Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Sorry I don't chatter much these days on here, or on Facebook lately, but I've been madly crocheting rugs and ponchos and beanies (oh, my!) for remote Indigenous communities.
The temps drop below freezing in the desert areas and many of our Elders need warm clothing, blankets, the usual Winter basics to survive.
I won't go into detail about the shockingly over-priced "shops" in some towns but there are Indigenous communities who have started up their own op shops, domestic abuse refuges, fabric making/printing workshops, children's libraries, etc, with a little help from peeps around Oz donating items.
No, I won't share any postage details on here as some ultra-right wing arseholes send abusive crap through the post and we won't be encouraging any of those twat-waffling scum.
One thing that has pissed me off this week - and last week - was the police targetting Dylan Voller at the Commonwealth Games.
They managed to seriously injure a female Elder, also, during a peaceful protest.
Police in Victoria are under the spotlight, too, for some really questionable tactics.
Fellas, do yourselves some favours and boot the bastards out of the force, they are giving the rest of you cops a bad name.
There are some decent police, I've engaged with them in the past, but the mongrels who think the uniform gives them carte blanche to savage people in any situation need to be treated like any person breaking the law.
Well, I'm off now, like a bucket of prawns in the noonday sun, to continue crocheting winter woollies.
By the by, Victoria Parliament Library - PLEASE update your "On this day" site; shit tonnes happened in the Colony of Vic, find it !
Also, NSW, QLD, WA, SA, NT & Tassie parliaments?
Create an On This Day searchable database on your parliament websites, ffs.
Hello to the City of Melbourne person who pops over for a regular read!


  1. Yay for crocheting winter woollies. Needed and no doubt appreciated.
    Sigh on the police. Like our pollies there are some very rotten apples in the barrel.

  2. Hopefully it is only a tiny minority who behave in this way. Our friend who was a Northern Territory cop had a lot of time for the traditional people of the land and was welcomed with open arms by many when he returned for a reunion a few years ago, and among these were some regular customers who he would lock up when the drunk and disorderly. Children going a bit wrong meant a talk with relatives, often the grandparents, uncles and aunties. Women who appeared with bruises were dealt with in a similar way. There was a lot of talking to solve problems. Was he paternalistic? Most likely. Did he care? Yes.

  3. Yep, too many communities, EC, and not enough knitters/crocheters!

    Sadly, your NT cop friend is a past minority, Andrew, seems to be that kids get tossed into foster care or detention at the slightest thing without thought as to why.