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May 4 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1809 - The Factory at Parramatta was re-established under the direction of Mr. Benjamin Barrow, and was open for the reception of Wool and Flax for the Fabrication of Woollen and Linen Cloth on the same Terms as when under the Superintendence of the late Mr. Mealmaker.

1816 - Macquarie announced a set of regulations controlling the movement of Aboriginal people. No Aboriginal person was to appear armed within a mile of any settlement and no more than six Aboriginal people were allowed to ‘lurk or loiter near farms’.
Passports or certificates were issued to Aboriginal people “who conduct themselves in a suitable manner”, to show they were officially accepted by Europeans.

1818 - The New Female Factory was designed by convict architect Francis Greenaway with the foundation stone laid by Governor Macquarie on this day.

1826 - Matthew Brady, the Gentleman Bushranger who had been captured by the bounty hunter and Melbourne's founder John Batman, was hanged.

1826 - Patrick Bryant was hanged at Hobart for Murder, robberies and bushranging.

1826 - Thomas Jeffries was hanged at Hobart for Murder, robberies and bushranging.
And the odd spot of cannibalism.
And serial killing.

1826 - John Perry was hanged at Hobart for Murder, robberies and bushranging.

1826 - John Thompson was hanged at Hobart for murder of Mary Smith.

1829 - William Davison was hanged at Sydney for stealing cattle from James Laidley at Bathurst.

1829 - John Whelan was hanged at Sydney for stealing cattle from James Laidley at Bathurst.

1829 - John Shorter was hanged at Sydney for stealing cattle from James Laidley at Bathurst.

1829 - George Smith was hanged at Sydney for burglary in the Illawarra district.

1829 - John Allwright was hanged at Sydney for burglary in the Illawarra district.

1829 - George McDonald was hanged at Sydney for burglary and putting in fear in the Illawarra district.

1835 - John McCarthy was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Constable Duncan Kennedy near Carcoar.

1842 - The colony of the Moreton Bay District was declared a free settlement.

1847 - Earl Grey, having partaken of his cuppa, closed the convict establishment in NSW and kicked all the convicts down south to Tassie.

1852 - The Second Gold Escort rocked up in Adelaide, returning wealth from the Victorian goldfields to the colony of South Australia.
Hmmm, got our gold there, Croweaters?
How about you toss it back here....we'll give back the Grand Prix....

1859 - Robert Brown was hanged at Campbell Street Gaol for the rape of a three-year-old at Triabunna.

1860 - John Nash was hanged at Campbell Street Gaol for the murder of William Iles near Cleveland.

1864 - The first trout eggs introduced to Australia began to hatch.
Surprisingly, they were itty bitty trout.
Not the two headed Cthulhu dragon of legend.

1865 - Joseph "Quiet Joe" Brown was hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Emmanuel "Dodger" Jacobs at the Whittington Tavern, Bourke Street Melbourne.

1866 - The General Grant (a ship not an army person!) sailed out of Melbourne to London (why they couldn't enjoy the sightseeing here I don't know, the weather's nicer for one thing and you get those dinky umbrellas in your cocktails...) but it sort of crunched into cliffs on the Auckland Islands and it was tears before bedtime.

1867 - John Kelly was hanged at Beechworth for sodomy on eighteen-month-old James Strack at Wangaratta.

1868 - Oh, can't you feel the thrills running up your spine when I whisper in your shell-like ear that ink and paper were produced for the first time in Oz on this date in 1868?
If you keep snoring like that I shall poke you with something sharp.

1871 - Melbourne's Alfred Hospital was opened with a flourish and it's doors have never closed since.

1877 - The Victorian Football Association was formed as the controlling body for Australian Rules Football.

1897 - The first ocean-going steamer parked its prow at the newly constructed Fremantle Harbour.

1897 - Future Prez of the USA, Herbert Hoover, made his grand entrance to Coolgardie where he was a rep of a mining consultation firm. 1909 - Proving pollies are forever muddying the waters, a Royal Commission was established into the Murray Waters....and they're still mucking about with that pond of H2o today.

1904 - Manoor Mohomet was hanged at Fremantle Prison for the murder of Meer, an Afghan, at Kensington, near Menzies.

1910 - Royal Commission appointed to inquire into the claims arising out of the contract entered into between Peter Rodger and the Victorian Railways Commissioners for the erection of Flinders Street new Station Buildings.
Proof that the damn building was NOT INTENDED FOR INDIA.

1912 - Steele Rudd's play, On Our Selection, which gave us Dad and Dave, was debuted in Sydney.

1917 - A Zepplin dropped a shedload of shite on HMAS Sydney.

1922 - That banned know, the one they held a trial over...and then banned the book of the trial itself...full of sex...the book, not the trial...something to do with a green thumb..anyway, the author, (who hadn't penned his adult book yet) DH Lawrence rocked up to Fremantle in 1922.

1935 - Today saw those speed-demons getting all flustered and excited when the very first Australian Midget Auto Racing Championship was held at Melbourne's Olympic Park.

1942 - The five-day Battle of the Coral Sea, fought between the Imperial Japanese Navy and Allied naval and air forces, commenced in the Coral Sea, between Australia and the Solomon Islands.

1957 - The Maryborough to Ararat (Vic) railway passenger service ended.

1972 - Harry M. Miller's Australian production of the Tim Rice-Andrew Lloyd Webber rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar opened at Sydney's Capitol Theatre. The cast, drawn from both the theatre and the rock scene, featured English singer Trevor White (ex-Sounds Incorporated), former Sebastian Hardie lead singer Jon English, actress/singer Michelle Fawdon, Reg Livermore (ex-Hair), and former Easybeats lead singer Stevie Wright, with ex-Tully keyboardist Michael Carlos leading the orchestra. The innovative production, designed by Paul Thompson and directed by Jim Sharman, also set new standards for Australian theatre technology and sound.

1974 - AAMI Stadium in Sth Oz saw it's first bit 'o' flesh action when Central District and North Adelaide had at it.

1981 - A public meeting was called to discuss the 1982 Mardi Gras at the Heffron Hall.

1986 - The four-day Australian Anarchist Centenary Celebrations, commemorating the foundation of the Melbourne Anarchist Club, conclude in Melbourne, Victoria.

1988 - QEII beamed down from the mothership, yet again, and officiated at the opening of the Darling Harbour redevelopment.

1992 -  AFL Headquarters were relocated to MCG Great Southern Stand.

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