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March 9 On This Day in Australian History

1787 – Dear Diary.....In Portsmouth, England, Lieutenant Ralph Clark began journalling the voyage of the First Fleet and the early years of British settlement.

1798 - John Wilson led a party including Henry Hacking to present-day Goulburn. According to Judge-Advocate David Collins he was "a wild, idle young man who preferred living among the natives to earning the wages of honest industry".

1804 - William Johnson, Convict, a principal along with Phillip Cunningham participated in the Castle Hill Rebellion. Executed at Castle Hill, then hung in chains (gibbeting).

1804 - John Neal , Convict who participated in the Castle Hill Rebellion. Hanged at the Government Farm, Castle Hill.

1804 - George Harrington, Convict who participated in the Castle Hill Rebellion. Hanged at the Government Farm, Castle Hill.

1807 - John Macarthur had 2 illegal stills imported, which weren't for producing tea and crumpets, so they were marked for immediate deportation.

1812 - John Gould mA soldier of the 73rd Regiment of Foot. Hanged in Sydney for the murder of Margaret Finnie, the wife of a fellow soldier.

1826 - The Letters Patent was issued in London to form a Church and School Corporation, giving the Anglican Church the status of an established religion in New South Wales with the right to vast areas of Crown land and control of the school system.

1830 - Standing around bragging about who's nag was the fastest was getting predictable so those in Launceston put their money where their mouths were and formed the Cornwall Turf Club, which held its first gee-gee race today.

1835 - Sir Thomas Mitchell shot through from Sydney for an exploratory trip down the Bogan and Darling Rivers.

1836 - He who would not let a drop pass his lips, temperance campaigner John Tawell ordered *sob* 600 gallons (or for the metrically minded souls, 2,271 litres) of the good stuff rum *sob* to be emptied into Sydney Harbour. *sob*
Pickled herring was on the menu for many a month afterwards.

1845 - Thomas Mitchell poured out his heart to his diary that his expedition party ‘had followed the well-beaten paths of the natives during the whole of this day’s ride, and most anxious my guides and I to see them; but they avoided us’.

1856 - Determined not to let the South Oz populace enjoy their scarce spare time from hard work, an election was held for the very first South Oz parliament.

1857 - Hobart was ever-so-gently lit by gas light.
The sort of gas we tear farmland apart for...not the baked beans kind.

1870 - Maria Smith shuffled off to Buffalo this mortal coil today. You might know her better as Granny Smith who lent her moniker to a green apple.

1870 -  Splish, splash I was takin' a bath.....Gympie's first recorded flood reached a height of 71 feet (21.64m).

1878 - Cyclones damaged the town of Cairns, Qld.

1880 - Newly created Pioneer Divisional Board (later Pioneer Shire Council) met for the first time.

1886 - The South Coast Railway Line (NSW) was opened all the way to Waterfall.

1886 - The Royal National Park Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened all the way to...guess?! - The Royal National Park !

1902 - British New Guinea was passed, like a parcel, to Australia but the Govt played coy and didn't formally accept this little trinket until 1906.

1903 - Cyclone Leonta damaged Townsville, Qld, 10 died.

1909 - Blessing those who flew kites with keys in thunderstorms, the electric tram service began scooting around Adelaide.

1909 - The Endeavour, an Australian-built hydrographic survey vessel, was the Commonwealth’s first seagoing ship. Its research work included locating fishing grounds off the east coast and in the Great Australian Bight.

1910 - Mitchell Library, Sydney, opened.

1924 - Const James Flynn, NSW Police, was shot by an escaping prisoner.

1928 - The Armidale Teachers College, NSW, was established.

1928 - Sergeant Alexander Mark, WA Police, was shot in the line of duty.

1937 - Construction began on the University of Queensland buildings, St Lucia.

1940 - The coal strike went national.

1949 - The Council for Industry and Scientific Research (CSIR) was re-organised (don't you just love a good reorganisation?)  and extended as the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

1951 - The High Court said Pig Iron Bob Menzies' Govts' Communist Party Dissolution Act was very naughty and suggested he should learn to share his toys.

1955 - The Powers That Be won again through general apathy and ceased the Hamilton to Balmoral (Vic) train passenger service.

1966 - Australia's immigration laws were relaxed to allow non-European residents to apply for citizenship after five years instead of 15 years.

1967 -  Johnny Young headlined the 3CV Spectacular at the Capital Theatre, Bendigo.

1974 - Prince Philip and Earl Louis Mountbatten began a two-day visit to Darwin.

1974 - Changing their hemlines along with their title The Country Party became The National Party.

1979 - The right to six weeks of unpaid maternity leave was granted to Australia's working women by the Arbitration Commission.

1980 - The Lambda Radio CB Group held a Forum with speakers from community and business and the Anti-Discrimination Board at the Acceptance Centre 46 Oxford Street.

1982 - Enactment of Australia’s first Freedom of Information Act.

1982 - The Gay Rights Lobby (GRL) and the HLRC held a public meeting and reported on the results of lobbying against the Unsworth bill.

1984 - The title deeds for the Cummeragunja Reserve land passed to the Yorta Yorta people through the newly created Yorta Yorta Land Council. Today, many Aboriginal families reside on Cummeragunja.

1987 - The demon of homophobia was exorcised from Darlinghurst Police Station by the Sisters of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence before it was closed and incorporated into St Vincents Hospital.

1995 - Oh look, even more apathy saw another railway line shut for good with the closure of the Maffra to Stratford Junction (Vic) track.

1996 - A public rally was organised by the Aboriginal History Committee (AHC) to protest against the planned demolition of the historically significant Cyprus-Hellene Club building, the site of the 1938 Day of Mourning protest.

1997 - Cyclone Justin I. Large cyclone but stayed offshore. Mackay wave station recorded peak wave measurements at 8.45 meters. Some wind damage around the Whitsunday Group.

2000 - Telstra Dome was open for boring the pants off tourists business in the even bigger eyesore Docklands area, in some bizarre alternate reality Melbourne.

2001 - Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know, an exhibition that covers 100 years of Lesbian, gay and transgender history in NSW opened in the Fountain Court of the NSW Parliament House.

2006 - Harry Seidler, the Austrian-born but beloved Aussie architect, passed into the great scale of beyond.

2006 - The Balranald Railway Line (NSW) was kicked off the Chrissy card list when it was closed from Caldwell to Moulamein.

2013 -  Lodge Kirrawee commissioned an oil painting of Bungaree, to represent the Indigenous person on their crest,  which was unveiled on this day with an Aboriginal smoking ceremony conducted by Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison and a welcome to country by Mr Bursill.

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