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April 1 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - Some time during this month dingoes gave up their date with Tom Cruise for a roast lamb dinner of 1 ewe and 5 lambs at Farm Cove.

1790 - Things were crook when daily tucker rations were reduced even further at Sydney.

1794 - He who had his finger in every spot of unrest and his nose in everyone's business, MacArthur was given a pressie of another 10 acres at Parramatta.

1796 - To control the sale of grog Governor Hunter issued the first 10 licences to pubs...and no, it wasn't an April Fools' Day joke!

1817 - Further repressive measures follow the Cataract River slaughter. Macquarie forbids armed Aborigines to appear within one mile of any settlement carrying warlike weapons including ‘Spears, Clubs, or Waddies’. No more than six Aborigines may ‘lurk or loiter’ near any farm and assemblies for ritual battles are ‘wholly abolished’.  He outlaws 10 Aboriginal men ‘well known to be the principal and most violent instigators of the Late Murders’. They are Murrah, Myles, Wallah (alias Warren), Carbone Jack (alias Kurringy), Narrang Jack, Bunduck, Kongate, Woottan, Rachel and Yallaman. A reward of £10 is offered for anyone bringing any of them in, dead or alive.

1840 - The Fighting Waterholes Massacre .
 A hunting party of employees from nearby Kononwootong Station massacred a party of 60 + Aboriginal elders, women and children. The bones of those who were killed were buried in the embankment wall of the creek, but were uncovered one hundred years later in major floods. The remains of those who were massacred have since been reburied.
It was the second massacre inflicted on the Konongwootong gundidj clan by the Whyte brothers in their first two months of occupation of Konongwootong station.

1843 - The more things change, the more they stay the same...The Bank of Australia failed miserably.

1846 - The executive Council in Sydney voted Port Phillip District off the island to be separated from NSW.

1857 - The brig Sea Bell was wrecked off Fraser Island and the only survivors were a woman and 2 kids who had to holiday there for 2 years before they were rescued.

1876 - Captain John Mason, of Belfast in Victoria was getting his knickers in a twist having eyeballed the Mahogany Ship at Warrnambool and not finding it since so he penned a letter to the Argus newspaper.

1877 - Standing on Thursday Island some smarty poo bum thought it would enhance the tourist value by turning it into a coaling station for steamers so they humped the Qld settlement of Somerset off to the holiday isle.

1885 - Oh to pop back in time to have the coal dust and smoke smell in my hair! Steam trains began running their little wheels off between Adelaide and Victor Harbour.

1886 - Fairy tale of the day, boys and girls, is how once upon a time, starting today, people could travel by train from Melton to Pawan station!

1897 - Jandamarra, the aboriginal warrior who stole a number of guns and led his followers in attacks against European settlers, was killed.

1897 - The Mungindi Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Narrabri South Junction to Moree.

1897 - The Walgett Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Narrabri West Junction to Narrabri North Junction.

1908 - The Wanganui Herald pronounced that the South Oz Premier, Mr Price, had apparently seen the light and sang the praises of chickybabes who both voted and who were gracing parliament with their presence

1921 - After gaining a reputation for military prowess in WW1 the very first AIF was disbanded.

1921 - Flinders Naval Depot HMAS Cerberus, usually found down on the Mornington Peninsula on days ending in Y, was officially opened on this day.

1937 - The first Police-Citizen Boys' Club opened in Woolloomooloo to help boys get off on the right foot in life. Read more about the clubs HERE.

1938 - A new monthly newspaper, Abo Call, which focused on Aboriginal rights, began publication today.

1938 - Opening of Mackay Fire Station in Alfred Street by QLD Premier and Mackay Local Member William Forgan Smith.

1939 - Adelaide's horse tram, which transported horses to the Morphetville Racecourse, was stopped after 9 years, although the line remained open (as it does today) for the 2 legged passenger services.

1944 - The Platina to Walhalla railway line was closed.

1946 - A tsunami that originated when the Aleutian Islands had a case of the hiccups washed, rinsed and lathered the coastline of NSW.

1947 - The Woomera rocket range is established in South Australia as a testing site for British and Australian missiles.

