Monday, May 7, 2018

May 7 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1814 - A militia of ex-soldiers fired on a large group of Gundungurra feasting on corn at Milehouse’s farm at Appin, 70 kilometres south-west of Sydney, killing a boy. The Aborigines fled after they killed veteran trooper Isaac Eustace and cut off his hand. Aborigines killed a woman and two children at nearby Butcher’s farm

1815 – Governor Lachlan Macquarie picked out the prettiest parcel of land to become the site of the town of Bathurst, New South Wales.

1816 - Lachlan Macquarie, (Gov'ner, His Nibs or That Bastard to the likes of you and I ) paid the following Sums of money – or granted Orders on the King's Stores for Liquor, Provisions, and Slops, to the undermentioned European and Native Guides, Constables, Carters & who accompanied the Military Detachments recently employed against the Natives:

Remunerations in Cash —
To John Warbey – Guide £12. –. – Curcy.
To John Jackson – Guide £12. –. – do.
To John Pawson – Guide £12. –. – do.
To Thomas Simpson – Guide £12. –. – do.
To Joseph Mc.Loughlin – Guide £12. –. – do.
To Christopher Anderson – Carter £5. –. – do.
To Henry Mc.Kudding – Cart Hire &c. £9. 5. – do.
To Thomas Nobles – Guide £3. –. – do.
To Corpl. Partridge 46th. Repairing Carts £3. –. – do.
To Private Lidstone 46th. Repairing Carts £3. –. – do

The 5 first mentioned Guides received also from the Store each a Complete Suit of Slops including Shoes and Blankets – and also four Days Provisions. —

To each Noncomd. Officer & Soldier employed on the late Service, there were issued from the King's Store one Pair of Shoes and Half a Pint of Spirits.

Remunerations to Native Guides: —
To Bidjee Bidjee
To Harry
To Bundell
To Tindall
To Colebee
To Creek-Jemmy – or Nurragingy
Each a Complete Suit of Slops including Blanket – 4 Days Provisions, Half Pint of Spirits – and Half Pound of Tobacco.

Macquarie also gave Orders on the Store to the undermentioned Commissioned Officers employed on the late Service against the Natives for the quantities of Spirits specified against their respective Names – as Donations from Government to defray in part their Extra Expences whilst Employed on the said Service:
To Captain Schaw 15 Gallons
To Captain Wallis 15 Gallons
To Lieut. Dawe 10 Gallons
To Lieut. Grant 10 Gallons
To Lieut. Parker 10 Gallons
To Asst. Surgeon Bush 10 Gallons

1824 - The Supreme Court of Tassie was born after a few strokes of a quill on parchment.

1828 - There was a Census of Illawarra Aborigines.

1832 - John Hammell was hanged at Sydney for the murder of his overseer George Williamson with a spade at Grose Farm (today Sydney University).

1849 - James Richardson was hanged at Darlinghurst for the murder of his wife Elizabeth Richardson at Campbelltown. He had also murdered Elizabeth's daughter and nine-month-old grandchild and attempted to murder a four-year-old grandchild.

1851 - L.U. Lodge of Odd Fellows celebrated their 8th anniversary by a public dinner at James Hannell's

1861 - The lost Burke party encountered some Aborigines and partook of some nardoo cakes that provided a euphoric effect.

1863 - The Main North Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Branxton to Singleton.

1877 - Victorian Football Association was established.
Oval shaped playing areas generally replaced the rectangular versions.

1879 - The (Vic) railway line from Warrenheip to Gordons (Gordon)  was opened.

1884 - A Royal Commission on insane asylums was established.
Read the fine print and yes, you'll find my name mentioned several times.
No, you may not have an autograph.

1891 - Ohhhh!
Just thought you'd like to know the Merton to Maindample railway line (Vic) was opened on this day.
Exciting stuff, eh?!

1894 - The (Vic) railway line from Jumbunna Junction to Jumbunna was opened.

1901 - The Grenfell Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Koorawatha Junction to Greenethorpe.

1902 - And just for continuity the Grenfell Branch Railway Line (NSW) was further opened from Greenethorpe to Grenfell.

1908 - A Coat of Arms, having been worn out and outgrown by the big sister, the British Empire, was handed over to the Commonwealth.

