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April 16 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1788 - Governor Phillip and his party were having a stickybeak about the Fair Isle of Oz when they became the first known Europeans to see Aboriginal rock carvings at Manly Cove.

1816 - The horrific Massacre at Appin (NSW) began on this day when word came through to the soldiers charged with "rounding up the hostile natives" that a group of Dharawal people were camped near Broughton's farm at Appin. Investigating at 1am (17th April) the soldiers heard children crying at the camp before the dogs roused the sleeping Aboriginals who leapt to their deaths over the cliffs while others were shot by soldiers.

1819 - Thomas Ray ,  John Jones and Thomas Smith were hanged at Sydney for highway robbery.

1827 - While it is not possible to give the exact number of each tribe of blacks in the (Gosford) district, says a letter of April 16 1827, there are five tribes viz., the Mial or Broken Bay tribe, the Tuggerah Beach tribe, the Wyong tribe, and the Narara and Erina tribes. The three first as well as I am able to judge consist of about fifteen each and the two last of about ten each, being in all about sixty five men, women and children.

1831 - Government Order published, prohibiting the importation of preserved heads of New Zealanders.
News I'm sure gladdened the hearts of Kiwis.

1834 - Joseph Greenwood was hanged at Hobart for cutting and maiming, with intent to kill, Constable Terry.

1838 - William Bean, farm servant aged 27, tried in Kent. Dark brown hair, brown eyes; blind in left eye. Absconded from W. Cox.
You can stop looking, Bean was found and returned to the loving ? care of his boss.

1849 - The steamer ship "Thistle" sprung a leak near Spectacle Island.
The irony of the name prickles even at this distance.

1867 - Denis Murphy was hanged at Ballarat for the murder of Patrick O'Meara at Bullarook.

1868 - Again in QLD there was undoubtedly cream sponges, shortbread bikkies and the obligatory Iced Vo-Vo passed about with gay abandon when the railway line from Dalby to Ipswitch was done and dusted today.

1873 - The naval chap turned policeman turned explorer Colonel Peter Egerton Warburton suffered from Itchy this was not Rampaging Footrot but merely the urge to go trotting about the vast continent called Oz he didn't bother with any over-the-counter creams.
Instead he set off for a stroll from Central Australia today to have a Captain Cook for an overland route between here and being Alice Springs and there being Perth.

1876 - Remember them thar Fenians who were plotting and planning the escape of their compatriots from the drear Fremantle Gaol back in 1876?   Well, they'd parallel parked their ship the Catalpa between Rottnest and Garden Islands on this day - being Easter Sunday way back when - and successfully effected the escape of the political prisoners on Easter Monday (17th April) and probably had a proper knees up on board to celebrate.

1876 - A letter from a miner dated "Upper Palmer River April 16, 1876", describes his camp at a place known locally as "Blackfellows creek". He explained, leaving very little doubt as to its appearance, that: "…To my enquiry as to why it was so named, the answer is that not long since 'the niggers got a dressing there' – whatever that may mean; possibly a bright coloured shirt apiece, for decency's sake. There have been, certainly, 'dressings' of another sort dealt out in this part of the country to the blacks,…. Be that as it may, however, the Golgotha on which we are at present camped would well repay a visit from any number of phrenological students in search of a skull, or of anatomical professors in want of a 'subject.'"

1880 - Them thar kids were gonna git themselves some learnin' when the NSW Govt introduced compulsory schooling for 6-14 year olds.

1883 - The Administrator of the WA colony and the Attorney General cooeed members of the Legislative Council to  meet on this day, where Stephen Parker asked that Colonial Secretary table papers relating to Robert Fairbairn who had sentenced 29 {Aboriginal} Murchison men to excessive terms of imprisonment on Rottnest Island. While his action was lauded by some it still remained illegal so to make amends the Legislative Council adopted a Natives Convictions Validity Bill to retrospectively to validate the sentences.
Parker, however, reminded them that magistrates throughout the colony had been illegally sentencing Aborigines to three years in prison and he hoped that ‘philanthropic’ efforts would be made to release all those illegally sentenced. In the months that followed, 23 men from the Gascoyne, 15 from the Upper Murchison, three from York and one from Roebourne were granted an early discharge ‘by special warrant'.

1891 - Ah Chi alias Li Ki Hong, Chinese, hanged at Fremantle Prison for the murder of Ah Gin, Chinese, at Daliak, York, WA.

1907 - Learnin' was happenin' in a big way in the bush with the first 2 agricultural schools opening their doors for business in Sale and Warrnambool.

1910 - The University of Queensland was pupped today waaay back in the Dark Ages of 1910 to the joyful squeals of those what got learned proper stuffs.

1920 – In South Australia, the town of Hummock's Hill was renamed Whyalla.

1924 – John Gunn and Phillip Collier become Premier of South Australia and Western Australia, respectively, following Labor Party victories in two state elections.

1962 - The "Intercapital Daylight" rail service between Melbourne and Albury had its last Broad Gauge and its first Standard Gauge run on this day.

1962 - Last Broad Gauge run of "Spirit of Progress" and the first Standard Gauge run of "Spirit of Progress" (VIC) .

1962 - First run of "Southern Aurora" rail service between Melbourne and Sydney.

1965 - The Horsham to Goroke (VIC) rail passenger service was kicked to the kerb with passengers expected to use their trusty broom-sticks.

1966 - Bob Dylan & The Band performed their second show at Sydney Stadium.

1968 - Don Dunstan's first term as Premier of South Australia came to an end when he lost the election to the Liberals under Steele Hall.

1969 -  Federal Opposition leader Gough Whitlam pledged that, if elected, a Labor government would abolish university fees and replace them with a system of needs-based scholarships.

1970 - The English Royal family visited Mackay briefly. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip arrived at Mackay Airport and traveled through the city having a reception at the Holy Trinity Parish Hall before driving to the Harbour prior to embarking on HMAS "Stuart" to meet the HMS "Britannia" near St. Bees Island.

1972 - Bendigo trams sailed down the streets for the last time, with masses of people lining the streets and massed pipe bands piping them from Quarry Hill and massed brass bands leading them from Eaglehawk.

1973 - A newly formed Melbourne band, Skyhooks, played their first gig at St Jude's Church Hall in Carlton.

1996 - Environment Minister Senator Robert Hill stated that the Federal Government had an electoral mandate to proceed with plans for the mining of uranium at Coronation Hill within the world heritage listed Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

1997 - Families, Youth and Community Care Minister, Kev Lingard, said he has wanted to resolve the issues related to the Aborigines Welfare Fund since the Coalition came to government in early 1996. “The Aborigines Welfare Fund has been frozen since late 1992”, he said. “Since that time there have been no transactions on the Fund, and interest on the yearly balance is paid into the Fund account.”

 2001 - The release of ‘Aboriginal Sydney’, a new book that brings to light Sydney’s hidden Aboriginal history.

2003 – The Australian Army's Special Operations Command begins a four-day chase of the North Korean ocean freighter Pong Su off the coast of Lorne, Victoria.

2004 - The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (“the Act”) commenced on this day in QLD. The Act binds all persons, including the State, and is intended to provide effective recognition, protection and
conservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage

2009 - An explosion on SIEV 36 near Ashmore Reef resulted in the death of up to five asylum seekers and injured 44 people.

2011 - The town of Bowen in Banana Bender Country (Queensland) was rockin' it old skool when a 5.3 earthquake hit town just as the ankle biters were let loose from school at 3.30pm.
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