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April 5 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1790 - HMS Supply returned from Norfolk Island with devastating news – HMS Sirius was lost and with her all hope a China rescue. At Sydney the supply position was so critical that same evening Phillip called a Governor-in-Council meeting.

1790 - Sydney: Phillip called ‘all the officers of the settlement, civil and military’ to Government House in Bridge Street where:
‘His Excellency laid before every one present the Situation of the Colony….[and] pointed out the Great Necessity there was for an immediate Reduction of the Present Rations. Every persons opinion was asked respecting how Robbing Gardens cd. be prevented & what was the best made [sic] ye. cd. be adopted for procuring fish to make a saving of the Salt provisions.

1790 - Gov Phillip thought some of the convicts were getting a little too well padded for Survivor-style fun on the Isle of Oz so he invented The Biggest Convict and cut rations even further.

1816 -  As wider conflict broke out, Cogie (Gogy) again took refuge at Charles Throsby’s farm at Glenfield, near Liverpool, or goes fishing with his friend William Charles Wentworth, son of Surgeon D’Arcy Wentworth. Charles Throsby letter to D'Arcy Wentworth re proposed reprisals against attacks on white settlers by Aborigines.

1818 - The Batavia anchored in Sydney Cove . Lieut. Elgee of the 34th. Regt. commanded the Guard of Soldiers on board, consisting of detachments the 34th. 46th. & 48th. Regiments.

1824 - The first Attorney General (Sax Bannister, Esq.) arrived in the ‘Hibernia’, with the new Charter of Justice.

1824 - Arrival in Sydney on board the Hibernia of first Colonial Treasurer William Balcombe.

1827 - Appointment of John Thomas Campbell as Acting collector of customs N.S.W.

1830 - Stephen Smith and John Hawes were hanged at Sydney for the axe-murder of fellow convict William Davis at Moreton Bay.

1831 - The Earl of Liverpool arrived in Port Jackson on Tuesday with 88 female prisoners. She had the distinction of being the first brig to ever bring prisoners to the colony.

1833 - The Freemans Journal reported on this day that 56 free settlers, wives and children of convicts in New South Wales, were embarked from the Penitentiary house in Cork on to the Caroline at Cove and on the following morning 120 female convicts from the same establishment were conveyed on the Waterloo steamer to the Caroline. Their appearance and conduct was said to be highly creditable.

1841 - Powder your wig along with your nose, the first Supreme Court had its first get together in Melbourne.

1841 - Michael Bradley was hanged at Newcastle for the murder of Catherine Harrison near Morpeth.

1842 - Thomas Horner was hanged at Newcastle for the murder of his overseer James Stone near Shannon Vale. Stone was the former wrestler known as "Little Elephant".

1844 - John Woolley - George Churchward - William Thomas - George Bristol - John Walker were hanged at Hobart for robbery.

1853 - A public dinner, presided over by George Elder, was given for George Tinline. Tinline was deemed to be the saviour of South Australia when the colony was in deep financial trouble due to the exodus of many men to the Victorian goldfields, and the heavy withdrawal of specie from the colony.

1856 - A solar eclipse took place today during which a Bindal man stated it was caused by his son covering over the sun to frighten another Bindal man.
The Bindal people (from near Townsville) believe that the shooting star is an important symbol; that where the star came from or the direction in which it was travelling indicated that there was a danger.

1865 - John Stacey (real name Casey) - Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of two-year-old Danny Gleeson at South Melbourne.

1886 - The Adelaide Rowing Club was graced with a visit from the Champion Sculler of the World, Mr William Beach; a blacksmith by trade Bill Beach grew up in NSW and held the title of Champion Sculler of the World from 1884 - 1887. After the visit to the Adelaide Rowing Club shed Bill Beach and members of the shed exited to the York Hotel for a jocular luncheon.

1886 - Tim Tee was a Chinese man hanged at Boggo Road Gaol for a murder at Dulvadilla.

1892 - The railway line from Curdie's River Junction (later Timboon Junction) to Timboon (VIC) was opened.

1893 - Same bucket of shyte, different level - The Commercial Bank of Oz, located in Melbourne, was having a teeny tiny spot of bother so it suspended all payments which set off a panic (surprise, surprise), so it closed its not-so-welcoming doors until May 6 when it had undergone a "reconstruction".

1899 - Stewart Wilson Christopher Briggs was hanged at Darlinghurst for the murder of Margaret Miller and Margaret Dutt at 89 Douglas St Petersham (now Stanmore).

1906 - The first sheila in the British Empire to hold a flying instructor's certificate, Freda Thompson, was found in the tulip patch.

1910 - Hadji Khan was hanged at Adelaide Gaol for the murder of Said Mahommed at Frome Creek.

