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April 21 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1810 - When convicts and free settlers had a free moment they held the first recorded horse race in Oz, in Parramatta.

1830 - The NSW Bushranging Act allows the arrest of anyone suspected of being a bushranger. We could apply this to any politician today, so.....Bail Up!

1839 - William Duffell, a shepherd, was murdered on the bank of the River Torrens by a starving local Aboriginal Yerr-i-Cha.

1856 - Stone masons downed tools and stopped work on the Victorian Legislative Assembly (Oh goodness! Wherever will they change out of their wigs and garters?!) when their stone mason artist brothers, slogging their backs out on the Melbourne Uni, joined in the fun and marched on Parliament House. This was the world's first 8 hours day procession.

1856 - While South Australia had a horse-drawn railway operating at the mouth of the Murray River in 1854, the first line carrying steam powered trains opened on 21 April 1856 between Adelaide and Port Adelaide. It was built by the colonial government to the then Australian ‘standard’ gauge of 1600 mm.

1861 - Burke, Wills and Grey stumbled into Coopers Creek only to find they'd missed the depot party and then made the really bad decision to make for the appropriately named Mt Hopeless.

1864 - The foundation stone of the Launceston Town Hall was laid on April 21 1864, exactly a week after Hobarts.

1868 - Henry James O'Farrell was hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol for the attempted assassination of Prince Alfred Duke of Edinburgh.

1883 - G.E Morrison made his entrance into Melbourne after a casual stroll of more than 3,000 kms from Normanton in the Gulf of Carpentaria in 123 days.
Because he could.

1887 - The Wedderburn Junction to Wedderburn Railway Line (VIC) opened.

1887 - The Robbie Burns Statue was unveiled at Ballarat before a crowd of 15,000.
The statue of Burns and his dog, which cost one thousand pounds at the time of its commission in 1884, is believed to be the first statue constructed to honour a poet anywhere in Australia.

1897 - The (Warwick) - Hendon - Allora - Goomburra Railway Line (QLD) was opened for those deliciously gorgeous steam trains.
The little branch opened for business, the principal contractors, A. Overend and Company, having completed the section for the princely sum of £5,256 ($10,512). The first mixed train trundled down the light track to make the first of many connections with the main line. The contract for the construction of the Allora Station House, platform and Goods Shed was awarded to J. Garget.

1903 - By 1903, all was in readiness for the introduction of electric trams to Bendigo, and although the lines did not extend to Kangaroo Flat and White Hills as planned, the tramway was officially opened on this day.

1903 - Fredric Maillat, aFrench national, was hanged at Fremantle Prison for the murder of Charles Lauffer, at Smith's Mill, Glen Forest.

1917 - The foundation of the Imperial War Graves Commission, later named the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, was established today.

1918 - The Red Baron aka Manfred von Richthofen, the infamous skilled German fighter pilot, was brought down and killed by Australian ground troops. It shows the great respect his foes held for the Red Baron that British and Australian soldiers buried him with full military honours and sent a plane over German lines to drop a message notifying them of Richthofen's death.

1921 - First Rotary Club was banged together in Melbourne.

1922 - The hard working CWA, which is far more than just tea and scones, was created in Sydney as an initiative of the Stock and Station Journal.

1923 - The Argus (VIC) reported that New Electric Tramway For City. Horse teams played an important part in the preliminary clearing of the track for the new electric tramway that connected Collins street, by way of William street, with Dawson street, West Brunswick.

1925 - Royal Commission respecting the Bendigo sewerage authority established.
Cos one should always respect sewerage....

1937 - Royal Commission on certain matters relating to the State coal mine, Wonthaggi established.

1937 - The first ever conference of Commonwealth and State Aboriginal authorities had as its major resolution, under the general heading, ‘Destiny of the Race’,declared,
"That this conference believes that the destiny of the natives of aboriginal origin, but not of the full blood, lies in their ultimate absorption by the people of the Commonwealth, and it therefore recommends that all efforts be directed to that end."

