Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May 30 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1808 - John Brown was hanged at Sydney. A convict who escaped from custody and remained at large in the Van Diemen's Land wilderness for some 20 months. During this time, with John Lemon (Lemon was shot dead while resisting capture) he was involved in the murder of three soldiers, Corporal John Curry, Private Robert Grindstone and Private James Daniels. For his involvement in the crimes Brown was transported from Van Diemen's Land to Sydney to stand trial. His body was dissected and gibbeted.

1821 - John Morell was hanged at Launceston for stealing.

1821 - Daniel McCarthy was hanged at Launceston.

1821 - Robert Gillaird was hanged at Launceston.

1821 - William Lloyd was hanged at Launceston.

1821 - Patrick Kane was hanged at Launceston.

1825 - James Wright was hanged at Sydney for the axe murder of his wife Mary Ann at the Hawkesbury.

1838 - George Comerford, Bushranger, was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Constable Matthew Thompkins at Deep Creek, near Eganstown in the Port Phillip District. Comerford had murdered (or been involved in the murder of) at least seven men.

1838 - German missionaries became the first free men and women to be permitted within the confines of the convict settlement of Moreton Bay.

1842 - Newcastle Gaol was straining a little at the seams with 160 prisoners gracing the gaol with their presence. 100 were to stand trial at the next Quarter Sessions including a soldier and 4 convicts who obviously did not appreciate  escaped from Nobbys Island

1854 - James Talbot was hanged at Goulburn for the murder of James Barry at Kangaloola Creek, near Yass.

1861 - William Wills returned to the Cooper’s Creek depot and left an updated message as to the Burke party’s plight.

1863 - The furnaces of the gas works at Brompton were fired for the first time. This followed two years of work to get the South Australian Gas Company established.
Finally, all the Crow Eaters could stop guzzling the baked beans.

1870 - The Perth Town Hall was officially opposed to the public servants sneakily opening up for business and working over-time without the council being aware....

1886  - The Ly-ee-Moon steamer ran aground off Cape Green lighthouse in southern NSW, Australia, killing 71.

1887 - Christopher Pickford was hanged at Boggo Road Gaol for the murder of Martin Emmerson at Ravenswood Junction.

1890 - The railway line from Kerang to Swan Hill (Vic) was opened.

1890 - The rail line from Camberwell to Waverley Road (Vic) opened.

1894  - Explorer David Carnegie found gold at Niagara Creek, Western Australia.

1903 - Todays Round Five results in AFL -
Fitzroy 13.17 (95)         St Kilda     3.10 (28)            Brunswick Street Oval
Essendon 10.13 (73)         Geelong     5.10 (40)          East Melbourne Cricket Ground
Collingwood 10.17 (77) Melbourne  7.4 (46)           Victoria Park
South Melbourne 5.4 (34) Carlton      10.7 (67)           Lake Oval

1911 – The Supreme Court of the Northern Territory was established.

1912 - Royal Australian Navy's first cruiser HMAS Melbourne was launched at Birkenhead, England.

1914 - Mr. W Furnell as governor of the Geelong gaol, was promoted to Melbourne to the Governor of the Melbourne gaol (old Melbourne gaol).

1915 - The South Coast Railway Line (NSW) was opened for business from Helensburgh Temporary Junction to Otford, and from the Metropolitan Colliery Junction to  Metropolitan Colliery.

1923 – Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom signed an agreement to share the administration of former German colony Nauru.

1925 - Millicent Preston -Stanley showed the lads how it was done when she became the first female of the species in the NSW Legislative Assembly.

1928 - Acclaimed Aussie artist Pro Hart was pupped in Broken Hill.

1947 - The Secretary of Blackalls Cricket Club (Mr. C. Watkins) said members were concerned because no sanitary conveniences were provided at the ground. Members were willing to erect the building if material were supplied.

