Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May 9 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History

1813 - Gov Lachlan Macquarie noted in his diary ,
"Mrs. M.'s complaint ceased this day and her health begins to improve."
Her 'complaint' was having suffered a miscarriage only 4 days earlier.

1829 - Henry Osborne and wife arrived in Sydney aboard Pyramus. Eventually they were granted 2560 acres at Illawarra.

1827 - Newcastle Gaol was found by Grand Jurors to be clean and in good order with wholesome provisions.

1836 - William Kitchen was hanged at Sydney for the murder of his wife Ann in Harrington St.

1848 - James Sullivan was hanged at Oatlands for shooting at Constable Kelly with intent to murder.

1848 - Patrick Shea was hanged at Oatlands for shooting at Constable Kelly with intent to murder.

1848 - James McGough was hanged at Oatlands for shooting at Constable Kelly with intent to murder.

1848 - John Shale was hanged at Oatlands for wounding John Connell with intent to murder.

1854 - Billy Palmer was hanged at Bathurst for the murder of Jane Bradley near Obley.

1854 - James McLaughlan was hanged at Bathurst for the murder of Sarah Atkins at Kikiamah, near Grenfell.

1855 - Francis James Shaw presented Rev. William Savigny at Newcastle with a testimonial of a silver salver and 40 sovereigns in gratitude for his ministerial labours and gratuitous devotion to service

1878 - John Pigdon, Mayor of Melbourne, laid the foundation stone of the Eastern Market with the 'usual formalities', followed by déjeuner at the Council Chambers where 'many speeches were made, but politics were carefully eschewed'.

1892 -The Executive Council confirmed the death sentence of convicted murderer Frederick Bailey Deeming.

1900 – The Sierra Nevada was wrecked off Portsea, Victoria; 23 lives were lost.

1901 - Needing an excuse for a knees up our ancestors celebrated the opening of the first Commonwealth Parliament in the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne by the Duke of Cornwall and York (later King George V).

1901 - Frederick Slade Drake-Brockman , surveyor and explorer,  was accompanied by eleven men when he penetrated previously uncharted territory in the Kimberley, north of latitude 17°. His senior officers, Charles Crossland, second-in-command, Dr F. M. House, botanist, and Andrew Gibb Maitland, the government geologist, explored areas at right angles to the main route, thus reducing the exploration time schedule to six months and eighteen days. Leaving Wyndham on this day, the explorers followed the Pentecost River then pushed north-west through the Leopold Range to Walcott Inlet and returned along the Drysdale River on the 15th parallel to reach their depot on 26 November, having passed many Aboriginals en route.

1910 - Nyora train station was over-flowing in with happy lil campers trying to make a break for it when the line opened to the Powlett Coalfields aka Wonthaggi (Vic).

1919 - Australia’s seamen went on strike for better wages and conditions. The immediate interruption of fuel and coal supplies created a serious crisis that worsened as job losses mounted. The strike lasted the whole winter before the demands were met.

1921 - The Tumbarumba Branch Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Humula to Tumbarumba.

1927 - The Duke of York, liking a knees up himself (especially if it was a handmaiden's knee that was up) opened the new Federal Parliament House in Canberra. Oh, how they partied for days...

1942 - US soldier Edward Joseph Leonski aka The Brownout Strangler, was based at Camp Pell, Royal Park when he murdered Mrs Pauline Thompson outside a city boarding house, in Melbourne, on this day.

1947 - Jack Ellis Young, speedway rider, made his début in the stock bike class at Kilburn on this day on a 1926 Harley-Davidson Peashooter. Instantly successful, he scored three places at his first meeting. A week later he took second place in the South Australian Dirt Track Championship. 

1963 - Townsville was in a bit of a pickle when it's main sugar terminal, which had 78,000 tonnes of the sweet stuff stored in it, got a tad warmish when it caught fire and was toasty for 5 days.

1963 - Reverend Edgar Wells, Superintendent Minister of the Yirrkala Methodist church mission held a public meeting where he read and explained the Proclamation by the Governor-General excising 300 square kms of land from the Arnhem Reserve for a bauxite mining lease.
This angered Elders from the region, notably Muŋgurrawuy Yunupingu (Gumatj Leader) and Mawalan Marika (Rirratjingu Leader) as they had not been consulted and were concerned that the mining would disturb, and restrict their access to sacred sites.

1983 - : Dr Gordon Archer, head of Sydney’s Red Cross Blood Bank, called on promiscuous homosexual men not to donate blood.

1984 - Today saw the first brand-spanking-new issue of the Northern Leader, Bowen.

1988 - Parliament House on Capital Hill, in Canberra, was flung open for business by Her Maj, Liz the Second. I'm starting to see a pattern here.....

1985 – Melbourne criminal Christopher Dale Flannery disappeared without trace, presumed murdered.

1985 - The first issue of [LGBT] Village Voice was published. The managing editor was Glenn Wells.

1990 - A LGBT “Meet the Police Night” was held at the Imperial Hotel.

1991 – Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody was released.

1997 - Australian scientists reported in the journal Radiation Research that prolonged exposure of cellular phone radiation in the 900 megahertz range increased the risk of lymphoma cancer in mice.

1998 - The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Trade Union Caucus joined the Maritime Union of Australia picket lines at Port Botany, in support of workers sacked by Patrick Stevedores.

2004 - Jo King, leather designer and entrepreneur was named leather person of the year at the Leather Pride Week Fair at Prince Alfred Park.

2006 - The 2 miners trapped in the Beaconsfield Mine collapse in Tassie, Todd Russell and Brant Webb, were finally freed after spending 14 days 1 km underground.

2006 - Australia's government unveiled a big-spending "boom budget" that will use a projected 10 billion dollar (7.7 billion US) surplus to finance across-the-board tax cuts and build up the military and national security agencies.

2009 - Australia and Japan joined the ranks of affected countries with confirmed H1N1 swine flu. New Zealand, the first country in the Asia-Pacific region to confirm cases, reported two more for a total of seven.

2010 - Australia's government said 5 people are feared dead and 59 people were rescued from a disabled boat carrying suspected asylum-seekers in the Indian Ocean.

2011 - Abu Dhabi donated US$32 million dollars to Queensland to help protect the Australian state from cyclones in the wake of a monster storm that hit in February.

2011 -  Organizers of the Sydney Writers' Festival said Chinese authorities have barred dissident writer Liao Yiwu from traveling to Australia for a festival for "security reasons" and advised him against publishing his works abroad.

2012 - 27 protected Little Penguins were found mauled in the Phillip Island Nature Park in Victoria state, a popular tourist attraction. The penguins were believed killed by a dog or a pack of dogs, ironically at Cat Bay.

2013 - It was reported that 460 Vietnamese men, women and children have fled to Australian shores so far this year.

2016 - An Australian law firm filed a compensation claim against Russia and President Vladimir Putin in the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of families of victims of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, shot down over Ukraine on July 17, 2014. The application names the Russian Federation and Putin as respondents and seeks $10 million in compensation per passenger.


  1. 2018: Left leaning Australians mourn yet another budget which penalises the unemployed, foreign aid, and gives teensy weensy benefits to the poor, while flagging bigger ones for the rich.

  2. Yes, as the Oils sang - The rich gettin richer, the poor get the picture.

  3. Enjoying this post. Interesting happenings at Oatlands, you got me thinking about that. There is a hangs hill not from from
    Perth here in Tasmania, not many know about it from the past..from memory the road has changed now..

  4. Thank you, Margaret, it's great to hear from you :)