Thursday, April 26, 2018

April 26 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1770 - Joseph Banks recorded a fishing party observed at Botany Bay on this day. He wrote:
“Their canoes… a piece of Bark tied together in Pleats at the ends and kept extended in the middle by small bows of wood was the whole embarkation, which carried one or two…people…paddling with paddles about 18 inches long, one of which they held in either hand.”

1788 - An exploring party led by Phillip sighted and named the Blue Mountains.

1802 - Matthew Flinders examined Port Phillip....and graciously gave it a passing credit mark of 74%.

1853 - James Dalton was hanged at Launceston for the murder of Tom Buckmaster.

1853 - Andrew Kelly was hanged at Launceston for the murder of Tom Buckmaster.

1860 - John Jones was hanged at Maitland for the murder of Rebecca Bailey outside Maitland.

1860 - Jim Crow , Indigenous, was hanged at Maitland for the rape of Jane Delantry at Thalaba, outside Dungog.

1867 - Police held a surprise ambush party on the bushrangers the Clarke brothers. For some reason they weren't smiling.

1890 - Transcribed from the Richmond Guardian-
Things were a bit rough when a resident of Neptune St had to approach the council for a light in the street owing to two instances of garotting after dark.
Sweeny Todd aint got nothing on the residents of Richmond!

1890 - In polar opposites of dangerous garotting suburbs Banjo Paterson's The Man from Snowy River was first published in The Bulletin.
This proved far more popular past-time of the two.
Go figure!

1911 - A Referendum was held to bugger up any knees up planned on this day.
This referendum included two proposals related to powers of the Commonwealth Parliament over trade and commerce and nationalisation of monopolies, neither of which was carried.

1915 - The Merriwa Branch railway line (NSW) was opened.

1924 – An explosion on the SS Singapore, berthed in Port Adelaide, South Australia, kills 13 people.

1926 - Up electric train from Upper Ferntree Gully collided with a "motor van" at Boronia, 9 killed.

1939 - Robert "it won't hurt to sell pig iron to the Japanese" Menzies became 12th PM of Oz.

1944 - Alexishafen occupied Alexishafen, New Guinea, was occupied by Australian troops.

1944 - Harold James Box was hanged at Adelaide Gaol for the murder of Albert Edmund (Lance) Brown at Gawler Place, Adelaide.

1953 - Warring sides join in cease fire talks to bring an end to the fighting in Korea.

1966 - Proving that voting only encourages the politicians even more, Harold "I'll just have a quick dip in the sea" Holt became 17th PM of Oz.

1970 – Queen Elizabeth II opened the National Carillon in Canberra, a gift of the British government commemorating the establishment of the national capital.

1971 - Official visit to Victorian Parliament by Their Majesties, King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Deva and Queen Ratna Rajya Lakshmi Devi Shah, the King and Queen of Nepal.

1972 - Three months after its establishment the Aboriginal Tent Embassy consisted of six tents and was staffed by John Newfong, Brian Marshall, Vickie Marshall, Choc Moore, Billy Harrison, Ambrose Brown and Alan Sharpley. Ambrose Brown stated: “We’ve achieved recognition, just by being here, that we’re part of the country and not just alien. We haven’t made the Government change its policy, but we’ve succeeded in embarrassing it, and we’ve made people think about the Aboriginal cause”.

1976 - The first Vietnamese boat people arrived in Darwin.

1986 - The Knights of the Chameleons Annual Debutante’s Ball was held at the Sydney Hilton.

1987 - In an interview that had pollies everywhere polishing their desks with vigour and women silently taking notes Jan Murray spilled the beans on 60 Minutes that she'd done the nasty with hubby John Brown on his Federal Parliament desk.

1987 - The Albury Hotel Social Club’s inaugural Ten Pin Bowling tournament was won by the Outpost team from the Paddington Green Hotel.

1989 - A Deed of Grant of Land in Trust (DOGIT) for ‘Aboriginal Reserve Purposes’ under the Land Act (Qld.) and covering 1,839 square kilometres, was handed over to the Mapoon people by the Queensland Government.  The trustees included several traditional owners.  The Mapoon lands continue to be administered by trustees appointed by the Queensland Government.  The trustees work in conjunction with the Mapoon Aboriginal Council with respect to land administration matters.

1992 - The first Leather Pride Week included the Mr Drummer Australia Final and the Forbes Street Fair.

1993 - The Bombala Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Tuggeranong - Michelago.

2002 - ATSIC North Zone Commissioner Kim Hill supported the Mirrar people in their call for a full Senate Inquiry into the operation of the Ranger Uranium mine. The statement came on top of an announcement on this day that there had been an alarming increase in uranium levels detected in a local creek.

2000 - Out and Out a radio documentary on lesbian parenting was broadcast on 2SERFM.

2004 - Beat FM 87.6, a narrow cast, full time commercial radio station aimed at a GLBT audience, began broadcasting.

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