Wednesday, April 18, 2018


It's coming up to Dad's 7th anniversary of shedding his husk and flitting off into the aether.
I'm a tad teary.
Having a few G & T's to toast the old bugger, wishing I'd asked some more direct questions about his fathers Aboriginal mother, ignoring his firm "do not pass go, do not collect $200 " tone of voice which always ALWAYS slammed that door closed on further queries.
Still missing his humour, knowing he'd have loved Think Tank quiz show, he'd be hankering for the new Doctor Who series, he'd be looking forward to the new Miss Phryne Fisher Murder Mystery movies and books, watching The Drum and arguing with the idiots or telling Shaun Micallef how brilliant he is, each week.


  1. Enjoy your G and T. And precious memories.

  2. I can't believe it is seven years. I remember you asked him at my request about whether a certain St Kilda building was once a pub or not and I saw you pushing him in a wheelchair in the Botanic Gardens. Make your next drink extra strong and I'll have one too. Just to top, thanks.

  3. Thanks, EC, I will xxx

    Andrew, I was so anxious to make that Bot. Gardens trip a day to remember I ended up being scratchy and manky, not my best day.
    Chin chin, m'dear!

  4. And wasn't it your first outing with a gps device? I reckon your dad would have had a good time.