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April 9 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1770 - Jimmy Cook was out for a post-lunch Sunday sail in 1770 (as you do to help with the digestion of the Sunday roast ..and to avoid the mother-in-law) when he happened upon a nice little bay that pleased him down to his cotton socks; so he named it Botany Bay.

1816 - Governor Macquarie ordered the military to apprehend all Aborigines in the southern districts because of their hostility in the previous two years and their recent attacks on settlers. The orders made no distinction between groups of friendly and aggressive Aborigines.
 Macquarie noted that he had “ordered three Separate Military Detachments to march into the Interior and remote parts of the Colony, for the purpose of Punishing the Hostile Natives, by clearing the Country of them entirely …”
He further recorded that he had “directed as many Natives as possible be made Prisoners” and that any resisters were to be killed and their bodies hung from trees “in order to strike the greatest terror in the Survivors”.
Charles Throsby of Glenfield was concerned that fear and ignorance on behalf of the Europeans would result in indiscriminate killings. He wrote to the Sydney Gazette in defence of a local Aboriginal man thought to be involved in an attack, stating that any violence perpetrated was in retaliation ‘for the barbarity practised by our own countrymen’.

1819 - Timothy Buckley was hanged for the murder of William Cosgrove while David Brown and Timothy Ford were hanged at Sydney for aiding and abetting the murder of William Cosgrove.

1839 - The Sisters of Charity were the first religious women seen in Australia. The religious profession of Sister Xavier Williams at Parramatta on this day was a “first” and made a great sensation among Catholics and others. Other young women asked to join the Sisters.

1865 - As mentioned in yesterdays post Mad Dog Morgan was sent to his maker today during a shoot out with police at Peechelba Station near Wangaratta.

1871 - The lump of rusting iron breakwater off Half Moon Bay, Victoria, formerly known as HMVS Cerberus entered Pt Phillip Bay for the first time.

1883 - First public land sales in Caloundra took place. Some of the purchasers at that sale were Edmund Lander, James Campbell, G. Campbell, John D. Campbell, A. McCallum, Captain J. Swain, Robert Cribb and others. Very few of these blocks were built on by these original owners. James C. Moffat, a chemist from Brisbane established a cottage on the headland which now bears his name – Moffat Headland.

1885 - Opening of First Section of South Coast Railway Line (QLD) to Loganlea.

1896 - Today saw the beginnings of the Aussie love affair with a sponge cake dunked in melted chocolate and rolled madly in coconut....yes, Lord Lamington himself became Governor of Queensland today after whom the cakes are named although rumour claims he grew tired of them, calling them "those bloody poofy woolly biscuits".Then again, this from a bloke who shot and killed a koala when a guest of nature conservationists...!

1896 - Back to those first modern Olympics and our very own Teddy Flack, him wot bred bovines in Berwick, shone once again when he blitzed the Men's 800 metres.

1900 - A Royal Commission on religious instruction in State schools was established.
Exorcisms were recommended during Monday assemblies.

1902 - Federal Franchise Act defines who can vote.
Aborigines were excluded.

1902 - Hawthorn Football Club was formed from the spirits of the dead.

1902 - Carlton appointed Jack Worrall as first ever VFL coach.
Still hasn't worked.

1904 - The Mittagong to Joadja Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1909 - Twinkle toes himself, Sir Robert Helpmann, was dropped off by the tutu-clad Bunyip of Mount Gambier.

1909  - HMVS Cerberus was towed to Queenscliff to participate in the Easter Manoeuvres, almost certainly for the last time.

1914 - Young GJ Coles opened the first Coles store in Smith St, Collingwood, Victoria.

1924 - Mackay's first Electricity Powerhouse in Tennyson Street commenced operation to bring electricity to the city, replacing the mice in the wheel.

1926 - The Dimboola to Rainbow (Vic) railmotor was discontinued and was replaced by a mixed train (passengers & goods) service.

1927 - Which generated a great deal more excitement than the general election that was held on this day.

1942 - The destroyer HMAS Vampire and the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes were sunk by Japanese bombers off Colombo in the Bay of Bengal.

1944 - RAAF No.43 Squadron moved from Karumba to Darwin.

1947 - The Ghost of Point Hicks legend was spawned when a newspaper reported on the mysterious disappearance of a lighthouse keeper from Cape Everard, Victoria.

1956 - John Fairfax Ltd incorporated as a public company.

1968 - The 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, disembarked and the 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, embarked. Sydney made 24 voyages to Vietnam during the war.

1978 - The new Sebastopol fire brigade judges box was opened during the State Junior Fire Demonstrations.

1986 -  The Main North Railway Line (NSW) was closed from Jct (Old Casino) to Casino North Junction.

1989 - Wayne Gardner romped home to win the inaugural Phillip Island 500cc Motorcycle Grand Prix.

2005 ~ KOKO the Australian Kelpie best known for his role as the title character of the 2011 film Red Dog was born on this day in Dunolly.

2006 - HMVS Cerberus joined the Maritime Museum of Victoria.

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