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April 6 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1806 - Report on Aborigines massacred at Twofold Bay. The report tells of weeks of tension ending in a confrontation between 11 sealers from the stranded whaler George and a tribal group which resulted in the death of nine Aboriginals. The report is silent on the cause of the tension however sealers were notorious for their treatment of Aboriginal people in Tasmania and the abduction of Aboriginal and Maori women

1816 - The Principal Superintendent of Convicts William Hutchinson announced on 6th April that 'a quantity of female prisoners' had arrived on the Alexander and those colonists desirous of a housekeeper should apply to his Office.

1822 - Francis Murphy hanged at Sydney for burglary from the house of Nicholas Devine (former Superintendent of Convicts) at what is now Erskineville.

1822 - William Harris hanged at Sydney for robbery of James Cribb on the Parramatta Road.

1832 - Thomas Brennan  was shot by military firing squad at Dawes Battery, Sydney. A private soldier of His Majesty's 39th Regiment of Foot, Brennan had fired at his sergeant with the intent of killing him.
1831 - Charles Cowper was appointed clerk to the commissioners for managing the affairs of the church and School Estates.

1844 – John Gavin was the first European settler to be legally executed in Western Australia. He was executed for murder at the age of fifteen.

1853 - Charlie La Trobe was not a happy charlie (nor a well boy) but on this day the Colonial Office finally accepted his resignation as Gov. of Victoria.

1860 - John McDouall Stuart was trudging along during a sunny amble when he happened across a sandstone monolith today ; near to the South Oz and NT border he named the monolith Chambers Pillar to honour the wealthy pastoralist who'd bankrolled his strolls about the Fair Isle of Oz.

1864 - Anthony Fernando, one of the earliest Aboriginal activists, was born. He picketed, protested and traveled widely around the world on behalf of all aborigines.

1885 - The railway line to the Williamstown Racecourse (first site) (Vic) was opened.

1892 - The railway line from Lancefield to Kilmore (Vic) opened.

1895 - The Premier of Queensland was enjoying a hearty banquet at the North Gregory Hotel in Winton, QLD today when Sir Herbert Ramsay began to warble an unknown song; Waltzing Matilda had made its debut.

1896 - Today saw the NEW! Olympics begin in Athens, Greece and it turned out to be Gold! Gold! Gol....BRONZE!  Oz had just the one bloke representing at the Games, Edwin Flack, and he "only" managed to snaffle 2 gold medals in the 800 meters and 1500 meters athletics races, failed to place in the marathon (he collapsed while in the lead with only 3 kms to go) and singles tennis but finished with a bronze in the mixed team doubles tennis.

1830 - Today the rot set in ....when William Hamilton became the first full-time fully PAID bank manager.
You've only encouraged the buggers to hang around and breed...

1910 - Adelaide City Council was celebrating the completion of the City Refuse Destructor today.The forward thinking of this Incinerator was amazingly decades ahead of its time (or, if you were a Roman, slightly behind)....the hot gases produced by the burning were sent through 2 water tube boilers which generated enough power for not only all the buildings and a plant on the site but excess power that was flogged off to the Adelaide Electric Supply Company until the incinerator was switched off in 1954.

1932 - Captain Francis de Groot was not the Messiah, he was just a very naughty boy who got a slap on the wrist in the shape of a fine when he fronted court for having miffed Premier Jack Lang by stealing his thunder when he slashed the ribbon to open the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

1942 - US 41st Division arrived in Australia.

1946 - Tuck your petticoat into your knickers and run like the wind, Muriel! A city store in Melbourne was swamped by people rushing in to buy the first sardines and beer available since 1939.

1952 - 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, arrived in Korea.

1966 - Almost 200 witnesses from the Westall Primary and Secondary Schools eyeballed what appeared to be a UFO.
In broad daylight.
Chased by the police for 20 mins.

1969 - Australia's first cave diving accident occurred in an underwater cavern known as Kilsbys (a sinkhole) at Mt Gambier. A double fatality the two youths' bodies were found the following day.

1992 - The Iranian embassy in Canberra was overrun by a group of protestors, during which property was damaged and staff were injured.

1993 - 98.9 Digital first went to air on this day; it is the first Indigenous radio station in a capital city and offers a great blend of country and Indigenous music

2004 - The Australian territory of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands officially adopted its own flag.

2009 - In Australia a motorcycle gang leader surrendered to police and became the sixth biker charged in connection with a brawl that left a rival bleeding to death before shocked travelers at Australia's busiest airport.

2010 - Australia announced its fifth rate hike since October and said borrowing costs would continue to rise as growth and inflation return to normal after the global crisis.

2011 - The Australian military was hit by another scandal after a young army recruit allegedly filmed himself having sex with a female cadet and broadcast it via Skype to his friends.

2012 - The inaugural Waltzing Matilda Day was held in Winton, Queensland.

2014 - The Australian navy ship Ocean Shield picked up two separate signals late last night and early today in seas far off the west Australian coast. Confirmation that the signals belong to Malaysia’s Flight 370's black boxes could take days.

2015 - Prince Harry arrived in Darwin to start his month long secondment to the ADF's 1st Brigade

2016 - Nearly four decades after it was lodged with the Aboriginal Land Commissioner, the Kenbi land claim was settled. The settlement was announced at a press conference at NT Parliament House in Darwin  fronted by NLC chairman Samuel BushBlanasi, Chief Executive Joe Morrison, Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion and NT Chief Minister Adam Giles.

2016 - More than 50,000 hectares of land at Cape York has been returned to Aboriginal Traditional Owners, after a 22-year effort that might pave the way for further ancestral land tenure resolutions.  An area of about 54,500 hectares known as Sandstone East, about 90 kilometres north-west of Cooktown, has been returned to the Binthii, Balnaggarr, Nhirrbanh, Wundall and Wunuurr clans after Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Curtis Pitt handed over the title deeds at a ceremony at Hopevale.

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