Monday, March 5, 2018

March 5 On This Day in Australian History

1803 - Australia's first fish and chip wrapper newspaper, The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, was born, published by George Howe.

1804 - Castle hill, Parramatta and surrounding areas were declared a bogan paradise under martial law as The Battle of Vinegar Hill was fought between rebelling Irish convicts and NSW Corps.

1804 - Phillip Cunningham, the convict leader of the Castle Hill Rebellion. Summarily hanged on the steps of the government storehouse at Greenhills (today's Windsor).

1823 - Drovers rejoiced at the news a droving road between Richmond and Newcastle was open for business.

1824 - The heavy hand of the law arrived in the form of the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Francis Forbes.

1829 - The last survivor and mutineer of the Bounty mutiny, John Adams, died aged 62.

1832 - Patrick McGuire was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of fellow convict Matthew Gallagher at Moreton Bay.

1854 - The St Vincent de Paul Society was born.

1865 - At Wascoe's Inn in the Blue Mountains on his way to Sydney to seek redress for his dismissal from the NSW Police Force, Police Inspector Sir Frederick William Pottinger accidentally shot himself in the upper abdomen while boarding a moving coach, an injury from which he died the following month.

1868 - Six nurses trained by She Who Must Be Obeyed Flo Nightingale, including Lucy Osburn, set foot on Aussie soil, with Lucy Osburn credited with later founding Aussie nursing.

1875 - Victorian Premier Harry Lawson was pupped at Dunolly.

1883 - Palmerston Town Hall opened on Smith Street, Darwin.
Destroyed by Cyclone Tracy, now only the remains at both ends are visible.

1887 - During the Burketown cyclone, Sergeant John Ferguson’s wife kept a lamp burning in the window of the courthouse and her beacon drew many people to the refuge during the storm.

1922 - Train services from Flinders St to Oakleigh (Vic) were electrifying.

1922 - Train services were electrified from Caulfield to Glenhuntly (Vic).

1928 - The railway line from Fawkner to Somerton (Vic) reopened.

1954 - Today marks the date Percy Buttons, a street performer from Perth, popped his clogs. Percy was an acrobat who lived on the streets and earned a pound or 3 by entertaining the passing crowd with his tumbling skills.

1958 - Some 200,000 people attended a music festival in Elder Park (South Oz). The festival was staged to celebrate the visit of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. The Queen arrived at the Park on a flower decorated barge. The official party viewed the proceedings from the Rotunda. The sound stage was filled with 1500 choristers, representing 144 choirs; there were 500 orchestral musicians and four pipe bands. As part of the evening's entertainment a pageant of decorated boats passed down the lake, amongst them a swan chariot, golden carriage, river steamer, gondolas and a royal crown.

1958 - The Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Woodville (South Oz) was officially opened by the Queen Mother who unveiled a portrait of Queen Elizabeth in the foyer.

1970 - A small group from the Humanist Society and the Council of Civil Liberties attempted to form a Homosexual Law Reform Committee.

1972 - The last Australian logistic units left Vung Tau and Australia’s commitment in South Vietnam returned to a training role with the 150-man Australian Assistance Group, Vietnam (AAAGV) and the AATTV.

1975 - TV host Graham Kennedy performed his infamous "crow call" during a live advertising segment on his night-time variety show (Faaaaaaaaaaark). The incident resulted in a flood of complaints and outraged newspaper headlines. After the complaints were investigated by the Broadcasting Control Board, Kennedy was banned from appearing live on TV for an indefinite period. He quit the Nine Network soon after over the network's censorship of criticisms he made of Media Minister Doug McClelland's lack of support for stronger Australian content regulations.

1983 – The ALP, with Bob Hawke as leader won with one of the biggest parliamentary majorities in Australian political history.

1986 - The NSW Anti-Discrimination Board’s conciliation officer, Greg Tillett was elected ACON President, replacing foundation president, Lex Watson.

1987 -  The inaugural Police and Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Committee meeting  took place at William Street Headquarters, co­chaired by Chief Commissioner S.I. Miller and NHW State Committee Chairman Tom Newman .

1989 - The Australian AIDS Memorial quilt was hung as a backdrop for the AIDS Trust Stars of the Australian Opera benefit.

1990 - The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission began work. It was the result of a merger between the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and the Aboriginal Development Commission.

1994 - Sydney's Mardi Gras was frothy and frilly to the theme We Are Family.
 Among the events were ‘Pride and Prejudice’, the first gay and lesbian exhibition held at the Australian Museum; and ‘Looking Good’, the first Aboriginal gay and lesbian visual arts exhibition, held at Boomalli Aboriginal Artists’ Co-op.

1995 - An Australian yacht broke in two and sank in heavy wind and fierce winds off the Southern California coast, the first sinking in the history of America's Cup racing; all 17 crew members were rescued.

1995 - The ABC telecast the coverage of the SGLMG parade on Sunday. It included personalities, Julian Clary, Elle McFeast and Julie McCrossin.

 2004 - Hybrid Cyclone caused waves to 14.2metres that were recorded off Stradbroke Island. Severe flooding from Sunshine Coast through Brisbane to Gold Coast.

2005 - Prince Charlie began a tour of The Shaky Isles with the most *shocking* incident to happen was when 2 brazen hussies were uneconomical with themselves and  bared their boobs at him in protest after a mis-reported objection by the Prince to a topless Aborigine dance across The Ditch in Oz.

2005 - No nekkid ladies or lads at the Sydney Mardi Gras even if the theme was Our Freedom, Your Freedom.

2008 - Australia cancelled a one billion dollar (930 million US) contract for US-made Seasprite helicopters following a review of the troubled project.

2011 -  Hundreds of thousands of revelers crammed inner Sydney streets for one of the world's premier gay and lesbian parades, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras which was themed Say Something.

2012 - New South Wales officials said Muslim women will have to remove veils to have their signatures officially witnessed under the latest laws giving state officials authority to look under religious and other face coverings.

2012 - Today was the earliest date couples could legally recognise their partnership in Queensland, as the Civil Partnerships Act 2011 came into effect the previous month.

2016 - Sergeant Geoffrey Richardson, NSW Police, died whilst on duty.

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