1953 - Milan Hlavenka, a 32-year-old Czechoslovakian migrant student, was battered to death and robbed of £8/8/ while he slept, dressed in pyjamas, in a sleeping bag on the banks of the Murray near Mildura.
No one was ever convicted for the murder.

1954 - Sir Arthur Faddan (13th Prime Minister of Australia) was injured in a car accident at Grantham, about 80 miles from Brisbane.

1957 - The 28-acre Allan & Stark Chermside Drive In, Brisbane, opened as the first drive-in shopping centre in the southern hemisphere, with 26 stores, 700 car parking spaces and 15,000 people in attendance.

1958 - The Monash University at Clayton, east of Melbourne, was officially established with the proclamation of the Monash University Act and the gazettal of the Interim Council with Robert Rutherford Blackwood as the first Chairman and later Chancellor.

1971 - The Upfield railway line (Vic) lost its Sunday passenger service.
Not sure if they've looked behind the couch cushions...?

1985 - Magistrate Reason of the Newcastle Magistrate’s Court, finds three works by Juan Davila exhibited at the Lake Macquarie Art Gallery in 1984, were “offensive”.

1986 - Terry Divola, a driving force behind the T-cell Group, died from an AIDS related illness, aged 38.

1988 – Expo '88 begins in Brisbane, 18 million visits were made in the six months it was open.

1988 - A candlelight rally to highlight AIDS issues was held. It starts at Taylor Square and ended at the Pitt Street Uniting Church.

1989 – Ananda Marga member Tim Anderson was arrested on charges related to the 1978 Hilton bombing.

1990 - Midnight Oil were popular when they closed down busy Sixth Avenue in New York as they played a freebie lunchtime concert in front of the Exxon offices after a little mishap known as the Exxon Valdez disaster. They sported a banner reading "Midnight Oil makes you dance, Exxon Oil makes us sick". Anyone hearing Peter Garrett warble of late might confuse the two statements...

1991 – A television report revealed that Bob Hawke made a secret agreement to hand over the ALP leadership to Paul Keating in 1988.

1992 - FROXS (Faggots Reclaiming Oxford St) launched a poster campaign over ‘the repulsion of breeders overtly flaunting heterosexism’ in Oxford Street.

1993 - At 278 Napier Street Bendigo Professor Mark Armstrong, then chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, cut the metaphorical ribbon on the new radio studios.

1999 - The Bolte Bridge, that spans, strangely, a spot of H2O named the Yarra River, was opened by Jeff Kennett. It was named in honour of Sir Henry Bolte, a former Vic premier, who was, also strangely, dead.

2001 - One Tel collapsed in Sydney.

2004 - Australians have been warned they face an environmental crisis unless they stop squandering scarce water resources in the world's most arid inhabited continent.

2007 - The Australian Citizenship Amendment (Citizenship Testing) Bill 2007 was introduced into Parliament.

2010 - The Queensland President of the AMA, Dr Mason Stevenson, said there was need for a national register to monitor the behaviour of patients with HIV, highlighting the case of a circus acrobat accused of knowingly spreading the virus to possibly hundreds of women.

2011 - Australian robots have begun talking to each other in a language of their own devising. Two "Lingodroids," developed by the University of Queensland, have picked up their shared language by playing location games that led them to construct a shared vocabulary for places, distances and directions.

2016 - Isobar and the city of Bendigo launched a free app, 'Vahland's Bendigo' app, that celebrates the work of acclaimed architect William Charles Vahland.


  1. A lot of hangings again in Launceston. Must have had a day for it, they the authorities certainly didn't much about back then..

  2. Lots and lots of hangings. Fortunately drawing and quartering seemed less common.
    Sigh on the water issues.
    And Nauru.

    1. I think the drawing & quartering few out of favour with housewives struggling to get the blood out of clothes.

  3. Sounds like the hangings impressed us all - wonder if word got around to beware the 30th of May!

    1. Every other day they were hanging hordes of no good blokes.

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