1916 - The Main South Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Mylora Temporary Junction to Illalong Creek.

1926 - The Farleigh Co-operative Sugar Milling Association Ltd was registered, taking over operations at Farleigh Sugar Mill.

1931 – Members of the Nationalist Party and the Australian Party did the tango to form the United Australia Party, the predecessor of the current Liberal party.

1942 – During the Battle of the Coral Sea, carrier forces from the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Navy exchanged airstrikes in the Coral Sea, located between Australia and the Solomon Islands.

1968 - From today the newspaper The Australian was printed in Brisbane.

1969 – Athlete Russell Short, the winner of six gold medals at the Summer Paralympic Games, was hatched in Poowong, Victoria.

1969 - In Washington, PM John Gorton publicly expressed his support for President Richard Nixon, American foreign policy and the war in Vietnam. Privately, Gorton opposed the war and sought to end Australia's involvement.

1971 - Daddy Cool played Melbourne Town Hall (supported by Tully). Also attending the gig was producer Robie Porter, who signed them to his Sparmac label. By the end of the the month, they had recorded their debut album (cut in just two days) and released their classic single Eagle Rock, which was the national #1 for 10 weeks in June/July/August. A cover version of the song Daddy Cool, (also on their debut album) was released by a studio group called Drummond (actually the members of Mississippi) and it replaced Eagle Rock as the #1 single for 7 weeks in September/October.
Elton John toured Australia during 1972 and was so inspired by Daddy Cool's hit single "Eagle Rock" that, with lyricist Bernie Taupin, he wrote "Crocodile Rock".The cover of John's 1973 album Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player, which featured "Crocodile Rock", has a photo of Taupin wearing a "Daddy Who?" promotional badge. Taupin is also seen wearing Daddy Cool memorabilia on albums Tumbleweed Connection and Honky Chateau.

1974 - Aboriginal Land Rights Commission Second Report
The Prime Minister, Mr Whitlam, announced today that the Government had accepted in principle the recommendations contained in the Second Report of the Aboriginal Land Rights Commission.

1977 - Last Bendigo to Sea Lake railmotor service operated (Vic).

1986 - ACON adopted a policy on anti-body testing.

1987 - The NSW Law Society rebuked Magistrate Brian Cook who had told Steven Glen Attwood 20, of Bondi ‘who allegedly had AIDS’, that solicitors would “be unlikely to come near you”.

1994 - Just when they could have escaped...!
Christmas Island residents voted at a referendum to get themselves a bigger and better form of self-rule but drew the line at unhitching their plot of dirt from Oz in secession.

1998 - A Homophobia: What are you scared of? campaign was launched at the Australian Football League Club - the Sydney Swans, Locker Room.

2000 - The Canberra Times’s Sunday edition, the Sunday Times, became the Canberra (small print) Sunday Times (big print) and converts from broadsheet to tabloid.

2005 -  In northeastern Australia a commuter airplane carrying 15 people slammed into a hillside and everyone on board was feared killed.

2007 - Australian gangster Carl Williams was sentenced to 35 years in jail for murdering three underworld rivals in a gangland war which lasted almost 10 years and killed 28 people.

2011 - The Australian Government announced an arrangement with the Malaysian Government whereby 800 asylum seekers who arrived by boat in Australia would be transferred to Malaysia, in return for Australia resettling 4,000 refugees out of Malaysia over the next four years.

2013 - The first private session of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was held on this day in Parramatta, NSW.

2014 - Swan Hill Primary School became the most recent school to take part in a pilot trial to introduce Aboriginal languages in Victorian schools.

2015 - Bathurst celebrated its bicentenary.
Amongst the celebrations was the presentation of a possum skin cloak from Wiradyuri Elders to the Mayor as a symbol of the new history Bathurst was making with the Wiradyuri People.
The Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal was inaugurated.

2017 - First Hand Solutions Aboriginal Corporation held its annual Aboriginal cultural welcome ceremony for refuges and newly arrived Australians at its Blak Markets on Bare Island. Individuals and families who were new to Australia were invited to join in a special traditional welcome and smoking ceremony conducted by Aboriginal elder, Greg Simms.