1949 - Messrs G F Sinclair, A F Andrews and E R Ellen the London Transport Executive had been commissioned to advise on street transport in Sydney and Newcastle, and their report to the Premier on this day recommended the gradual but total replacement of trams by buses.

1953 - Vic Premier John Brumby was pupped.

1960 - Crow Eater Premier Tom Playford announced plans for a huge water storage dam on the River Murray, 37 miles upstream from Renmark, to be known as Chowilla. The dam was to have an earth bank 3.3 miles long and 41 feet high, with a 1000 foot concrete section built in a channel excavated across a bend in the river. The concrete section would incorporate a shipping lock and 18 flood gates each 41 feet high and 40 feet wide. The lake formed would be 60 miles long, with an average width of 7 miles, and in all would cover 400 square miles - 195 in New South Wales, 160 in Victoria and 45 in South Australia. The estimated cost of the project was approximately £9 million ($18 million). Later estimates suggested that the water would cover 530 square miles at a depth of up to 55 feet.
The Dam That Never Was.

1970 - WA wheat farmer L.G Casely declared his property as independent from the Oz Commonwealth, calling his patch of dirt Hutt River Province and himself Prince Leonard.

1976 - The Great Bookie Robbery happened, with bandits nicking off with somewhere in the region of $2 - $6 million of bookmakers dosh from the Victoria Club, in Melbourne.

1979 - Idiots saw to the demolition of the historic Bellevue Hotel in Brisbane. The locals vented their spleen over the destruction for months afterwards, with comedian Phyllis Diller adding her tuppence worth to the hooha...not that anyone was listening to the masses by that time.

1983 - The Mindil Beach Federal Hotel Casino was officially opened by the Hon Paul Everingham the Chief Minister of Darwin.

1987 - With the closure of the Willsmere Psychiatric Hospital at Kew (VIC) the first of the psychiatric patients from the old Willsmere hospital were admitted to Heatherton Hospital on this day.

1987 - Imparja Television gained the first Aboriginal television license in Australia.

1997 - The plight of gay kids in our schools was hammered home and the community stepped up.
School student Christopher Tsakalos returned to new high school in the Penrith region following a decision in his favour by the Supreme Court.

1998 - The Duke of Edinburgh commenced a five-day visit to Darwin.

2005 - An Adelaide University researcher says aerators placed in the Torrens River in recent years to control algal blooms are making the problem worse.

2006 - Leaked documents suggest the rate of illegal land clearing in New South Wales is the highest in the country.

2007 - Mining boom drains water sector of much-needed skills; A leading water expert says there is a serious skills shortage across all areas of water management in Australia.

2008 - Resources Minister Martin Ferguson announced that Australia had extended control of its continental shelf by nearly 1 million square miles under an agreement with the UN.
2009 - The Federal Government had promised to open a hostel for young Indigenous people near Halls Creek, in the WA Kimberley, by the end of the year.

2010 - Businesses in the Goldfields city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder were concerned about the economic impact of this week's earthquake.

2011 - The Federal Government defended the decision to open an immigration detention centre at Pontville near Hobart, despite growing local opposition.

2012 - In Australia 2 Aboriginal teenagers were shot by police in central Sydney after mounting a crowded footpath in a stolen car and hitting a bystander.

2012 - Indonesian authorities questioned more than 70 mostly Afghan asylum seekers bound for Australia after their boat was hit by a powerful wave, forcing them to swim to shore. There were between 83 and 100 people on the boat. Police made no connection between this case and another reported on April 14.

2013 - Canberrans marked Australia Heritage Week at Crinigan's Hut in Amaroo, the former home of a 19th Century convict and his family.

2014 - Australia's once-thriving rabbit meat industry shrunk as high production costs sent the price of meat through the roof.

2015 - A Brisbane Muslim couple who were racially abused on a Sydney train last week say they intended to press charges against the abuser.

2016 - A tooth belonging to a five-million-year-old giant killer sperm whale, which was never thought to have existed in Australia, was unveiled at the Melbourne Museum.

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