Saturday, May 12, 2018

May 12 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

Tis International Nurses Day, so say thanks to the next nurse who looks after you...coz they've got the Power of The Enema just waiting to be used!!!

1792 - Things were crook with the flour ration being reduced they needed something more than castor oil.

1802 - Lord Pelham to the Treasury, - My Lords, Whitehall, 12th May, 1802. - It being judged expedient to send forthwith from this country four hundred convicts to New South Wales (viz't, 270 male, and 130 female), I am to desire that your Lordships will be pleased to cause the necessary directions to be given to the Victualling Board for providing a sufficient and proper quantity of provisions for their subsistence during the voyage, and salted beef or pork only for nine months for them after their arrival at New South Wales. I am also to desire that your Lordships will cause the necessary directions to be given for providing the 270 male convicts the particulars of clothing as undermentioned, to be consigned to the Governor for the use of such convicts on their arrival at that settlement, and that the said provisions and clothing may be put on board His Majesty's ship Glatton, which is now fitting at Sheerness for the conveyance of those convicts. It being also intended to allow about forty persons to embark on board the said ship who are going as settlers to that colony, I am to desire that directions may be given for providing the usual quantity of provisions for such number during their voyage thither. I am, &c., Pelham

1805 - The Sydney Gazette reported that ;
Yesterday sennight (a week) two characters of almost equal notoriety were shipped for Newcastle by the Resource, viz, Christopher Griffin alias Wooden Joe, as a petty receiver of stolen property, and encourager of petty larceny ; and Thomas Desmond whose unaccountable hardihood we have already had repeated occasion to notice for absconding from Kings Town and travelling in on foot through the bush.

1810 - Bligh sailed off into the sunset for Old Blighty, with witnesses for the court martial of George Johnston who dared deprive the rum-soaked colony of Bligh's leadership....

1810 -  George Caley and his Aboriginal guide and plant collector Daniel Moowattin from Parramatta sailed for England aboard the frigate HMS Hindostan.
Another passenger was the deposed governor William Bligh.

1812 - Daniel Moowattin returned to Sydney from London. Within two weeks he sold a fowling piece given to him by botanist Robert Brown, bought a jug of peach cider and ran  into the bush.

1823 - Servant Samuel Coleman per 'Morley' was permitted to pass to Pennington's farm on first branch of the Hunter's River.

1824 - Sir George Arthur rocked up to Tassie on board the Adrian (that's a ship, not a bawdy game with his valet) to pluck up his appointment as Lieutenant-governor of Van Diemen's Land.

1825 - The Magik Wish Fairy was flitting about the Illawarra region today; Frederick Jones was granted 60 acres and Daniel Brady 145 acres.

1830 - At Port Stephens excitement was in the air at the arrival of the horse Grampus from England and also Mr and Mrs. Mawson who were to be schoolmaster and schoolmistress.
The horse was rated more than the poor teachers.

1835 - John Batman sailed, not off into the sunset, but to Port Phillip to obtain some bush blocks for the Port Phillip Association.

1836 - Sir Thomas Mitchell reached the Murrumbidgee today, then followed it to the Murray.

1837 - Thomas Thomas, who had been assigned to the Australian Agricultural Company, was having a Really Bad No Good Day at Newcastle when he was charged with shooting through like a Bondi Tram aka absconding. Sentenced to 14 days in solitary.

1842 - Four prisoners, John Roach, John Atkins from the ironed gang, John Thomson and John Raddish assisted by a soldier of the 80th regiment, George Wilson, stole a boat belonging to Alexander Walker Scott and absconded from the Nobby's Stockade.

1852 - Newcastle Harbour Master Alexander Livingstone was getting more than a mite miffed so offered a reward for information leading to conviction of those throwing ballast from sailing vessels going up the river.

1856 - The 8 hour day was recognised and a large knees up procession marched through Melbourne to Cremorne Gardens (the fun park that had so many landmark events happen there that it's been completely forgotten about).

1857 - Henry Curran was hanged at Bathurst Gaol for the rape and violent assault of Bridget Watkins at Dirty Swamp (Locksley).

1857 - Addison Mitchell was hanged at Bathurst Gaol for the murder of William Ablett between Carcoar and Cowra.

1857 - Proving what a truly multicultural lot they were, European miners drove the Chinese miners off the Ararat goldfield.

1865 – Bushranger John Gilbert was shot dead near Binalong, New South Wales.

1873 - Thomas Brady was hanged at Beechworth for the murder of John Watt ("The Wooragee Murder").

1873 - James Smith was hanged at Beechworth for the murder of John Watt ("The Wooragee Murder").

1874 - New code of rules was drawn up for VFL football..
All players required to be registered with one club only.

1880 - Finally we were able to exchange a little gossip when the Melbourne Telephone Exchange Company opened the very first telephone exchange in Collins St, Melbourne.

1886 - The Murtoa to Warracknabeal Railway Line (Vic) opened.

1890 - The railway line from Warragul to Rokeby (Vic) was opened.

1898 - Royal Commission on old-age pensions presented its final report to Parliament.

1900 - Mullabudden was hanged at Derby Gaol for murder of John Dobbie at Mount Broome.

1900 - Woolmillamah was hanged at Derby Gaol for murder of John Dobbie at Mount Broome.

1900 - The South Coast Times reported;
For the Aboriginals.
The annual distribution of blankets to the aboriginals is taking place this week and next. About forty-five, in all will be given away.

1904 - Thomas Horton was hanged at Adelaide Gaol for the murder of his wife Florence in Rundle Street.

