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April 12 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1790 - One Thomas Halford aka Orford , a black convict charged with stealing some potatoes from a marine officer’s garden. As Orford explained to the court, he had lost his own meagre ration and was so hungry that when he saw the potatoes he could not help himself. He was found guilty of stealing 3 pounds of potatoes valued at one shilling & six pence.  He was sentenced to 2,000 lashes.

1816 - During the punitive expedition to the Appin and Airds districts (in retaliation of an earlier murder of Europeans by Indigenous people) a number of Aborigines came forward unarmed, but the names of two, Yallaman and Battagalie, were found to be on the wanted list of so-called "hostile natives" supplied to Captain Wallis by Gov Macquarie. Settlers named Kennedy and Hume quickly reassured Captain Wallis that Yallaman and Battagalie were harmless and innocent. Hume even lied, claiming he had seen the Governor erase their names from the "wanted" list.

1816 - Victorian Premier of the future, poet, writer and convicted seditious pot-stirrer, Charles Duffy, was pupped.

1826 - Can't get a good housemaid, ladies?
Fear Not!
The Female School of Industry has just this day opened in Sydney to train girls in the Domestic Arts!
Order yours today!
But Wait!
There's More!
Order 2 or more maids and we'll throw in a free set of steak knives!
Yes, steak knives!
Even though there's nothing to eat with the steak knives they can be used to hack your way through the wood for the stove, to carve a new window above your non-existent hand basin or perhaps try cutting yourself a new pair of boots out of hubby's old saddle.
So, hurry on down to the Female School of Industry where we have sentenced imported our very own operators to take your call!

1827 - In retaliation to an earlier killing of 2 Europeans by Aboriginals "...several persons assisted by a small party of soldiers made immediate pursuit.” “…in the affray not less than 30 of the blacks were shot dead; and that such was the powerful strength of the tribe, that the assistance of the Military was called to the spot where the skirmish took place, in the rear of Mr David Murray’s farm, at the Elizabeth River.”
Another settler later recorded the incident in his memoirs: “Having seen their fires in a gully near the River Macquarie, some score of armed men, Constables, Soldiers and Civilians, and Prisoners (convicts) or assigned Servants, who fell in with the Natives when they was going to their Breakfast. They fired volley after volley in among the Blackfellows, they reported killing some two score…..”

1835 – The convict transport George III sank in D’Entrecasteaux Channel, 139 male convicts drowned.

1841 - The Supreme Court of Melbourne flung open its doors and paraded a plethora of wigged and gowned chappies down the decades.

1844 - Election of office bearers of first Illawarra Agricultural and Horticultural Society.

1847 - Famed artist S.T Gill climbed down a ladder and captured the copper miners hard at work in the Burra mines of South Oz when he completed 'Neales's Stopes, Burra Burra Mine, April 12th 1847'.

1850 - Kanyin was hanged at Redcliffe for the murder of Yadupwert at York - the first public execution in WA for inter se murder.

1851 – Between 7 and 12 April, four ounces of gold were won at what would become the township of Ophir, New South Wales – the first payable gold to be won in New South Wales and in Australia.

1893 - The Canterbury Railway Loop closed (VIC).

1893 - The Fairfield Park to Riversdale Railway Line (VIC) closed. F
airfield Park-Deepdene reopened for spoil trains during construction of Flinders St - Collingwood line during 1900

1895 - The townsite of Moora was gazetted;The name Moora is believed to have been an adaptation of an Aboriginal name for a well about 3/4 of a mile due west of the Moora Post Office - Moira Well.

1901 - Prime Minister Edmund Barton and his cabinet decided to base the new Commonwealth Parliament at Parliament House in Melbourne. Alfred Deakin was instrumental in this choice as he lobbied to retain access to the Victorian Parliamentary Library which he had used for 20 years as a Victorian MP.

1905 - Koori woman and former bushranger Mary Ann Baker died at age 70. Mary Ann had previously been associated with Captain Thunderbolt aka Fred Ward.

1910 - Today was a red letter day for Bell’s Parade, as it was on that day that a meeting convened by Mr L. E. O. Ready, and held in the old Library room, decided to form the Latrobe Improvement Association which has worked steadily ever since to make the Parade one of the best known beauty spots in Tasmania and even the Commonwealth.

1915 - The North Coast Railway Line (NSW) from Taree to Wauchope was opened.

1915 - Andrea Sacheri alias Joseph Cutay was hanged for the murder of 11 yo Jean Bell at Marrinup, near Dwellingup, on 12 January 1915.

1918 - Battle of Hazebrouck, Western Front

1924 - HMAS Australia was sent to the bottom of the ocean in accord with the disarmament agreements following WW1.

1928 - A Royal Commission was appointed to inquire into the control, management, working and financial position of the Victorian Railways.

1929 - Missing aviator Charles Kingsford-Smith was located, but would-be rescuers Bobby Hitchcock and Keith Anderson died in the process.

1936 - The Presbyterian Church purchased Ernabella Station in South Australia for the purpose of establishing an Aboriginal mission.

1941 - The ANZAC Corps was reformed in Greece, during WW2, by General Blamey.

1948 - A Referendum (as opposed to a postal plebiscite) was officially announced into
*Rent and Prices" to give the Commonwealth permanent power to control rents and prices.
Not carried.

1951 - Determined to keep our youth trained to kill in peace time the first call-up notice was issued today for National Service Training.

1961 - Absolutely gorgeous and wildly talented Aussie comedian,Magda Szubanski, blessed the cabbage patch in which the stork dropped her.

1962 - The Southern Aurora train chugged out of the starting blocks in Sydney on its inaugural sight-seeing trip to Melbourne, becoming the first through-train passenger service between the 2 feuding capitals.

1964 - The Wayside Chapel in Sydney, for all of those who need a little assistance handling Life, was born on this day with help from the Good and Great Rev. Ted Noffs.

1974 - Federal Minister for Health announced a national conference ‘next year’ to discuss the health of Aborigines and their situation in each state. Minister Everingham stated that:
"The idea for this Workshop arose from a meeting held in Canberra in August 1973 to discuss Aboriginal Medical Services. The delegates at that meeting made it clear that there were many deficiencies and problems facing the medical services and these needed to be resolved as soon as possible."

1974 - Excitingly Victoria Railways adopted the name VicRail for trading.
A rose by any other name....would still run its trains late unless it wet the bed each morning at sparrow fart.

1978 - Darwin Reconstruction Commission officially closed down.

1979 - Mad Max the movie was released.
Pray he's still out there....

1981 - "Charlie is my darling, my darling, my darling " is not a song you will hear devoted to Prince Charles but someone, somewhere may have a hummed it a little on his visit to Australia.

1994 - Following an investigation a report was tabled in QLD Parliament on this day regarding The Westbrook Youth Detention Centre which was then closed in June 1994.

1994 - Record breaking Rugby League player, Mal Meninga, concluded his illustrious career, leading Australia to a 74-0 win over France at Beziers. Meninga  was born in Bundaberg of South Sea Islands descent. As captain he played 45 Tests for Australia,

1999 - ANZ Internet Banking was launched.

2013 - The Western Australian government replaced the word ‘Indigenous’ with the word ‘Aboriginal’ in their official documents, and also changed the “Department of Indigenous Affairs” to the “Department of Aboriginal Affairs”.

2014 - The Framlingham Aboriginal Reserve , 24 kms from Warrnambool (VIC) , held its 150th Anniversary Celebration.

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