Saturday, April 21, 2018

Disappointed Fish Wrappers

One of my usual digs is at newspapers being fish wrappers as in ye olde days, kiddies,  fish n chip shops would wrap the hot, salty goodies in yesterdays paper and you could catch up on the funnies in between bites after tearing a hole in the paper to eat it on the cold walk home.
A local fish n chippy started using paper with reproduced 1950 Argus newspapers printed on one side; last night's parcel caught my eye with a headline of ,
"I'm disappointed!" says Sid Barnes.
It itched away - who was Sid and why was he so disappointed that it made the news?
Possibly something a tad more disappointing than getting socks n jocks for Christmas, possibly not quite as bad as a dose of unexplained chlamydia.
Trotted over to trusty Trove and there it was - bloody cricket.
Of course, Dad would have heard of and/or probably knew him as he played cricket with a great many former test players.
Looked up Sid, I found a character who would have been just at home today on the sporting field and in the sporting media as he was in the 1940s and 1950s.
The recent turn of events in Aussie cricket would probably have seen him furious and dashing off an article titled with more choice words than a simple "I'm disappointed!"

Sid Barnes @ ADB

Sid Barnes @ Wikipedia

"I'm disappointed!" article @ Trove

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  1. It is over twenty years since my father died and there are still things I want to show him and questions I want to ask. Particularly the latter.