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May 5 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1788 - The Lady Penrhyn returned to England in the company of Scarborough and Charlotte via China, where a cargo of goods was picked up to help cover the cost of the voyage.

1788 -  The cattle bought from the Cape all strayed.

1805 - Report on the wreck of the Nancy and journey of survivors overland from Jervis Bay to Sydney.

1805 - Government Orders of this day state,
"Aboriginal clans ‘composed of families well known about Prospect and Parramatta, with some strangers from the Cowpastures’ are permitted to ‘sit down’ (camp) between Prospect and the Georges River. Orders are given that they should not be molested."

1805 -  Bennelong, says Congregational minister, Reverend W. Pascoe Crook, ‘visits the settlements [Sydney and Parramatta] now and then, is very polite, begs a loaf and departs’.

1818 - Arrival of the convict ship Neptune.
The Neptune brought with her 170 convicts as well as 16 men who had escaped from New South Wales in the vessel Harriet and were apprehended at the Cape.

1826 - The hangman at Hobart was a busy chappy today with the neck stretching of the following lucky contestants...
Samuel Hodgetts - Hanged at Hobart for Murder, robberies and bushranging
James McKenney - Hanged at Hobart for Murder, robberies and bushranging
James Goodwin - Hanged at Hobart for Murder, robberies and bushranging
John Gregory - Hanged at Hobart for Murder, robberies and bushranging
John Tilley - Hanged at Hobart for Murder, robberies and bushranging
William Brown - Hanged at Hobart for Murder, robberies and bushranging

1828 - William Regan was hanged at Sydney for the murder of James Davis in Castlereagh St.

1830 -  James Reid was robbed by bushranger Stephen Toole at Nelson's Plains NSW.

1834 - A Temperance Society was formed in Sydney.

1840 - A public meeting in Melbourne decided they no longer agreed with their northern cousin's style of petticoat wearing whilst playing football and petitioned for a formal separation from NSW.

1849 - J.H. Crummer and H. Baker were the only people to attend nominations for district Councillors in Newcastle.

1854 - Charles La Trobe stepped down as Lt-Gov of Victoria and, having packed his bat and ball, sailed for England the next day.

1855 - Norfolk Island ceased to be a convict penal settlement.

1857 - Ballaarat East Municipality was proclaimed.

1858 - Henry Madigan was hanged at Launceston for fratricide at Prosser's Forest, Ravenswood.

1862 - Henry Keene ,Bushranger, was hanged at Goulburn for the murder of James Lawrie.

1862 - Benjamin Allerton , Bushranger, was hanged at Goulburn for robbery and wounding with intent at Wakool.

1864 - Happy Birthday to the first trout hatched in Oz.

1865 - Ben Hall, a bloke pushed into bushranging like Ned Kelly, was shot dead in NSW.

1872 - The Main North Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Wingen to Murrurundi.

1877 - A series of waves were recorded at Fort Denison, Sydney Harbour, with effects of a North Chile-originating tsunami being felt along the coastlines of QLD and NSW.

1893 - The banks were having a bit of a bad patch with The Colonial Bank of Australasia, Qld National Bank and Bank of North Qld, Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, City of Melbourne Bank and Royal Bank of Qld all suspending payments and closing their doors from May 5th - May 17th after which they eventually reopened after massive "restructuring".

1894 - The Aussie term "Fair dinkum" appeared in print for the first time, in the fair dinkum bushies bible, The Bulletin.

1900 - St Kilda successfully protested against Melbourne to win its first VFL match after 48 straight losses.

1901 - Despite a ban on the May Day procession in Melbourne thirty people gathered at the Burke and Wills statue outside State parliament to march to the Yarra Bank. Chummy Fleming, the Melbourne anarchist who initiated the first May Day March in Australia in Melbourne in 1891, led the procession carrying his red flag. Under banners reading "free railways" and "8 hours labour or less", they began their stroll down Bourke and Swanston street. At the intersection of Bourke and Swanston Street, the little procession was split up by a regiment of cadets.
1500 people gathered at the Yarra Bank around a platform. When the brass band stopped playing, a number of speakers paid tribute to May Day, then stated that "the worker was an abject slave who was downtrodden and oppressed both by capital and Government". The press was slammed as "abominable deluge of infernal rubbish". Resolutions carried by the crowd "opposed militarism in all its forms, expressed a determination to overthrow capitalism and wagedom, to bring in an international co-operative Commonwealth in which the instruments of industry would be owned and controlled by the community, they affirmed the principles of one vote one value and a tax on land values and they demanded the legislative enactment of eight hours and a just wage in all occupations.

