Sunday, May 27, 2018

May 27 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1792 -  A convict was killed while digging wells at Prospect Hill on the road from Parramatta. He had thirty spear wounds in his body, his head was cut open and most of his teeth were knocked out.

1792 - ‘It is an invariable rule with them [the people of this country] to Kill the first White man they can in revenge,’ the newly arrived Judge Advocate William Atkins commented in his journal.

1801 – The French cartographic expedition of Nicolas Baudin sighted Cape Leeuwin.

1815  - Australian politician and the 'Father of Federation', Sir Henry Parkes, was born.

1833 - Edward Green was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Edward Edwards at a shop in Pitt St.

1837 - Robert Hoddle, first Government Surveyor arrived in Melbourne.

1864 - South Australian Register reduced its cover price: 4d to 3d.

1869 - The Main South Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1869 - Bushranger Harry Power and his off-sider, a young chap by the name of Ned Kelly, were suspiciously loitering around the horses at Mt Battery Station and were shot at by Dr Rowe. How cynical of the good doctor!

1874 - Windich Springs, north-west of the Frere Range, was discovered and named on this day by John Forrest for his good friend Tommy Windich, Aboriginal tracker and explorer.

1879 - Aussie Opera singer Frances Amy Lillian Sherwin, the "Tasmanian Nightingale", began her five-week season with the Strakosch Company. Despite having just recovered from pneumonia, she sang Violetta in La Traviata and her voice was praised for its great range.

1897 - The mummified bodies of Australian explorers Charles Wells and George Jones were discovered by Laurence Wells and Dervish Bejah.

1901 - Wandee (or Wantee) A South Sea Islander who was hanged at Boggo Road Gaol for the murder of Alfred Burnstead near Townsville.

1915 - The railway line from Swan Hill to Piangil (Vic) was opened.

1920 - The Prince of Wales, who later changed his name by deed poll to become King Edward VII, arrived in Melbourne on HMS Renown, forgoing the transporter beam from the mothership for his tour of the Aussie states.
The 26-year-old travelled overland from Adelaide to Wallangarra, on the Queensland border. The royal visitors were provided with ‘a varied programme of kangaroo and emu hunting, buckjumping, with exhibitions of shearing etc’. Hugely popular, the Prince of Wales left Australia on 18 August 1920.

1924 - The North Shore Railway Line (NSW) was closed.

1930 - A committee of four experts was appointed to inquire into the workings of the South Australian Railways.

1967 - An Australian referendum recognised more Aboriginal rights as equal citizens.

1968 - A sweep outside Coral by D Company 1 RAR, supported by four Centurion tanks, smashed an enemy bunker systems and killed large numbers of VC and NVA.

1970 - On the same day as mass protests by ABC staff, Postmaster-General Alan Hulme backed down on attempts to cut the ABC budget. In the end, it was actually increased by $5 million.

1977 - The delightful rail motor RM 91 was the last to make the run from gorgeous Mansfield train station to Melbourne.

1982 - Victorian Premier John Cain (jnr) declared the State of Victoria to be up shyte creek without a paddle a nuclear-free state.

1994 - The not-quite-final-but-it-was-at-the-time passenger service from Ballarat to Ararat slipped along the rails.
But twas reopened - commonsense prevailed!!!- in 2004.

1995 - Fitzroy played a home match against West Coast Eagles at Bruce Stadium, Canberra.

1996 - David Malouf, Australian writer, won the $151,000 Int'l. IMPAC Dublin Literary Award for his novel “Remembering Babylon."

2000 -  The “Declaration of Reconciliation" was presented by prime Minister John Howard to help heal the history of government racism toward the native aborigines. Howard removed a phrase of apology in one passage and substituted regret.

2004 - Australia's conservative government introduced legislation to ban same-sex marriages and wants immigration rules to stop gays and lesbians from adopting foreign children. The government has also announced that same-sex partners will be recognized for the first time by federal authorities as dependents.

2005 – Schapelle Corby convicted of drug smuggling by an Indonesian court and sentenced to 20 years in gaol, later reduced to 15 and then reverted to 20 years.

2011 - Australian anesthesiologist, Dr. James Latham Peters (61), was charged with endangering his patients' lives after police alleged he infected nearly 50 women with hepatitis C at an abortion clinic.

2011 - It was reported that A 22-year-old Australian university student has solved a problem which has puzzled astrophysicists for decades, discovering part of the so-called "missing mass" of the universe during her summer break. Undergraduate Amelia Fraser-McKelvie made the breakthrough during a holiday internship with a team at Monash University's School of Physics, locating the mystery material within vast structures called "filaments of galaxies."

2013 -  Australian Broadcasting Corp. television reported that the plans for the 630 million Australian dollar ($608 million) Australian Security Intelligence Organization building had been stolen through a cyberattack by Chinese hackers on a building contractor.


  1. Windich Springs, north-west of the Frere Range, was discovered and named on this day by John Forrest for his good friend Tommy Windich, Aboriginal tracker and explorer. In 1874? John Forrest was a long way ahead of his time.

    1. Something so very rarely stated in this country, EC !

  2. I didn't know about the Tasmanian Nightingale - you learn several things each day :)