Tuesday, May 29, 2018

May 29 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1788 - Two convicts gave up eating and drinking when Aboriginals did them a nasty mischief at Rushcutter's Bay.

1807 - The first peal of church bells (oh yes, I can dredge up the most trivial of stuff) was heard throughout the colony when St Phillip's church in Sydney started banging its bells about.

1813 - Brig Mary & Sally arrived in Sydney from Shoalhaven with 4800 ft of cedar.

1815 - John Dixon began chugging the first steam engine in the new colony which was used to drive a flour mill to grind, unsurprisingly, not gold or sushi but wheat and corn.

1835 - John Batman, co-founder of Bearbrass/Batmania aka Melbourne, bobbed up like a turd in Port Phillip.

1855 - Henry Seekamp, newspaper editor, was arrested along with the other men involved in the Eureka Stockade, He was tried, and found guilty of seditious libel but his 6 month gaol sentence was halved when Governor Hotham was presented with a monster petition by the people of Ballarat on this day.

1860 - Official sittings of Queensland’s first parliament began on this day.

1863 - Putting absolutely no faith into those new fangled horse-less carriage things, bushranger Ben Hall put his money where his mouth was by announcing his preferred mode of transport when he nicked a prize race-horse from Burrowa.

1877 - The Ballarat Yacht Club was formed.

1877 - Thomas Newman was hanged at Old Dubbo Gaol for the murder of a child, Mary-Ann McGregor, near Coonabarabran.

1884 - At Ashfield Recreation Ground they began preparations for a Bowling Green.

1888 - John Creighan (alias Grace) was hanged at Armidale for the murder of Jack Stapleton at Hillgrove.

1893 - A number of South Australians bound for the 'New Australia' in Paraguay left Adelaide by rail for Sydney.William Lane of Queensland recruited people from the colonies to join him in his experimental venture in Utopian Socialism in South America. Paraguay was described as a land of running waters, with unparalleled fertility, and a stable and progressive government. Among the group from South Australia was George Birks who sold the family chemist shop in Rundle Street. Other people also sold their homes and possessions and contributed to a communal fund. In Sydney they joined with other followers and sailed for South America on the Royal Tar to establish an ideal communist settlement.

1897 - Round 4 of the VFL season saw the results as follows ;
Geelong 5.14 (44) def.         Carlton 3.4 (22)             Corio Oval
South Melbourne 5.11 (41) def. Collingwood 5.3 (33)      Lake Oval
Fitzroy 2.8 (20) def. by         Essendon 6.6 (42)      Brunswick Street Oval
Melbourne 11.10 (76) def.        St Kilda 7.4 (46)              Melbourne Cricket Ground

1904 – Cyclist and politician Hubert Opperman was pupped in the town of Rochester, Victoria.

1916 - The Rozelle - Darling Harbour Goods Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1917 - Tasmania’s coat of arms was approved by Royal Warrant from King George V.

1918 - Dr. Phoebe Chapple was inspecting the women's camps when, because of intense bombing, she and forty women sheltered in trenches. A direct hit killed nine and injured several others. For 'gallantry and devotion to duty' on this occasion, Dr Chapple received the rare award for a woman of the Military Medal.

1935 - 2,500 Gumsuckers (that's Victorian's to you) celebrated the centenary of John Batman's arrival with a re-enactment. Sadly John Batman was unable to attend that day....something to do with being a little bit dead.

1942 - One of the Dunera Boys, Leonhard Adam, was paroled from the internment camp at Tatura to the National Museum of Victoria, given residence at Queen's College, University of Melbourne, and placed under the supervision of Professor Max Crawford to embark upon a research project on the Aborigines' use of stone.

1948 - Referendum
A proposal to give the Commonwealth Parliament ongoing power to make laws with respect to rents and prices was not carried.

1956 – Frank Beaurepaire, swimming world record holder, businessman, and former Lord Mayor of Melbourne, died aged 65.

1965 - The Captain Cook Bridge spanning the Cook's River, opened in Sydney's southern suburbs.

1967 - The Aussie $5 note began socialising and circulating with all and sundry, showing none of the aloof dignity of its great aunt the $50 note.

1967 - Prime Minister Harold Holt said, of the release of the results of the referendum,
"The grant of power to the commonwealth in relation to Aborigines, which follows from the vote, will enable it to play a useful part in ensuring justice and social acceptance for people of the Aboriginal race."

1975 – The Family Court of Australia was established.

1976 - Reconstruction began on Christ Church Anglican Cathedral after destruction from Cyclone Tracy.

1980 - Coastal Waters (State Powers) Act
The Commonwealth returned control of coastal waters to the States. The federal government had taken control of these waters in 1973.

1983 - Fred Nile, in Sydney, called for all gay men to be quarantined.
But Fred, they're only too happy to embrace you, sweetums!

1984 - The Gay Immigration Task Force was formed.

1985 - The Human Rights Commission recommended that the lovers of Australian citizens should be allowed to migrate to Australia.

1992 - The Torres Strait Islander flag was designed by the late Bernard Namok from Thursday Island. It was the winning entry in a design competition, held as part of a Cultural Revival Workshop, organised by The Islands Coordinating Council. The flag was officially presented to the people of the Torres Strait at the sixth Torres Strait Cultural Festival on this day.

1992 - Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby Anti-Violence Project (AVP) received funding from NSW Department of Health.

1998 - Unions applied to have Family Law extended to same sex couples in Catholic Church Awards, in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

2003 – A hijack attempt on Qantas Flight 1737 between Melbourne and Launceston was thwarted by a flight attendant and passengers.


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