1906 - Electric trams began tootling their way from St Kilda to Brighton, also known as the "bush tramway", to convey those whose long noses looked down upon St Kilda but found the same coast line more agreeable in Brighton.

1910 - Carlos Augustus Bonello was hanged at Adelaide Gaol for the murder of Norma Plush at Siegersdorf.

1913 - Yarralumla was snapped up for a song by the Commonwealth as the Gov-Gen's official residence in Canberra.

1915 - Australians and New Zealanders on Cape Helles - The 2nd Australian Brigade and the New Zealand Brigade were redeployed from Anzac Cove to Cape Helles to assist British and French troops in their attempts to capture the dominating heights known as Achi Baba.

1917 - In a Federal Election on this day silly Billy Hughes was re-elected as Prima Ballerina of The Fair Isle of Oz.

1921 - The Beetomba to Cudgewa railway line (VIC) opened .

1927 - The Australian Law Journal was first published.

1930 - Lord Somers opened the East Malvern to Glen Waverley railway line (VIC) that was kitted out with those new electric train services.

1940 - Scandal! Bribery! Politics!
Royal Commission to inquire into allegations of bribery in connexion with the Money Lenders Bill 1938, and the Milk Board Bill 1938 presented its final report to Vic Parliament.
The more things change....

1942 - A directive issued by South West Pacific Area HeadQuarters referred to full necessary action for defensive measures against gas and provision for the offensive use as a retaliatory measure.

1947 – Sixteen people were killed and 38 injured when a crowded picnic train derailed near Camp Mountain, Queensland.

1951 - John Flynn, he who helped create the Aboriginal Inland Missions and The Royal Flying Doctor Service, passed on his own wings into the great beyond.

1956 - Fawkner to Somerton railway line (VIC) was closed.

1968 - Three Australian journalists were killed by Viet Cong near Saigon; a fourth escaped.

1970 - As part of the Vietnam Moratorium protests, students and teachers in Sydney suspended "business as usual" and converged on Australia Square for and Act of Conscience to end the war", to express their individual opposition to the Vietnam war.

1970 - The Australian Drug Evaluation Committee warned Australian women not to use brands of the contraceptive pill which contain high oestrogen levels, following controversy overseas about possible health risks.

1970 -  The ABC became the focus of a major political controversy when the Chairman, Sir Robert Madgwick received a letter from Postmaster-General Alan Hulme, instructing him that the 1970/71 ABC budget would be cut by $500,000, and that $250,000 of this should be taken from current affairs. ABC management immediately realised that this was an attempt to censor programs like Four Cormers and This Day Tonight, which had been a thorn in the side of the Federal Government. Hulme's letter sparked mass protests by staff.

1973 - Gay Liberation Dance was held at Paddington Town Hall. 700 attended and some were harassed by sharpies in the street.

1975 - "Newsvoice" replaced the "Young World" program on ABC Radio, ending the 43-year run of the Children's Session.

1985 - Paul Mortimer alleged that two police assaulted him at the Taxi Club and later at Darlinghurst Police Station and subsequently took these allegations to the NSW Ombudsman.
The NSW Police Tribunal found charges of misconduct against two policemen two years later.

1987 - Charges against Fabian Lo Schiavo and Edwin Peter Collard for offensive behaviour during the 1986 papal visit were proven but dismissed by Castlereagh Street Local Magistrates Court.

1992 - The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet and 1989 Nobel Laureate visited the Victorian Parliament.

1998 – Four Royal Australian Navy sailors died from carbon monoxide poisoning after a fire aboard HMAS Westralia.

2009 - Australia's army started shooting 6,000 kangaroos to thin their population on an army training ground near the capital, outraging conservationists who vowed to protest.

2013 - It was announced that families had been forced to leave their homes on Norfolk Island after the federal government backed away from a financial reform package that would bring social security services including Medicare and unemployment benefits to islanders.

2016 - A group of 12 Sri Lankan asylum seekers whose boat was intercepted by Australian authorities near Cocos Island earlier in the week were screened at sea before being returned to Sri Lanka. They were reportedly arrested on arrival at Colombo airport.

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