in 1899 Miles Franklin posted off her manuscript to Angus & Robertson.
Who rejected it.
My Brilliant Career was eventually published by a Scottish firm when Henry Lawson took it overseas with him.
My Brilliant Career has outlasted Angus & Robertson *snort*

1904 -  Walter E. Roth was appointed Chief Protector of Aboriginals in Queensland with Parry-Okeden remaining Protector for all districts in his capacity as Police Commissioner.

1914 - Norfolk Island was proclaimed a Commonwealth territory.

1920 - The Collah Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Craboon to Coolah.

1932 - The Grey Street Bridge was pronounced open in Brisbane although inhabitants of that city might know it better as the William Jolly Bridge.

1935 - Samuel, a Thursday Islander, was non-fatally injured on his back by an unprovoked shark attack while diving for Trochus shell off the coast of Mackay.

1942 - Knowing how to kick us where it hurt the most, food rationing for the most important food groups, tea, sugar and butter, were introduced.

1961 - Clyde Buttery got up close and personal with a 2.4 metre Bronze Whaler shark that took his entire catch, lacerated his knee and tore his wet suit as it brushed past him as he spearfishing in the Glenelg Breakwater.

1965 - George Johnston won the Miles Franklin Award for his novel My Brother Jack.

1966 - Ronald Ryan was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. His accomplice Peter Walker was found guilty of manslaughter.

1967 - The Gurindji People occupied part of Wave Hill Station in the NT in the first mass civil disobedience act.

1967 - A charity variety show was held in the Regent Theatre, Adelaide, to mark its closure for major renovations and alterations. These alterations reduced the grand theatre to two small cinemas with the foyer, including the marble staircase, and stalls lost to create a shopping arcade. Since then a further small cinema has been incorporated into the complex.

1970 - To celebrate the Bicentenary of Jimmy Cook, the Queen and her mob , sans Princes Andy and Eddie, saw our lights on and thought they'd pop in for a cuppa beamed down from the Mothership.

1971 - South Australian Premier Steele Hall temporarily banned all ABC staff from government buildings. The ban was a reaction to alleged "editorialising" by Adelaide TDT host Clive Hale, who had raised an eyebrow when he announced that a government minister had declined to appear on the show.

1985 – Sallyanne Atkinson was elected as Brisbane’s Lord Mayor, the first woman to hold the post and the first woman Lord Mayor in Australia.

 1985 - The Cherbourg community elected 5 councillors to constitute an autonomous Cherbourg Aboriginal Council.

1987 - Filed under "it would only happen in Hollywood".... Paul Hogan gave the opening speech at the 59th Academy Awards in Hollywood. Pffft, that's not a speech, now this is a speech!

1987 - Grantley Butcher was surfing at Fourth Beach/Twilight Beach in WA when a 2 - metre Bronze Whaler shark lacerated his calf.

1987 - An editorial in the Sydney newspaper, Mirror, decided that they knew better than scientists when they began calling for a return to fidelity, faithfulness and to the sanctity of marriage as ways of limiting the spread of AIDS. *Insert eye rolling exasperation here*

1991 - A sex worker with HIV, Sharlene, appeared in NSW Central Court charged with assaulting and attempting to cause a policeman to contract AIDS, after police attended and broke up an argument she and her boyfriend were having in a hospital.

1993 - Submission to Parliamentary Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee re: Review of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 from Gay Men and Lesbians Against Discrimination (GLAD).

1996 – Gluttons for punishment Victoria re-elected the Liberal/National coalition government of Jeff Kennett for a second term.

2000 - A 26 year old male was bitten on his left calf whilst swimming at Main Beach, Gold Coast by a 2.5 metre shark.

2006 - Researchers in Australia's Outback launched a test flight of a supersonic jet designed to fly 10 times faster than conventional airplanes.

2006 - Australia's remote northwest shore was lashed by 80 mph winds as Cyclone Glenda made landfall. There were no immediate reports of substantial damage.

2007 - The military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay convicted Australian detainee David Hicks for providing material support for terrorism. Hicks accepted a plea deal in exchange for a maximum sentence of seven years in an Australian prison.

2007 - Leaked extracts of a UN report said Australia will suffer more droughts, fires, floods and storms due to global warming and its famous Great Barrier Reef will be devastated by 2030. Congratulations! We managed to decimate the Great Barrier Reef in record time!

2008 - Daylight Savings was extended for 1 week so everyone in NSW, Vic, Tassie, South Oz and the ACT could all have sleepy cows and faded wallpaper.

2009 - Downtown Sydney, Australia's largest city, was plunged into chaos during the late rush hour when a power cut blacked out traffic lights, caused gridlock on the roads and left tens of thousands of buildings in darkness. The blackout exposed a flaw in the city's terrorism warning system.

2009 - The Federal Court made the largest native title determination in South Australia’s history when it regognised rights of the Adnyamathanha people to land in and around the Flinders Ranges.


2010 - Australian media groups and sports bodies signed a code of conduct aimed at ending years of disputes and boycotts over press coverage of major sporting events.

2012 - Australian artist Tim Storrier won the 91st Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney for his painting “The Histrionic Wayfarer (after Bosch)." The Archibald Prize is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious art prizes.

2012 - The Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Immigration Detention Network released its findings. Key recommendations included a 90-day time limit on detention for asylum seekers who pass inital identity, health, character and security checks; the publication of reasons for continued detention beyond 90 days; the replacement of the Minister for Immigration as the legal guardian of unaccompanied minors; using detention as a last resort for the shortest practicable time; and allowing the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to review negative ASIO assessments of refugees and asylum seekers. Yep, nice to see how they were ignored.

2015 -  $1.3 billion native title deal between the State Government and Noongar people is expected to go ahead.

2016 - A male surfer was severely injured on his thigh by a shark whilst surfing off Bombo Beach, NSW.

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