Friday, May 25, 2018

May 25 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1622 - The first English vessel to visit Oz was the Tryall, an East India Company-owned East Indiaman under the command of John Brooke who sighted Point Cloates before later on this day wrecking on Tryal Rocks, off the northwest coast of Australia. The crew remained on the Monte Bello Islands for 7 days, during that time sighting Barrow Island, before sailing to Batavia in a longboat. The Tryall is Australia's oldest known shipwreck

1768 - Captain Jimmy Cook set out for a jaunty sail on a bath tub named Endeavour which took him to the Great Southern Land.

1815 - William Steel was hanged at Hobart Town for bushranging.

1816 -  Macquarie awarded a gorget to Nurragingy or Creek Jemmy, inscribed ‘Chief of the South Creek Tribe’. This was the second gorget given by Macquarie.
Macquarie promised Nurragingy and Colebee a joint grant of 30 acres at South Creek (now Blacktown).

1825 - The Sydney Turf Club had the gee-gees running for the first time at Bellevue Hill.

1829 - James Naughton was hanged at Sydney Gaol for the murder of Elizabeth Watson. He was previously charged, with Edward Gorman, with murder in 1823.

1834 - John Tebbutt, astronomer, him wot discovered the Great Comet of 1861, was pupped at Windsor, New South Wales.

1836 - Gov Bourke sent a short-ish note to Baron Glenelg, Secretary of State, to report on this new settlement he called Bearbrass. There were 13 buildings, 142 blokes, 35 chickybabes, 26,900 woolly-backs (sheep for those not paying attention) , 57 neddies (horses), 100 beef on the hoof (you can probably figure that one out for yourself).

1839 - Letters were delivered to residents in Adelaide for the first time. Prior to this they had to front up to a tent/shop/horse/mud puddle to collect their snail mail.

1841 - Charles Cannon was hanged at Bathurst for the murder of Robert Bulmer at Cherry Tree Hill, near Carcoar.

1842 - Captain John Armstrong of the 99th regt. was appointed magistrate of the territory and assistant engineer at Newcatle stockade.

1847 - Joseph Wild, bushman and constable, was the first to be buried in Bong Bong cemetery. He was illiterate but played a large part in the colony's expansion into the interior as one of those who came to terms with the bush and without whose assistance the task of the more famous explorers would have been much greater

1860 - John Mackay's expedition party reached the coast of Mackay having traversed the Pioneer Valley.

1868 - The Aboriginal Cricket Team began playing their 47 matches in England, with all-rounder Johnny Mullagh playing in 45 matches.

1870 - Bushranger Captain Thunderbolt was allegedly shot dead near Uralla by Constable A.B. Walker. Much evidence, along with eye witness statements at the time, prove otherwise.

1871 - Lordy, those who had more money than sense began playing with it and plying it about the traps when the Sydney Stock Exchange was established.
Coincidence we went into a depression in the 1890s?
Good to see some traditions haven't changed.

1881 - A Small Pox epidemic - yeah, that's one nasty that has been eradicated due to sensible parenting and vaccinations - swept through The Rocks like a dose of salts from today for the following 9 months, causing 178 cases to be quarantined and 40 deaths.

1903 - The Hattah to Nowingi Railway line (Vic) opened.

1906 - 705 public servants, obviously with nothing better to do, petitioned the State Premier to let them nick off from work an hour earlier at 4.30pm.

1914 - The Canberra Railway Branch (ACT) was opened.

1921 - Today saw an amalgamation 0f Ballarat East and West.

1922 - Syd Heylen, forever known as Cookie from A Country Practice, was pupped.

1931 - Leopards never change their spots.
The Premier's Conference on this day vowed to increase tax, decrease wages, pensions and interest rates.

1939 - Aussie artists Sir William Dobell began to teach part time at East Sydney Technical College.

1947 - Rupert Charles Wulsten Bunny, wonderful St. Kilda-born artist, died in Melbourne.

1947 - Australia joined the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank).

1949 - Horsham, in western Victoria, suddenly topped being a village or a town overnight and was proclaimed a City!

1953 - The Leopards with consistent spots closed the Yarram to Woodside Railway Line (Vic).

1954 - The Wangi Power Station Railway Branch Line (NSW) was opened.

1966 - PM Harold Holt announced the death of Pvt Errol Wayne Noack, 21, the first National Service conscript to be killed in Vietnam.

1969 - Bullen's Circus gave its final performance at Parramatta.

1975 - The Courier Mail reported Coronation House, an ‘ageing’ five-storey building in Edward Street, Brisbane had been suggested as ‘a community youth centre with art as the main interest’. It went on to become the The Brisbane Community Arts Centre.

1987 - Acting Premier Bill Gunn appointed Tony Fitzgerald QC as a commissioner of inquiry into allegations about the Queensland Police Force.

1991 – The state election in New South Wales produced a hung parliament. Nick Greiner managed to form a minority government with the support of four Independent MPs.

1995 - The Full Bench of the Employee Relations Commission in Victoria proposed a multi-tiered wage system for Victorian workers under the state system.

1997 - Jurisdiction of the Industrial Relations Court of Australia was transferred to the Federal Court of Australia.

2002 - Stadium Australia hosted its first AFL match, Sydney v Essendon attracting 54,129 spectators (record match attendance outside Victoria).

2004 - Jetstar began bounding about the wide blue yonder with it's first flight from Newcastle to Melbourne and then onto to Launceston.

2005 - The Late, Great and irreplaceable Graham Kennedy exited the studio for good.

2006 - PM John Howard increased Australia’s contingent to Timor-Leste to some 1,300 troops. 500 Malaysians and troops from New Zealand and Portugal were also deployed.

2010 - : A 31-year-old Zimbabwean-born Australian citizen, who worked as a circus performer, appeared in a Sydney court for an extradition hearing to appear in a Queensland Court facing two charges relating to knowingly transmitting a serious disease. The man had been HIV-positive since 1997.

2012 - A long-running joust to host a radio telescope, the Square Kilometer Array, that would give mankind its farthest peek into the Universe ended with a Solomon-like judgement to split the site between two groups, Australia and New Zealand and South Africa.


  1. I MUCH prefer spotty leopards to our pollies.

  2. Those particular leopards never seem to change much lol.

  3. "1881 - A Small Pox epidemic"

    It is so hard to imagine what they went through back then, but as I scrolled down I saw a man charged with spreading HIV. I suppose things change and stay the same.

    1. Yes, each disease brings its own heartbreak, no matter the decade.

  4. 2004 Jetstar came to Launceston, that seems forever ago..
    Smallpox gosh so long ago, and I was vaccinated against it back in the 60's.

    1. Yep, I have the big round, small pox immunisation scar on my upper arm - I've noticed in Summer you can date a person by these scars LOL.

    2. I have the scar too! Got it in the 1970's in USA. Pretty sure it wasn't before then.

    3. I think it got phased out here in Oz about 1980-ish?