Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May 2 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1788 - John Bennett was a 20-year-old convict who was publicly hanged at Sydney Cove for theft.

1825 - Today the colonial streets were a'flutter with the first issue of Howe’s Weekly Commercial Express.
That was a newspaper, not a train.

1829 - Today saw Charlie Fremantle kicking his heels, complaining of being bored so his parents told him to go outside to play; he trotted off and ran a flag up the flagpole at the head of the Swan River.
Which was only slightly better than running his mother's bloomers up the mast in place of the sails.

1834 - Iron gang men attempted to burn the Newcastle gaol where they were confined until the Stockade was finished.

1835 - Peter Ogilvie was Appointed Commissioner of Crown lands in the colony of NSW.

1838 - Michael Magee was having a pretty crap day when he earned the distinction of being the first bloke to be hanged in South Oz. A runaway convict, Magee was hanged on Montefiore Hill for shooting at with intent to kill Sheriff Smart.

1843 - Matthew Whittle, Bushranger, was hanged at Bathurst for the attempted murder of Patrick Grady near Oberon.

1849 - Mrs. Crummer was presented with a portrait of her husband by from Newcastle citizens as a gesture of thanks to Major Crummer for his work as Magistrate.

1864 - The Morpeth Branch Railway Line (NSW) was flung open for choo-choo business.

1896 - Goulam Mahomet was hanged at Fremantle Prison for murder of Tagh Mahomet in the Mosque at Coolgardie.

1940 - The Aborigines' Protection - Report of the Public Service Board was tabled in the NSW Legislative Assembly by the Chief Secretary on this day in connection with the Aborigines Protection (Amendment) Bill.

1941 - It was announced that cars, trucks, motorbikes and broomsticks were being conscripted for the war effort.

1944 - Prime Minister Curtin had a bite to eat and a chinwag with them what live in Buck Palace.
Oh, and he nattered with other leaders on some little dispute going on around the world.

1953 - Victorian Liberal minister and lawyer, Trevor Donald Oldham, 53, and his wife, Kathleen, were killed in an air crash in India near Calcutta while on their way to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in London.

1959 - The Electricity Supply for Mackay was switched on at Calen.

1965 - The North Fitzroy to Rushall Railway line (Vic) was closed.

1968 - The Federal Government was forced into an embarrassing admission that the purchase price of the twenty-four American-made F-111 supersonic fighter-bombers, originally ordered by Menzies in 1963, had blown out by 140% from the original estimate of $112 million to $266 million.

1971 - The first [LGBT] Sunday Bar-B-Q is held at 393 Darling St Balmain.

1983 - 61 year old farmer Cliff Young won the 875 km Sydney-Melbourne footrace in five days, 14 hours.

1984 - Gay community representatives met with the ALP left.

1985 - The first issue of The Star Observer was published by Gay Publications Co-operative from Melbourne. The editor was Richard Turner.

2003 - The president of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB), Chris Puplick resignd. He rejected media reports that accused him of a conflict of interest in a gay harassment case the ADB considered in 2000.

2006 - ACON was invited to join the NSW Farmers Association’s Rural Mental Health Network.

2009 - Australia’s government said it will spend more than 70 billion US dollars boosting its defenses over the next 20 years in response to a regional military build-up and global shifts in power.

2010 - Australia said it would impose taxes worth billions of dollars on mining companies to tap the profits of an Asia-driven commodities surge, prompting warnings it could "kill" the boom.

2015 - Australian police said flash floods killed 5 people in south-east Queensland when their cars were swept away following a rain storm on the east coast.

2016 - A young Somali refugee living in Nauru set herself on fire. She was later flown to Australia by air ambulance and at the time of this post, remains in hospital. Reports suggest that she was transferred from Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation to Nauru a week before the incident. She was initially transferred to Brisbane for medical treatment.

2016 - Craig Wright, an Australian man long rumored to be associated with the digital currency Bitcoin, publicly identified himself as its creator, a claim that would end one of the biggest mysteries in the tech world. BBC News said that Wright told the media outlet he is the man previously known by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The computer scientist, inventor and academic said he launched the currency in 2009 with the help of others.

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