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May 3 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1792 - A 36,000 litre water tank was built on the Tank Stream in Sydney, for the town's water supply. Goodness, collecting water for human consumption! Thank goodness they've outlawed that nonsense these days....

1804 - William Moree, a lieutenant of the New South Wales Rum Corps, ordered to open fire at Risdon Cove, Tasmania, on a group of about 300 Aboriginal people who were probably hunting kangaroos. Between 30 and 60 Aboriginal people were killed. The Lieutenant tried to cover-up the incident, claiming only 3 had been shot . Hostilities increased - the slaughter of Aboriginal people in Australia had begun. Settlers were authorised to shoot unarmed Aboriginal people.

1820 – John Joseph Therry and Philip Conolly, the first appointed frocked up Roman Catholic priests in Oz, rocked up in Sydney.

1821 - Mary, schooner, left Sydney for Port Dalrymple, Tasmania, but was wrecked at Twofold Bay.

1827 - The “Stamp Act” (a duty on newspapers) was passed by Legislative Council, but never enforced.

1840 – New Zealand was officially proclaimed a separate colony from New South Wales...something the Kiwis are still celebrating today.

1842 - John Walsh was hanged at Bathurst for the murder of Catherine Collitt at Mt Victoria.

1847 - Ladies of Australia & New Zealand rejoice!
For today the news of ether anesthesia reached our far shores via the ship The Lightning in 1847, bringing with it the news that we can all get knocked out whilst in childbirth and wake up to a bouncing squalling babe who looks nothing like the placid ink drawings in those outdated mothercraft booklets the schools handed out as part of sex ed.

1851 - The Sydney Ducks (NOT the Sydney Swans!) were blamed for a fire which broke out following a severe earthquake on May 1. Looting was rife, and blame centred on the Australians when a man recognised as a Sydney-Towner was seen running from a paint shop shortly before it exploded in flames. The area remained notorious for its vicious crimes until Sydney Duck member John Jenkins was lynched by vigilantes on 10 June 1851. Following his hanging, the population of Sydney Town dropped significantly as many Australians fled the area.

1864 - The Newcastle Stockade, located at the foot of the sand hills and near the Harbour Master's Office, was completely razed to the ground. Had battled sand and weather for many years. The noise and dust occasioned by the fall caused quite an alarm in the town and a large number of people gathered to contemplate the ruins. Had lately been used as a store by the harbour dept and as a drill room for the Naval Brigade. Two boats underneath in the cellar were completely destroyed.

1879 - Unauthorised piracy abounded when HMS Pinafore opened at the Sydney School of Arts.

1886 - Legendary pioneer magician and inventor Percy Abbott was hatched in Braidwood on this day, creating fun and magic around Oz before establishing himself in Colon, Michigan.

1910 - Gunzels galore, celebrate the opening of the narrow gauge railway line (VIC) from Moe to Walhalla !

1913 - The 5th federal election was held.
House of Representatives and 18 Senate seats.

1915 - The first Gallipoli casualty lists appeared in the Hobart Mercury under the heading — Roll of Honour, Killed and Wounded.

1917 - Second attack on Bullecourt ;Operations against the Hindenburg line at Bullecourt were aimed at protecting the British flank during operations at Arras. After a disastrous first attempt, a second involving the 2nd Australian Division was made. That attack succeeded, at a cost of about 7,000 allied casualties.

1926 - The first named train on Victoria Railways, the Geelong Flier, began ripping up the rails.

1927 - Those new-fangled commuters were treated to a new railway line when the Goroke to Carpolac (VIC) line opened.

1927 - The All-Australian Trade Union Congress opened in Melbourne at the Trades Hall with W.J. Duggan of the Trades Hall as Chairman. There were 159 delegates from 108 unions and branches, mostly from Victoria, who went on at this Congress to found the Australasian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU).

1932 - Unemployment relief
The Loan (Unemployment Relief Works) Act authorised the government to grant money from a fund of 1,800,000 pounds for relief work approved by employment councils in each State.

1964 - In Canberra all those party animals were reporting seeing UFOs playing aerial ping pong with each other.
Yes, Canberra...that hotbed of excitement and beige tweed.

1970 – In another boring duty day Queen Elizabeth II opened a new international passenger terminal at Sydney Airport , in Mascot, New South Wales, in an event that is apparently deemed historical *yawn*.

1970 - David Syme’s Melbourne evening newspaper Newsday ceased publication after seven months; it cost Syme $3 million and 67 journalists their jobs.

1975 - The ever young and gorgeous Marcia Hines let loose her first hit single, Fire and Rain.

1978 - The equally ever young and gorgeous John Paul Young, aka Squeak, sang his hit single Love Is In The Air on Britain's Top of The Pops while it was running out of stores at the rate of 18,000 copies per day.

1986 - Dr Julian Gold head of the Albion Street Medical Centre, claimed that there was “an active homosexual campaign currently operating around Australia discouraging people from being (AIDS anti-body) tested.”

1988 - Only Heaven Knows, a gay musical by writer performer and composer, Alex Harding opened at the Stables Theatre, Kings Cross.

1999 - The Council of the University of Melbourne declared the formation of the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre (Austehc) in the Faculty of Arts. The Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre (Austehc) of the University of Melbourne was formed to sustain the academic, heritage and research activities of the Australian Science Archives Project.

2004 - Seeing the error of their ways Them In Power reopened the Sale to Bairnsdale (VIC) railway line to passenger traffic.

2006 - The coastlines of NSW, QLD, Tassie and Victoria were awash with watery stuff caused by a tsunami originating in Tonga.

2007 - Australia signed the first in a series of contracts that will see its air force buy 24 Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter-bombers from the US Navy.

2013 - Australia announced a significant boost to its military air power, committing to buy up to new 100 Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, as it shifts its focus back to the Indo-Pacific as China and India beef up forces.

2015 - The Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) and Australian Wikipedians held a meet-up at the National Tennis Centre, Melbourne Park. The History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia is a project to create, update and maintain Wikipedia articles about Australia at the Paralympics, including the history of the Paralympic movement in Australia, Australian Paralympic teams, athletes, significant events, and the classification systems for Paralympic sport.

2016 - Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, blamed advocates for a series of incidents in Nauru, alleging they encourage asylum seekers and refugees in Nauru “to behave in a certain way”.

2017 - Josh Frydenberg, the Minister for the Environment and Energy, announced a competition in which 12 Australian students had the chance to travel to Antarctica for a day, as part of the Australian Antarctic Program.

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