1948: Citizen Air Force fighter squadrons formed; Four squadrons - No 21 (City of Melbourne) at Laverton, No 22 (City of Sydney) at Schofields, No 23 (City of Brisbane) at Archerfield, and No 25 (City of Perth) at Pearce - were raised on this day to fill the intercept fighter role for the RAAF.

1955 - Hobart in Tassie joined the Dark Side when it became the first Aussie city to introduce parking meters.

1956 - Prankster Barry Larkin tricked the Mayor of Sydney into accepting a fake Olympic torch during the 1956 relay.
The fake torch was actually made of a wooden chair leg that was painted silver and had a plum pudding can on top.
The flame was created by a pair of kerosene soaked underpants.
It took the major some time to realise the torch was a fake.

1969 -  Thomas Keneally won his second consecutive Miles Franklin Award for his novel Three Cheers for the Paraclete.

1970 - Australia's This Day Tonight ran a segment about the "Dial-O-Fish," a new electronic fishing rod that could be set to catch any desired species. A "fishing expert" demonstrated how to use the device. First he dialed up garfish, and soon had caught half a dozen. Next he dialed up tommy ruff. Hundreds of viewers reportedly called in wanting to know where to buy one, and a Japanese manufacturer declared it was ready to go into production immediately.

1971 -  Shooters reported seeing a half-naked white woman living among the kangaroos on the Nullarbor Plain. The story made international headlines and was supported by grainy footage of a woman wearing only a few strategically placed kangaroo skins.

1973 - Mushroom Records was launched with the release of McKenzie Theory's album Out Of The Blue, the first Australian all-instrumental rock album, and The Great Australian Rock Festival, a triple album chronicle of January's Sunbury Rock Festival.

1975 - Television program ‘A Current Affair’ reported that the Opera House was sinking, and interviewed various experts about plans to save the building. Viewers were reassured that life jackets would be offered at future performances.

1978 - Dick Smith used a barge to tow an iceberg, from Antarctica, into Sydney Harbour where he promised to carve it up into ice cubes and flog them off for 10 cents each. Everyone was sooooo excited....until the rain washed away the shaving cream foam.

1987 - Get out your tissues, people who grew up in the '80's, as today was the last day of filming that great soapie which gave us Pat the Rat, Sons and Daughters ( or, in the school ground vernacular "Slappers and Slaughters" ).

1987 - The Australian Stock Exchange Limited (ASX) was formed on 1 April 1987, through incorporation under legislation of the Australian Parliament.

1999 - Dominic O’Grady left the position of Editor of the Sydney Star Observer.

2000 - The Metropolitan Community Church took possession of its new home at 96 Crystal Street Petersham. Originally built as a church in 1940, the building recently housed the Mastertouch Piano Roll Company.

2003 - The Sydney Morning Herald reviewed Species restaurant in their Good Living supplement. This unusual dining establishment allowed diners to sample animals featured on the World Wildlife Fund's endangered list. Among its specialties: braised slices of hairy nosed wombat, yellow spotted tree frog kebabs and Sumatran Rhino steaks. The owner of the restaurant was named April Phewell. The next day the paper received numerous letters from outraged readers who thought the restaurant was real.

2005 - 97.3FM Radio Station in Brisbane, Australia told listeners that the Brisbane River is shining blue which is caused by a rare movement of the moon, causing high tides and the sea water to run upstream to the river to give it clean blue water.

2005 - Australia and NATO signed an agreement to cooperate in the fight against international terrorism, weapons proliferation and other global military threats.

2006 - Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in Australia for a visit aimed at finalizing a uranium supply deal and speeding up free trade negotiations between the two nations.

2008 - An Australian court charged a Vietnam Airlines pilot with smuggling millions of dollars in drug profits out of the country. Quoc Viet Lai (58,) faced 40 counts of money laundering after allegedly taking 3.7 million dollars (3.4 million US) out of Australia between June 2005 and June 2006.

2016 - The Today Show targeted Richard Wilkins today with a fake new report on all New Zealand born Australians having to pay a one off 10 per cent superannuation levy to the NZ government.

2016 - LGBT newspaper announced that the Australian  Christian Lobby leader Lyle Shelton was appointed guest editor of the Star Observer.

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