1913 - On this day the shortest serving Judge of the High Court of Oz, Albert Bathurst Piddington, spat the dummy and resigned only a mere month after his appointment.
In fact, so short was his appointment he never actually parked his bum on the bench; skullduggery and political shenanigans saw him a pawn in the game being played by PM Andrew Fisher and Attorney-General Billy Hughes to stack the High Court in order for the Federal Govt to hold more power over corporations, industrial relations and the right to nationalise monopolies.

1918 - Due to his ideas on reform rubbing up against those who thought that prison should be to punish a Board of Enquiry was set up by the Public Service Commission ; it was reported in the West Australian newspaper today that Frementle Prison's Superintendent Hann had been found to be negligent in the discharge of his duties as well as incompetent, and had been suspended from duties.

1918 - A counter attack by the 36th Battalion of the Australian 3rd Division at dawn halted the German advance beyond Villers-Bretonneux. The hard fought action costs the 9th Brigade ( Australian 3rd Division ) 660 casualties but prevents further advances towards Amiens.

1921 - William McWilliams relinquished the position as the very first leader of The Australian Country Party (ACP) to the New South Wales Member for Cowper, Earle Page.

1932 - The great Kiwi-Aussie racehorse Phar Lap died from a single large dose of arsenic whilst in North America.

1933 -  Anthropologist and protector of Aborigines Walter Edmund Roth died.

1939 - Aussie PM Joseph Lyons popped into hospital for a rest with a wee chill.....

1944 - Mass breakout of Japanese prisoners at Cowra prisoner-of-war camp, NSW.

1951 - 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, involved in Operation Rugged, Korea.

1951 - The first of two Pika aircraft (piloted versions of the Jindivik remotely-controlled target drone) stalled and crashed during a demonstration flight over the aerodrome at Woomera, South Australia, injuring the RAAF pilot, Flight Lieutenant Fred Knudsen.

1958 - The Wandilo Bushfire took place on this day at Wandilo, South Australia. The bushfires claimed 8 lives at a pine plantation near Wandilo in the South East of South Australia after a dry autumn.

1965 - The ABC premiered a new two-part children's sci-fi drama, THE STRANGER, starring Ron Haddrick and Ben Gabriel.

1970 - Fitzroy defeated Richmond in the first VFL match played on a Sunday.

1973 - Official figures indicated that the Aboriginal population was 116 000 (these figures were largely inaccurate).

1975 - Operation Babylift , a chartered jet carrying 212 Vietnamese war orphans, arrived in Sydney.

1974 - Martin Smith appeared before the Supreme Court of NSW and took action against the opening of Bobby Limb’s play “Norman is that you?”

1978 - Tracy Lodge, the first elderly people's home in Darwin, opened on Wood Street.

1979 - Kakadu National Park was proclaimed..

1986 - The Gay Immigration Task Force held a fund raising benefit night at the Leichhardt Town Hall.

1987 - The infamous Grim Reaper TV ad for AIDS awareness screened for the first time.

1991 - The Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody handed down its report on this day in which it made 339 recommendations. The commissioners identified the principal and immediate explanation for the deaths in custody as being the disproportionate rate at which Indigenous people were detained, arrested and imprisoned in Australia.

1997 - The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission delivered the Bringing Them Home report, as part of National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children.

1998 - Mick Miller passed away on this day; he was a notable Aboriginal Australian activist, politician, and statesman who campaigned for most of his life seeking greater social justice, land rights, and improved life opportunities for Aboriginal Australians in North Queensland and Australia.

1998 - Day of national protest against Jabiluka uranium mine. 200 people gathered at Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

2004 - Australia's biggest supplier to the farming community of the potential explosive ammonium nitrate decides to pull the product from its stores in response to concerns it could be used by terrorists.

2007- : A South Australian man with HIV, Stuart McDonald, was detained in Glenside Psychiatric Hospital under the Public and Environmental Health Act on suspicion of deliberately trying to infect others. Up to 12 men with links to McDonald may have tested HIVpositive. McDonald came to the attention of the Health Department in early 2005 after allegations he had knowingly infected someone. He had been under close supervision for failing to change his behaviour. McDonald, a chef, moved back to SA from NSW early in 2005.

2007- Australian police charged two men, including an army captain, with stealing military rocket launchers, some of which ended up in the hands of a suspected terrorist.

2017 - More than 70 people participated in the Kimberley Aboriginal Children in Care Forum held in Broome at Goolari’s Gimme Club.
Hailed as a landmark event by participants, the forum was presented with a vast array of information where participants workshopped constructive solution to address the overrepresentation of Kimberley Aboriginal children in state care.
More than half of the children in state care in WA are Aboriginal, despite accounting for only 5% of the population. This fact alone is motivation enough to know something has to change and Aboriginal people must be central if it is to be positive change.

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