1921 - Ada Emily Evans was the first woman to be admitted to the New South Wales Bar.

1926 - The charred and dismembered bodies of  Detective-Sergeant Alexander Pitman and Detective John Joseph Walsh, of the Gold Stealing Detection Unit (GSDU) were found in a disused shaft, some six miles (9.6 km) south-west of Kalgoorlie.

1928 - The Gregan McMahon Play Company opened at the King's Theatre, Melbourne,  entirely under J.C.W. sponsorship.

1930 - Unemployed were being evicted in Melbourne with all their belongings being sold to cover rent arrears.

1933 - Sensational allegations were made by the Rev. G. Kirke when addressing the Queensland Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia . He said that he could prove by Government records that aborigines hud been shot for sport by white men, and that aborigines had been battered and kicked. It was a matter for the whole of the Commonwealth to deal with.

1933 - Eddie Gilbert, the Queensland aboriginal cricketer, played in Sydney twice with his State team.
[Eddie Gilbert bowled out Don Bradman in 1931. Bradman recalled years later that the five deliveries he faced from Gilbert in that match were the fastest he had experienced in his career.
Bradman said,
" The keeper took the ball over his head, and I reckon it was halfway to the boundary and that the balls from Gilbert were unhesitatingly faster than anything seen from Larwood or anyone else."]

1933 - Dr. Klrkland and Constable M'Nab returned to Townsville from a trip to Melville and Bathurst Islands. While there, 250 aboriginals were vaccinated against smallpox, as a precaution against the possibility of aeroplanes bringing Infectious diseases.

1937 - At Westminster Abbey on this day, wearing the M.V.O. decoration given to him by King George VI on the previous night, Aussie speech therapist Lionel Logue sat in the apse to encourage him during the ceremony of his coronation . Before the King's radio broadcast that evening, Logue whispered to him: 'Now take it quietly, Sir'.

1941 - The Daily Mirror was established as a Sydney afternoon newspaper after several changes of heart on the part of the Government because of newsprint rationing.

1942 - The Main Western Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Marrangaroo to Commonwealth Platform.

1942 - The Nowingi Railway line towards Millewa South was opened (VR took line over from Construction Branch and last six miles dismantled back to Raak Plain gypsum loading site and line rented to Brunswick Plaster Mills, later CSR Ltd).

1975 - Aussie band Sherbet were number 1 in the charts for 2 weeks with Summer Loving.

1973 -  4000 people descended on the small farming town of Nimbin on the NSW north coast, for the Aquarius Festival of Alternative Lifetyles. Organised by promoter Johnny Allen, the featured performers included acrobat Philip le Petit, the Mornington Islander Aboriginal dance troupe, performance artists The White Company, New Zealand multimedia troupe BLERTA (led by actor and musician Bruno Lawrence), South African jazz legend Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand), Lindsay Bourke and Captain Matchbox. The Festival lead to many young people settling in the area and establishing communes, and Nimbin became Australia's "alternative lifestyle capital" in the 70s and 80s.
By 2007 Nimbin's marijuana smoking reputation had become global with busloads of young foreign tourists.

1977 - A new Mental Health Act was assented to on this day. It included provision for a Guardianship Board, and a Medical Review Tribunal to safeguard the interests of patients and allow external scrutiny of medical decisions.

1986 - 209 cases of Category A AIDS have been reported in Australia. 99 people had died.

1989 - Building Pride Dance was held at the Hordern Pavilion. $65,000 from the dance went towards a deposit for a building to house a Mardi Gras Office and Workshop, the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service and the Fitness Exchange.

1991 - The gay & lesbian anti-violence movement staged a march through Newtown.

1992 - The Telephone Service Providers Association of Australia moved its dating and phone sex lines from 0055 to restricted access 0051 after public and political pressure.

1995 - The NSW IRC extended paid leave to employees to care for their same sex partners.

1996 - The 13th annual International Gay Travel Association (IGTA) was held at the Southern Cross Hotel.

1997 - Susie Maroney became the first human, ever, to swim the Florida Straits from Cuba to United States....coz the fishies have been doing it for awhile now...

2003 – Governor General Peter Hollingworth stood down following accusations that he had attempted to cover up several instances of sexual abuse in the early 1990s during his tenure as Archbishop of Brisbane.

2006 - It was announced that "King Kong" star and Oscar nominee Naomi Watts of Australia has agreed to serve as special representative for the Joint United Nations Program on AIDS (UNAIDS).

2007 - The plan by the Howard Government to monitor the movements of visitors with HIV in Australia draws widespread criticism internationally and locally. Gay advocates call the policy “disgusting” and “discriminatory”. The US Minnesota Daily writes “To deny entry based on HIV status would mean that you are deeming those individuals as ‘lesser citizens’ or ‘lesser humans’ than their peers,”.

2008 - The Balranald Rail Line (NSW) was closed from Jct (Barnes) - Caldwell.

2010 -  In Indonesia 5 suspected terrorists were killed in two raids, the latest in a series of anti-terror operations nationwide. 3 were killed in Cawang, East Jakarta, and 2 others in the West Java city of Cikampek. One of the suspects killed in the second raid was Saptono, who was involved in a suicide car bomb attack which killed 10 people outside the Australian embassy in 2004. Two days of raids around Java also detained 20 people.

2011 -  Iranian-born Ali Khorram Heydarkhani was charged in Sydney with offences relating to the boatpeople disaster.

2016 - Australia the 4-day Sexpo, Sydney's adult entertainment and lifestyle show, opened for its 20th year.