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May 1 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1770 – Having given up eating and drinking (and breathing, too, but that's just bragging) of tuberculosis on April 30, Forby Sutherland was planted at Kurnell, New South Wales, becoming the first British subject to fertilise the soil in Australia.

1802 – Explorer Matthew Flinders became the first European to climb the You Yangs...(because they were there, perhaps?) , a series of granite ridges above the Werribee Plain in Victoria.

1821 - The first periodical started publication, Australian Magazine, and started cluttering up the kitchen tables and outhouses of the colony.

1822 - John Maloney was hanged at Sydney for robbing the house of John McKenzie at Pitt Town.

1822 - William Varley was hanged at Sydney for robbing the house of John McKenzie at Pitt Town.

1822 - Thomas Roach was hanged at Sydney for robbing the house of John McKenzie at Pitt Town.

1826 - Andrew White was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Patrick Taggart at Grant's Creek, outside Bathurst.

1833 Following repeated tit for tat murders between settlers and Aboriginal people in Westralia Captain Irwin declared Yagan, Migegooroo and Munday to be outlaws. Thirty pounds was offered for Yagan dead or alive, twenty pounds for Munday and Midgegooroo. They were hunted for the next three months. The three were unaware they were being hunted.

1843 - Seeing as the Bank of Australia failed dismally public confidence was on the nose and a rush started to withdraw the dosh from the Sydney Savings Bank.

1845 - Richard Jackson was hanged at Oatlands for the rape of Elizabeth Davis.

1846 - As Tassie fielded far too many dancers in the So You Think You Can Convict, convict transportation was suspended for 2 years as a penalty.
No, seriously, it was suspended but perhaps for another reason...

1856 - Victorian Railways, that once grand institution that ran the railed transport in Victoria, was born today when the govt took over the privately owned Melbourne, Mt Alexander and Murray River Railway Company (which only failed because no one could splutter the title quickly enough when answering the phone before callers would die of auditory exhaustion).

1862 -  Letter from various stockholders to the Colonial Secretary, Maranoa District petitioning for increased Native Police patrols.

1862 - The Main Western Railway Line (NSW) was thrown open for trains from Rooty Hill to St Marys.

1868 - The Main Western Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Wentworth Falls to Mount Victoria.

1869 The Port Denison Times reported that "Not long ago," in this district, no less than a total of about "120 aboriginals disappeared on two occasions forever from the native records."

1870 - The Morpeth Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1889 - The Main North Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1889 - The first official Anti-Chinese meeting was held at the Melbourne Town Hall.....Mayor John So must have felt a little stab of relish and revenge every time he walked through those doors bwahahahaha.

1891 – The first May Day marches in Australia were held at Barcaldine, Queensland, in support of a shearers' strike.

1893 - The North Shore Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1893 - Victorian Govt of the day announced a 5 day moratorium -which was a 5 day bank holiday - to let the banks consider their position. Position? How about strung up from a chandelier by their toes sound as a position?

1915 A.E. Haigh placed the name 'Haigh's Chocolates' on the window of a shop at 34 King William Street, Adelaide in the Beehive Building.

1929 - The Goondah - Burrinjuck Railway Line (NSW) was kicked to the kerb.

 1942 - Townsville was put on invasion alert, with fears the Japanese were about to invade.

1946 – The Pilbara Strike commenced with 800 Aboriginal pastoral workers walking off stations in the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia.

1957 - The Taralga Branch Railway Line (NSW) was closed for business.

1969 - Sun News Pictorial journalist Douglas Wilkie and editor Henry Gordon were summoned before the bar of the Legislative Council and accused of breaching parliamentary privelege. Wilkie wrote a story about a proposed restaurant in the Botanical Gardens which insulted the integrity of a witness who was appearing before a parliamentary Select Committee.

1974 - Quentin Buckle’s Gay Pride Week trial was held at Central Criminal Court, Liverpool Street.

1976 - Graeme Donkin, a gay Christian activist and member of Acceptance, ran for the State seat of Bligh.

1981 - Bass Strait was crossed by hot air balloon for the first time.
Because they could.

1992 - Andi Nellsun arrived in Sydney after walking 937km from Adelaide to raise money and awareness of AIDS.

1992 - The Boomerangs Social Club celebrated its 25th anniversary.

1993 - The Royal National Park Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1996 - Australian Capital Territory probate laws were amended to recognise lesbian, gay and de facto couples.

1997 – HM Prison Pentridge in Coburg, Victoria, the site of the last execution in Australia, closed after 145 years of operation.
Now the silly buggers are bustin' a gut to get INTO the housing development.

1997 - Homosexual law reform passed the Tasmanian Legislative Council without amendment.

1998 - The Olympic Park Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1999 - V/line (Freight) sold to Rail America, known as Freight Victoria (end of government ownership).

2001 - A design proposal by South Sydney Council for Taylor Square, featuring outdoor seating, palm trees and a mist fountain went on display.

2005 - A same sex marriage community forum at the Newtown Hotel revealed differences between the Greens and the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby’s strategies for achieving equal marriage rights.

2006 - Today saw the new implementation Medicare-funded health checks for Indigenous Australians and refugees. The new items included recognition of the role of specialists in pain and palliative care, immunisation and wound management in NT, and child health checks for early detection of treatable conditions.

2008 - South Australia created the SA Aboriginal Advisory Council (SAAAC) which advises the government on programmes and policies on Aboriginal people. The council is meant to fill the void left by the abolished ATSIC.

2015 - The campaign against the forced closure of Aboriginal communities continued with a second international day of action, with more than 85 rallies across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Hawaii, Hong Kong, China, UK and the USA.

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